Top 20 Vegas Tattoo Parlors

Top 20 Vegas Tattoo Parlors, Las Vegas, Nevada (D)

If you plan on a trip to Vegas for some body art souvenir, this guide is for you. We’ve selected 20 Tattoo Parlors based on their uniqueness, popularity, famous artists, and highest rated. Most of the hotel shops are extensions of celebrity tattoo artists and are very upscale. The north Strip, downtown, and off-Strip parlors are less expensive, but often feature world-renowned artists with whom you’re likely to build a long-lasting relationship.
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Top 20 Vegas Tattoo Parlors
Guide Location: USA » Las Vegas
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Attractions: 20
Author: Scott Weber
Author Bio: Scott has lived in the southwest all of his life and loves to help visitors find the best and most unique attractions, exhibits, and restaurants on their travels. Please check out his other guides at GPSmyCity and itunes for San Clemente, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Las Vegas and Boulder City.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • 3 Lions Tattoo at the Riviera Hotel
  • Club Tattoo – Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • Hart and Huntington Tattoo – Hard Rock Hotel
  • Huntington Tattoo Lounge – Palms Hotel
  • Mario Barth’s King Ink – Mirage Hotel
  • Starlight Tattoo at House of Blues - Mandalay Bay
  • Vince Neil Ink – O’Sheas Casino and Rio Hotel
  • Atomic City Tattoo – The Strip North
  • Chrome Gypsy Tattoo – Strip Club Road
  • Diversity – The Strip North
  • Downtown Tattoo – Downtown
  • Iron Horse Tattoo – at UNLV
  • Pair-A-Dice – Off Strip
  • Precious Sluts – The Strip North
  • Pussykat Tattoo - Southeast
  • Skin Design Tattoo - Robert Pho - Southeast
  • Smokin’ Aces Tattoo – Strip Club Road
  • Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery – West Side
  • Skin Factory
  • Las Vegas Tattoo & Souvenir – Downtown
3 Lions Tattoo at the Riviera Hotel

1) 3 Lions Tattoo at the Riviera Hotel

With locations in the Riviera and the soon to close Sahara hotels, 3 Lions Tattoo has been a staple in the Las Vegas tattoo industry for many years and is favorite of local and visiting tattoo connoisseurs. 3 Lions Tat­too also prides itself on customer satisfaction and provide a comfortable atmosphere for all guests. Designed more like a spa than a traditional parlor, 3 Lions has a relaxed and playful ambience. The tattoo shop features some of the most talented tattoo artists in Las Vegas who specialize in customizing special designs at the guests’ requests. They also have their own especially crafted skincare lotions to preserve your tattoo. Open daily 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Club Tattoo – Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

2) Club Tattoo – Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

The hottest of all of the upscale boutique-style tattoo parlors in the city, Club Tattoo, located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, offers full service tattoos as well as a clothing and jewelry boutique. Clean, chic, and full of energy, clients can custom design their tattoo on one of Club Tattoos touch-screen displays and select their personal choice of style, colors, and lettering. With 11 artists and 3 piercers on staff, you’re sure to get great service and a great piece of art. And Club Tattoo is one of only 2 salons licensed to perform dermal anchors. This is a great shop in a great location and when you're done you can also treat yourself to some new clothes and a great meal. Open daily 10am – 11pm. Appointments are recommended.
Hart and Huntington Tattoo – Hard Rock Hotel

3) Hart and Huntington Tattoo – Hard Rock Hotel

Not having a tattoo parlor at the Hard Rock Hotel would be like Las Vegas without Elvis and the universe just isn’t ready to make those kinds of concessions. Hart and Huntington Tattoo is a full service shop and has a staff of artists ready to fulfill your artistic needs. Founded by freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart, the shop claims to feature some of the best artists in the country while featuring guest artists on tour. The shop also features an evolving computerized flash system, displays by renowned artists, and a large retail area with the latest custom merchandise. Open Sun-Thur from 10 am till 9 pm and Fri-Sat from 10 am till 10 pm. Appointments are recommended.
Image Courtesy of Ted Van Pelt.
Huntington Tattoo Lounge – Palms Hotel

