Rotherbaum Walk, Hamburg

Rotherbaum Walk (Self Guided), Hamburg

Early in the 19th century Hamburg city center became heavily overcrowded and rich merchants moved away to build splendid mansions in the Rotherbaum district, part of which looks out over a vast artificial lake. This area is well worth a visit for everyone interested in seeing some of Hamburg’s finest architecture. There are, of course many modern buildings in the neighborhood, but you will see beautiful Gothic Revival villas and you shouldn’t miss the American Consulate, housed in a mansion built by master architect Martin Haller and known locally as the “White House of Hamburg”.

There are a dozen or so very good museums and galleries in the area – the Zoologisches Museum is particularly interesting. There are two universities in the district so the many pubs and bars are full of lively students. The restaurants on the Milchstraße offer various menus from traditional German cooking to international fare.

Book lovers will be happy here because there are numerous book stores; there are also many small curio shops, including a second-hand toy shop, a Japanese gift shop and a great barber’s shop decked out in 50’s style with a moped in the middle of the shop and where you listen to good old rock’n’roll while getting your hair cut. It’s worth a visit even if you don’t want a short back and sides!
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Rotherbaum Walk Map

Guide Name: Rotherbaum Walk
Guide Location: Germany » Hamburg
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 3.2 Km or 2 Miles
Author: nataly
University of Hamburg

1) University of Hamburg


3) Rothenbaumchaussee

Rothenbaumchaussee 21, 23

4) Rothenbaumchaussee 21, 23

Museum of Ethnology

5) Museum of Ethnology


6) Rothenbaumchaussee


7) Rothenbaumchaussee

Milchstraße, Pöseldorf

8) Milchstraße, Pöseldorf

Milchstraße  corner with Magdalenenstraße

9) Milchstraße corner with Magdalenenstraße

Pöseldorf corner with Milchstraße

10) Pöseldorf corner with Milchstraße

University of Music and Theatre

11) University of Music and Theatre


12) Harvestehuder

Wohnhaus Alsterufer 36

14) Wohnhaus Alsterufer 36

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