Cheese Shops in Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Cheese Shops in Rotterdam (Self Guided), Rotterdam

Although many countries claim cheese to be their unique product, Dutch cheeses are indeed an iconic, standalone thing. Amid a cornucopia of different cheeses made in The Netherlands, there are quite a few internationally-famed ones originated in Rotterdam.

It is therefore only natural to find a plethora of specialty shops in the city fit to warm the heart of any cheese lover, be it a finder, a quick shopper, a gourmet, or a foodie. No matter which of these categories you personally fit in, here are some of the cheese locations in Rotterdam that you wouldn't want to miss on a quest for a good slice of cheese:

De Kaashoeve – a life-size statue of a cow outside the front door of this outlet makes it really hard to miss; a perfect place in the heart of Rotterdam for good artisan cheeses, selected for taste, quality and originality;

Cheese & More by Henri Willig – a good excuse to visit the Markthal, because there is another place in Rotterdam where you can find just as rich and beautifully displayed collection of traditional cheeses accompanied with a good advice on which of them pair well with your favorite wines, fruits or bread;

Cromwijk Kaasdok – another notable cheese location in the Markthal, replete with delicious farmhouse-, goat-, and herb cheese variety, and of course the staple “Rotterdamsche Oude Kaas”.

If you're keen to figure out what makes the Dutchies love their cheeses so much, grab this opportunity and explore some of Rotterdam's top cheese retailers with the help of our self-guided walking tour. Enjoy the experience!
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Cheese Shops in Rotterdam Map

Guide Name: Cheese Shops in Rotterdam
Guide Location: Netherlands » Rotterdam (See other walking tours in Rotterdam)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 4
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.6 Km or 1 Miles
Author: valery
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • De Kaashoeve
  • Cheese & More by Henri Willig
  • Cromwijk Kaasdok
  • Foodelicious Food & Gifts
De Kaashoeve

1) De Kaashoeve

You'll notice De Kaashoeve as they have a large cow in the middle of the street outside their shop. De Kaashoeve can be translated as "the cheese farm," and it sells cheese from the Netherlands and around the world.

Cheese is the Netherlands's biggest export, and the country is focused on producing and enjoying this delicious dairy. Most Dutch homes eat cheese at breakfast and lunch.

De Kaashoeve's cheese selections are chosen for taste, quality, and originality. Visitors are welcome to taste each cheese before making a selection. Popular cheese selections include North Holland cheese, white crust cheese, red crust cheese, blue cheese, farmhouse cheese, goat cheese, and local specialties. De Kaashoeve offers over 200 types of cheese at any one time.

The staff can help you choose the best cheese and advise you on matching recipes, fruit, bread, and wine.

Business hours: Monday: 12 am – 6 pm Tuesday–Friday: 9 am – 6 pm; Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm; Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm.
Image Courtesy of Alicia Rojas De Croes.
Cheese & More by Henri Willig

2) Cheese & More by Henri Willig

Cheese & More is located in the vibrant Market Hall. Visitors will find baby cheese in brightly colored wrappers in addition to traditionally prepared cheese. Cheese & More offers many cheese varieties.

Henri Willig is known as a world-famous cheesemaker. He started making cheese in 1974. In the 1980s, he was the first cheesemaker to start making Gouda-style cheese from goat's milk.

The Henri Willig Group focuses on leaving the world a better place with sustainable practices, using water conservatively, taking care of the planet, and making quality products. In addition, the company respects people, nature, and animals.

The Willig family creates unique cheeses from high-quality cow's, goat's, and sheep's milk. The cheeses are matured on wooden planks. The Willig Group also offers organic cheeses in addition to regular cheeses.

The shop staff will help you choose the best cheese. Cheese & More also offers Dutch and toasted lunch sandwiches with the cheese of your choice.
Cromwijk Kaasdok

3) Cromwijk Kaasdok

Cromwijk Kaasdok offers farmhouse cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, and foreign cheeses. Cromwijk Kaasdok was founded in 1968 by Arie Cormwijk, a farmer's son. Arie sold his cheeses at small shops and now sells cheese at local markets. Today, Mark and Nathalie Cromwijk represent the next generation of cheesemakers and continue the family tradition.

The Boerenkaas Dutch Gouda is made on the farm. The farm's cows spend at least 120 days of the year eating grass outdoors. The cows eat fresh and herb grass and are milked twice a day. To create the cheese, last night's fresh milk is added to the morning milk to create the perfect temperature. Next, starter and rennet are added to the milk. The cheese curdles into a mass and is checked for quality. The whey is drained and fed to farm animals. Hot water is added to the curds, and the cheese is drained again. The curd is then placed into wooden barrels, and then framers brine the cheese before maturing it on wooden planks.

Visit Cromwijk Kaasdok for farm-fresh cheese made with love and care.
Foodelicious Food & Gifts

4) Foodelicious Food & Gifts

Foodelicious's owners, Herman and Jaime Specker, travel all over Europe to find the best delicacies. They prefer to buy directly from farmers so that you can enjoy the freshest foods at the best price.

Herman was originally a chocolatier and confectioner and is now committed to bringing the local area excellent food products.

Foodelicious offers a full range of goodies, including barbecue sauces, chocolate, honey, chutney, cookies, herbs, spices, tea, meat, cheese, and fish.

If you are searching for quality olive oil, fresh pasta, or a food gift, visit Foodelicious. Foodelicious bakes fresh items daily, so you can indulge your sweet tooth.

Foodelicious sells loose teas such as TBlik brand teas. These fabulous tea blends are coarsely ground, and you will be able to see the ingredients, such as pieces of lemongrass or dried melon.

The owners travel to Spain to buy Happyolé Sangriá, made with love and without any dyes or artificial flavors.

Of course, Foodelicious also has a wide variety of cheeses, so you can pick the perfect mix for your cheeseboard.

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