Hydrangeas in Jeju: The Best Places to See Them

Hydrangeas in Jeju: The Best Places to See Them, Jeju, South Korea (B)

Jeju Island is a popular destination during all four seasons. Every few months, Jeju changes color with a new blossoming plant. In the summertime, visitors can enjoy all shades of blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas in Jeju.

Due to the mild weather and abundant water, Jeju Island is considered one of the best regions to grow hydrangea. The flower shrubs typically bloom in mid/late June to the middle of July.

As with the cherry blossoms, it’s hard to predict the exact blossoming time as it highly depends on the temperature and rainfall in that particular year.

If you time your visit at the end of June or the beginning of July, the chances to see hydrangeas in Jeju are extremely high.

Hydrangea is a flower bush of 70–75 species native to Asia and the Americas. However, the greatest species diversity of hydrangeas is located in eastern Asia, notably China, Korea, and Japan. Most hydrangea flowers are white, but in some species, they can be blue, red, pink, light purple, or dark purple. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Hydrangeas in Jeju: The Best Places to See Them
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  • Café Going to Bukchon
  • Café Easterly
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  • Boromwat
  • Camellia Hill
  • Sagye-ri Hydrangea Road
  • Hallim Park