Walking Tours in Berlin, Germany

Follow these 47 expert designed self-guided walking tours to explore the city on foot at your own pace. These city walks can also be found in the iOS app "Berlin Map and Walks" on iTunes and the Android app "Berlin Map and Walks" on Google Play.
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Museum Island Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Museum Island Tour

Mitte Orientation Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Mitte Orientation Tour

Mitte/Tiergarten Museums

Sightseeing Walk: Mitte/Tiergarten Museums

Berlin for Kids Walking Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Berlin for Kids Walking Tour

Mitte Governmental Sites

Sightseeing Walk: Mitte Governmental Sites

Scheuenviertel Walking Tour

Sightseeing Walk: Scheuenviertel Walking Tour

Tiergarten Walk

Sightseeing Walk: Tiergarten Walk

Souvenir Shopping Part 1

Sightseeing Walk: Souvenir Shopping Part 1

Souvenir Shopping Part 2

Sightseeing Walk: Souvenir Shopping Part 2

Kreuzberg & Mitte Nightlife

Sightseeing Walk: Kreuzberg & Mitte Nightlife

Berlin Nightlife Walk

Sightseeing Walk: Berlin Nightlife Walk

Mitte Shopping

Discovery Walk: Mitte Shopping

Nikolaiviertel Walk

Discovery Walk: Nikolaiviertel Walk

West Kreuzberg Walk

Discovery Walk: West Kreuzberg Walk

East Kreuzberg Walk

Discovery Walk: East Kreuzberg Walk

Neukölln Walk

Discovery Walk: Neukölln Walk

The Berlin Wall

Article (A): The Berlin Wall

Cold War Walking Tour

Article (A): Cold War Walking Tour

Prenzlauer Berg

Article (A): Prenzlauer Berg

Best Food in Kreuzberg

Article (D): Best Food in Kreuzberg

Best Bars in Kreuzberg

Article (D): Best Bars in Kreuzberg

Berlin in Motion

Article (B): Berlin in Motion

Guided Tours in Berlin
If you would like to join a guided tour in Berlin, please check out these tour packages from our partner at InfoHub.


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