4) Huntington Tattoo Lounge – Palms Hotel

If you’ve never been to the Palms Hotel, the short jaunt out Flamingo Road is well worth trip. The Palms is the playground of the young and the restless or is it the bold and the beautiful. I don’t know, but if you run in Hollywood circles, you’ve probably been seen and photographed at the Palms. Now that’s not to say everything at the Palms is a big façade. Quite the contrary, as evidenced at the Huntington Tattoo Lounge. This chic, ultra clean 3-station parlor was featured on a reality show and has given thousands of celebrity tattoos over the last 10 years. Nine hand-selected artists are there to serve your every tattoo and piercing need. Open 9am – 12pm weeknights, 4am on weekends. Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are welcome.
Mario Barth’s King Ink – Mirage Hotel

5) Mario Barth’s King Ink – Mirage Hotel

There’s plenty of hype surrounding Mario Barth and probably for good reason. He’s one of the driving forces in the Las Vegas tattoo landscape. King Ink at the Mirage is part tattoo parlor, part boutique, and part nightclub and bar. The Austrian born Barth has won over 200 awards and his “underground” training has imbued him with a style unlike any of his peers. For a tattoo experience unlike any other in town, King Ink is a place you should definitely put on your list of parlors to check out. And with his list of celebrity clients, you never know whom you’ll meet there. With 12 handpicked artists and 1 piercer, you’ll be in good hands at King Ink. Open daily 11am – 2am. Appointments are recommended.
Starlight Tattoo at House of Blues - Mandalay Bay

6) Starlight Tattoo at House of Blues - Mandalay Bay

Set right next to the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Starlight Tattoo was Mario Barth’s first salon in Las Vegas and promotes a tattoo experience unlike any other in the world, at least that’s what they claim. Fashioned more like a boutique beauty salon, Starlight Tattoo is a place where people of all walks come together to celebrate the artistry of the talented artists. Starlight is also one of the only studios to offer three different styles of tattooing – traditional handtool Japanese, traditional handtool Samoan, and the modern Western-style techniques. With three world-renowned artists on staff, you’re sure to get a true piece of art. Open daily 10am – 2am. Appointments are recommended.
Image Courtesy of Michael Gray.
Vince Neil Ink – O’Sheas Casino and Rio Hotel

7) Vince Neil Ink – O’Sheas Casino and Rio Hotel

Set right on the Strip, Vince Neil Ink is certainly one of the most visible and accessible tattoo parlors in Las Vegas. And if convenience isn’t enough, you and your friends can party in O’Shea’s or the Flamingo casinos while waiting for you appointment. The 1200 sq. ft. shop has four tattoo rooms, a VIP room and a room facing the strip so passersby can view your creation in progress. With five artists on staff and more coming soon, all styles are represented. The atmosphere is a little more edgy here, probably because of all of the foot traffic, but once your settle in you’ll find yourself in good hands. Vince Neil Ink also has plenty of clothing and accessories to choose from while you’re there. And if this location puts you off, drive over to the Rio Hotel for a more relaxed atmosphere. Vince Neil Ink is open daily 11am – 2am and appointments are recommended.
Atomic City Tattoo – The Strip North

8) Atomic City Tattoo – The Strip North

Voted “The Best Value on the Strip” four years in a row, Atomic City Tattoo has a loyal following of regulars as well as a consistent flow of walk-ins. Located one block north of the Stratosphere Hotel where Main Street and the Strip converge, Atomic City Tattoo has been in business since 1996 and has built their reputation with tattooing and body piercing and most styles are well represented here. Convenience, service and some of the best prices on the Strip make Atomic City a parlor you should consider. They also sell accessories and have plenty of parking. Open daily 12pm – 12am, but appointments are always a good idea.
Chrome Gypsy Tattoo – Strip Club Road

