Why Panama?

Why Panama?, Panama City, Panama (B)

I recently went to Panamá to study Spanish at the Casco Antiguo Spanish School. Some Americans might ask why not Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Spain as these are popular places to visit for United States citizens. 

Of course, they all have draws, but having visited each country previously, I was pleasantly surprised by Panamá. Below I’ve listed some wonderful conveniences about Panamá City. 

Panamá is an easy to reach international destination. The Tocumen International Airport serves 31 countries with affordable non-stop flights, many from the USA. The airport is easy to navigate and is only a $25 Uber ride from town. Easy access to Panamá City along with favorable expat laws, gives the city a very international feel. 

Due to the influence of the USA during the construction of the Panamá Canal, Panamá uses the US dollar. The exchange rate for the US Dollar to Panamanian Balboa is literally 1 to 1. After taxing my brain in four hours of Spanish class a day, the last thing I wanted to do was calculate my lunch costs. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Why Panama?
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Author: Elizabeth Bankhead
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  • Parque Natural Metropolitano de Panamá
  • Casco Antiguo Spanish School
  • the Causeway
  • the Cinta Costera