The Best of the Andalusian Capital

Spain, Sevilla Guide (B): The Best of the Andalusian Capital

I’ve lived (in Triana and Cerro. a World Cup. the Tomatina). I’ve loved (teaching. long nights. tostadas. the Novio). And I’ve learned (how to fake your way to anyhing by playing the guiri card, mostly).

And after eight years as a sevillamericana – September 13th is my eight Spaniversary! – I think I can call myself a Seville expert. In a city as rancio as this one, two years as a guiriresident means you know the city like the back of your hand – or at least the back bar of Buddha.

And thus, dear readers, I present my curated collection of the Best of the Best, in an order as random as the streets of Santa Cruz:

Best Place to Watch a Sunset: As the popular song goes, El sol duerme in Triana y nace en Santa Cruz. My favorite place to see the sun go down is on the banks of the Guadalquivir with a clear view to the Triana bridge that links the city center to my neighborhood. There are loads of bars that way, as well.

Best Terrace Bar: As long as we’re talking about bars, rooftop bars got hella trendy right about the time I stopped paying rent by moving in with the Novio. This meant I had disposable income that went straight to having fun on the weekends, and I still love one of the first I went to: The Roof on Calle Trajano. Trendy and reasonably priced (as in, 7€ for a G&T instead of 10€), plus with views to the Setas and the Cathedral. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: The Best of the Andalusian Capital
Guide Location: Spain » Sevilla
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
Sight(s) featured in this guide: The Roof   La Fiorentina   Parque del Alamillo   Plaza de España   Espacio Santa Clara   The Science Museum   Torre del Oro   La Grande   La Melva   El Tremendo   Plaza Nueva   Avenida de la Constitución   Plaza del Salvador   Bar La Rueca   La Esquina del Arfe   La Cacherrería   Quique Cicle   Ciclo Triana   Top Image   Casa de la Memoria   La Azotea   Bodeguita A. Romero   Puerta Osario   Bar Manolo   La Estrellita   El Paleta Viejo   Bodega Santa Cruz   El Goleta   Bodega San Jose   Bodega La Aurora   Calle San Eloy   Calle Placentines where it crosses Argote de Molina   Alfonso XII   Aire de Sevilla   Semana Santa bar   Bar Santa Ana   La Fresquita   Bar Bocaíto   Calle Feria‘s   Mercado de San Gonzalo   Alfonso   The Patio de la Diputación   Calle San Jorge   Ceramics Museum  
Author: Catherine Gaa
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