9) Chrome Gypsy Tattoo – Strip Club Road

Located a few doors away from the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club and in the heart of strip club road don’t be surprised to find an exotic dancer in the chair next to you. This modest sized shop features 9 artists and has a complete repertoire of tattoo styles as well as several piercing specialists. Given that Chrome Gypsy Tattoo is off-strip, the rates will be very competitive with the hotel parlors, but don’t think the quality is diminished. As with any parlor and tattoo artist, verifying their portfolio is a must. Check out Chrome Gypsy, then grab a beer at the Rhino. What better way to spend an evening? Open daily 12pm – 12am, but appointments are always a good idea.
Diversity – The Strip North

10) Diversity – The Strip North

With a name like Diversity, you had better live up to your name and Diversity tattoo excels in all styles of tattoo art. From portraits, tribal, custom, cover up, and old-school style at their disposal, their artists are highly skilled and extremely creative and you are guaranteed to get just about anything you want. They have five locations in the valley so if you want something totally specialized, one of the shops is sure to accommodate your need. Diversity has built their reputation on cleanliness, style, and customer service and it shows at all of their shops. 20 skilled artists rotate from shop to shop so if you’re returning, make sure to call ahead for an appointment. Open daily 10am – 12am.
Downtown Tattoo – Downtown

11) Downtown Tattoo – Downtown

Only 2 blocks from the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, Downtown Tattoo is really a great space to get your next tattoo. Unlike most parlors where you’re ushered to a semi-dark cubicle, Downtown Tattoo is a bright, open space and represents the many artistic interests of the owner and staff. Opened in 2008, Downtown Tattoo has quickly moved up the ranks as one of the best tattoo shops in Sin City. Three staff artists hold down the ship, and with attention to detail, great prices, and exceptional design and execution, it’s easy to see why Downtown Tattoo is building a devoted following. Open daily 12pm – 11pm, but appointments are always a good idea.
Iron Horse Tattoo – at UNLV

12) Iron Horse Tattoo – at UNLV

Sitting right at the edge of the UNLV campus, Paradise Road, and a few blocks from the Hard Rock Hotel, Iron Horse Tattoo is a large shop and offers full-service tattoos and piercing. With four artists on staff you can get just about any style and design you want, and because of their off-strip locale, the prices are very competitive with the designer shops at the major hotels. Iron Horse Tattoo is a good shop and although they don’t boast about the celebrities that have come, their style and attention to detail is as good as anyone in town. Open daily 12pm – 12am. Walk-ins are welcome, but an appointment never hurts.
Pair-A-Dice – Off Strip

13) Pair-A-Dice – Off Strip

When I think of a good, old-fashioned tattoo, I think of some happy-go-lucky siren with a heart-warming smile holding a pair of dice and she’s ready for action. Well, at Pair-A-Dice Tattoo you get everything except the girl. You have to get her on your own. Opened in 1996, Pair-A-Dice Tattoo is like no other shop in town. They originally set the trend for cleanliness, courtesy, and customer service, and all of the other shops were forced to clean up their acts or get out of town. The shop today is thriving, and for an unforgettable tattoo or piercing experience, you can’t go wrong at Pair-A-dice Tattoo. This is the best of “Old School” with the eye of a new generation. Open daily 11am – 11pm.
Precious Sluts – The Strip North

14) Precious Sluts – The Strip North

Precious Slut has 2 stores in Las Vegas and claims to be the only tattoo parlor that’s opens 24/7. The larger of the two stores is on E. Charleston, but the one most tourists will visit is the one on the Strip north of the Stratosphere Hotel. Precious Sluts has built their reputation on attention to detail, cleanliness, and exceptional craft. They are, along with Club Tattoo, one of only two shops licensed to do dermal anchors, which allow you to anchor a diamond or any other item directly to the skin. The shops definitely have an edge to them, but that’s probably a leftover from the Hell’s Angel, biker-image often associated with skin art. But whatever your need, whether it’s a tattoo, a piercing, or a dermal anchor, you’ll find service and results at Precious Sluts Tattoo. Open 24/7, but call for appointment if you want something special.
Pussykat Tattoo - Southeast

