Yalta Introduction Walking Tour, Yalta

Yalta Introduction Walking Tour (Self Guided), Yalta

Yalta is a very beautiful city set on the shore of the Black Sea and surrounded by picturesque mountains. The city boasts magnificent churches, scenic parks, idyllic beaches and stunning palaces and historical buildings. Take this tour to visit some of Yalta's most memorable sights.
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Yalta Introduction Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Yalta Introduction Walking Tour
Guide Location: Russia » Yalta (See other walking tours in Yalta)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 12
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.1 Km or 2.5 Miles
Author: vickyc
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Naberezhnaya Lenina Promenade
  • Yalta Harbor
  • Lenin's Square
  • Soviet Square
  • St. Ripsime Armenian Church
  • Rope Way
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Literary Memorial Museum of Lesya Ukrainka
  • The Golden Fleece
  • The Yalta State Historic-Literary Museum
  • The Palace of Bukhara Emir
  • Primorsky Park
Naberezhnaya Lenina Promenade

1) Naberezhnaya Lenina Promenade (must see)

Naberezhnaya Lenina is the most crowded street in Yalta. There are many, many shops and cafes along this long road, which stand one next to the other. Here you will find souvenir shops, jewelers, local food stores and boutiques.
Yalta Harbor

2) Yalta Harbor

Many people frequent the spacious Yalta Harbor, and it is an especially popular area for tourists. There are places for children to play, beautiful fountains, cafes and more. Here you can enjoy watching the yachts and ships cruise by. The harbor is a vibrant place both during the day and at night.
Lenin's Square

3) Lenin's Square (must see)

Lenin's Square is known for its historical monument dating back to the Soviet Union era. The monument honors Lenin, a famous Soviet leader. The Monument of Lenin overlooks the port of Yalta from the very center of the city. The square is large and is always bustling with people and activity.
Soviet Square

4) Soviet Square

Soviet Square is located in central Yalta. Imposing fountains adorn the middle of the square. The City Hall, built in the typical style of the ex-Soviet Union, is located on the square. The square is also home to a carousel and commercial center.
St. Ripsime Armenian Church

5) St. Ripsime Armenian Church (must see)

St. Ripsime Armenian Church was built between 1909 and 1917 and is one of the oldest surviving churches, which features an elegant staircase and abundant decorations. The beautifully painted interior of the dome will be sure to impress you. Also, keep an eye out for the church's icons and marble ornamentation.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Rope Way

6) Rope Way

Yalta's rope way will lead you to the top of a hill that offers an unforgettable view of the surrounding area. You can take in the city skyline, the harbor and the sea all from the top of the hill. While making the climb, be sure to get some photos of this "pearl" of a city located on the shores of the Black Sea.
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

7) Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (must see)

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the most magnificent church in Yalta. Construction on the cathedral began in 1891 and finished in 1902. The beautiful bell tower, together with the cupolas of the church, create an impressive sight. The inside of the church dazzles with a number of stunning icons.
Literary Memorial Museum of Lesya Ukrainka

8) Literary Memorial Museum of Lesya Ukrainka (must see)

Lesya Ukrainka was a prominent female resident of Yalta who made great contributions to Ukrainian literature. She primarily wrote poems about the Crimea and translated the works of Byron and Shakespeare. The house in which she lived in Yalta is now a museum. There is a statue of Ukrainka in front of the museum.
The Golden Fleece

9) The Golden Fleece (must see)

Golden Fleece is a restaurant during the day but transforms into a club at night, offering exiting shows. This ship has become a Yalta landmark, as its Viking style is unique and eye-catching. The ship appears to hover over the sea, because it rests on special supports high above the pier. It serves delicious Crimean wines, beers and other drinks at the bar.
The Yalta State Historic-Literary Museum

10) The Yalta State Historic-Literary Museum (must see)

The Yalta State Historic-Literary Museum is located on Pushkina Street in a beautiful historical building. This museum is dedicated to literature. The museum collects and displays treasured literary manuscripts. It also conducts research on the lives of great authors, which it presents to the public.
The Palace of Bukhara Emir

11) The Palace of Bukhara Emir

The Palace of Bukhara Emir is one of the most stunning palaces in Yalta and is a great example of 20th-century architecture. The palace was built between 1907 and 1911. Its design incorporates many Muslim elements, and it is built principally from white stone. The palace is asymmetrical and consists of many rectangular, half-round parts that are quite pleasing to the eye.
Primorsky Park

12) Primorsky Park (must see)

Primorsky Park is located close to the sea shore. Trees here provide welcoming shade, while the spices growing in the park give off an enticing smell. While strolling through the park you will see several monuments to Chekhov and a beautiful white colonnade. Also, several hotels are located in the park.