Ultimate Guide to the Angkor Wat Temples in Siem Reap

Ultimate Guide to the Angkor Wat Temples in Siem Reap, Siem Reap, Cambodia (B)

Visiting the breathtaking Angkor Wat is on the bucket list for many travelers coming to Asia. This 12th-century ancient temple complex in Cambodia, will transport you back in time with its grand scale and intricate details.Imagine wandering through 400 square kilometers of history and culture, taking in the beauty of each unique temple and the stories they hold.

Whether you’re a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or just looking for an unforgettable experience, Angkor Wat is a must-see destination that will leave you in awe and wonder. I spent 5 days exploring Angkor Wat and many of the other must-see temples in the complex to bring you this ultimate guide to the Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is one of the most iconic and significant archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. It is a vast area located in Siem Reap, in northwestern Cambodia. This ancient temple complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered to be one of the most important religious monuments in the world.  ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Ultimate Guide to the Angkor Wat Temples in Siem Reap
Guide Location: Cambodia » Siem Reap
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
Author: Linda Dunsmore
Read it on Author's Website: https://lindagoeseast.com/2023/03/17/ultimate-guide-to-the-angkor-wat-temples-in-siem-reap-cambodia/
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • the most famous temple
  • Pub Street
  • the Templation Angkor
  • Angkor Ticket Office
  • long walkway
  • Northern Library
  • The Churning of the Ocean of Milk
  • The Bayon Temple
  • The Tonle Om South Gate
  • Takaov Gate
  • North Gate of Angkor Thom
  • Victory Gate
  • Gate of the Dead
  • Ta Prohm
  • Buddhist university
  • the entwined snakes
  • Ta Som
  • The East Mebon Temple
  • Pre Rup Temple
  • Srah Srang
  • Phnom Bakheng