Street Art In Leicester, Symbol Of A Vibrant City

Street Art In Leicester, Symbol Of A Vibrant City, Leicester, England (B)

Walk around the city of Leicester and you’ll see that this is a place that is rapidly discovering its tourism potential. It is also a vibrant, diverse and multicultural city. So perhaps it is not surprising to find an abundance of stunning graffiti and street art in Leicester, bringing new life to old buildings.

There has been an active street art scene in Leicester since the 1980s. However, much of what you see today is due to the efforts of Graffwerk, an arts project whose stated aim is in “redefining the visual landscape of cities through the use of street art”. Founded in 2017, Graffwerk brings together artists from around the world to create large and eye-catching murals.

Although they are scattered about the city, the greatest concentration of these artworks is in the St George Cultural Quarter, especially around the Southampton Street area.

Graffwerk’s activity has mostly been focused around the Bring The Paint festivals that took place in 2017, 2019 and 2022. New images were created for these events, sometimes at breathtaking speed: I spoke to someone in a painted garage forecourt who told me he’d watched the main piece going up literally overnight. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Street Art In Leicester, Symbol Of A Vibrant City
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  • St George Cultural Quarter
  • Bring The Paint
  • St George’s Tower
  • St James Street
  • Magpie with a needle and thread
  • Art Deco style pattern
  • Picture of a friend
  • Picture of a woman’s face
  • Painted on the side of the historic Newarke Houses