15) Pussykat Tattoo - Southeast

Located a half-block south of the UNLV campus and only a few minutes from the Strip, Pussykat Tattoo not only has one of the most likeable logos, the whole shop has a playful ambience and you get the sense the artists here are united by a common thread, namely good art. Set in the back of a strip mall, nine artists perform their craft in a 1200 square-foot facility that’s reminiscent of a 1960’s Haight-Ashbury co-op. Established in 1999, the Pussykat Tattoo Parlor has become a major player in Las Vegas and is highly respected for their “Full Kustom Tattoos.” In fact, don’t look for piercings or drug paraphernalia here, it’s all tattoo, all the time. Open daily, but appointments are recommended.
Skin Design Tattoo - Robert Pho - Southeast

16) Skin Design Tattoo - Robert Pho - Southeast

Owner and tattoo artist extraordinaire, Robert Pho is the driving force behind Skin Design Tattoo. His artistry has been showcased in almost every tattoo publication, and clients come from all over the country to receive his ink. Established in 1999, Robert Pho’s small 2-station shop is intimate, clean, and is full of trophy’s and some of the most striking skin-art illustrations you’ll find anywhere in the city. Skin Design Tattoo has 2 artists on staff and is also recognized for their piercing expertise. Appointments are preferred, but they try to accommodate walk-ins as well. Shop hours are limited so call ahead. Open Mon – Sat 1pm – 10pm
Smokin’ Aces Tattoo – Strip Club Road

17) Smokin’ Aces Tattoo – Strip Club Road

It’s always nice to works with artists that have also expanded beyond just skin art and. Smoking Aces is a small shop located in the strip-club section of town and is owned/operated by Kieron James, a seasoned artist who has 16 years of experience with skin & ink. Kieron began his career in Europe, and has most recently worked in San Diego, Sacramento, and now Las Vegas. Smoking Aces prides itself on a clean and friendly atmosphere that embraces everyone. Professionally managed, you will not find any "artist attitude" here! Whether you are looking for your first tattoo or another piece of art for your vast collection, the Smoking Aces staff can accommodate your needs. Open daily 2pm – 2am
Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery – West Side

18) Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery – West Side

Located a mile west of the Strip, Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery is actually a refreshing alternative to the dark, dungy parlors of old. Studio 21’s artists not only create some great tattoo art, other artistic expressions are also on display, and the open and bright shop is well worth a visit. Open in 2003 by the Spencer family, this 3-artist studio has been a popular landmark in the community and attracts celebrities and locals alike. Check out their ultra clean and ultra stylish studio. They take great pride on their customer service. Open daily 12pm – 9pm
Skin Factory

19) Skin Factory

Located just southeast of McCarran Airport, Skin Factory Tattoo & Body Piercing is one of the more popular neighborhood shops and for good reason, they work with you to get what you want. Founded in 1995 on the motto of quality work at affordable prices, the Skin Factory found its niche and has never looked back. In addition, they are health department certified, use the brightest possible ink colors, offer a wide variety of custom tattoos to choose from, and generally try to make your experience a memorable one. Let one of their four "handpicked" tattoo artists deliver a custom, high-quality tattoo at affordable rates. They also offer all manner of body piercings. Open daily 12pm – 12am. Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are welcome.
Las Vegas Tattoo & Souvenir – Downtown

20) Las Vegas Tattoo & Souvenir – Downtown

With the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas and especially the recent improvements to the East Fremont Street area, it’s hard to miss the Las Vegas Tattoo and Souvenirs storefront. Besides having one of the best signs on the street, Las Vegas Tattoo is nestled between two great bars and a Hookah lounge. Now what more could you want? Although this is not the biggest or most glamorous shop in town, it’s still a great place to go for a simple, inexpensive reminder of your trip to Sin City and like the tattoo parlors of old, you can pick out your design from a floor-to-ceiling wall of tattoo designs. And for those who might argue that a tattoo isn’t much as far as souvenirs go, it’s still a lot less expensive than a poorly thought out Vegas wedding. Trust me on this one. Open 12pm – 12am and walk-ins are always welcome.

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