Where To Stay in Naples, Italy - Guide of Best Areas and Hotels

Napoli ([ˈnaːpɔlɪ], Naples [ˈneɪpəlz]) is today one of the foremost Mediterranean port cities, its port being one of the busiest and largest in the area. It hosts almost one million inhabitants (surprisingly, the number of non-italians living here is extremely small), and welcomes up to half a million tourists each year.

Being first inhabited by Greeks in the 2nd millenium BC, the territory is today one of the world’s oldest continuously populated urban areas. Historically a prosperous important trade and education city, Napoli has been conquered, ruled and reconquered many times under different rulers, eras and empires, all leaving marks on its cultural and architectural image. The city had to suffer a lot during the WWII, when a lot of its heritage was destroyed in bombing raids, or ruined on purpose by retreating German armies. Many landmarks have been restored, and the historic centre of Napoli has recently been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One might say that Naples is a foodies’ heaven, and will definitely be right. It is the city that has the most accredited stars from the Michelin Guide, and is the home of pizza. When visiting this city, be ready to gain a couple of pounds. Otherwise, it would be a crime to miss any of the authentic Italian delicacies you’ll see on the menus.

The best time to visit Napoli is spring or autumn. However, if you’d like to discover this gorgeous city on a budget, better come here in January - March. Accommodation-wise, all the recommended neighbourhoods have a lot on offer, the most preferred being nice and cozy bed & breakfasts, which you’ll find aplenty wherever you choose to stay in Napoli.

Note, that many of the local houses are old, and have a gritty look to them, a bit of a shock to some tourists. You should not get disappointed right away. Trust us, on the inside rentals are usually clean and nice (especially the ones we recommend below).

Table of Content

Part 1. A quick glance at Naples’s recommended neighbourhoods

Centro Storico - happening and authentic, it is a very Italian neighbourhood regardless of being touristy, with many varied rentals on tap

Stazione Centrale - noisy and agitated, it is a suitable choice for a one-night stopover by the train station

Chiaia - romantic and prosperous, is the right neighbourhood for a high-end visit offering featuring varied accommodation

Vomero - refined and exclusive, it’s the trendy, cultural and intelligent neighbourhood with varied rentals on offer

Posillipo - romantic and charming, it’s a good neighbourhood to stay in while on vacation, with a lot to explore, but not too many rentals

Fuorigrotta - urbanized and affordable, it’s a residential area good for any traveler and wallet

Part 2. Recommended neighbourhoods and hotels to stay in Naples

Centro Storico

Pronounced: [‘tʃɛntrɔ ‘stɔ:rɪkɔ]

- Overview

Centro Storico, literally translated as the historical center, is the beating heart of this ancient city. It’s the neighbourhood where you can easily go souvenir shopping, and where you can see everything about Napoli, and a lot about Italy. Here splendour meets filthiness, touristy spots are crossed by narrow streets with hanging laundry, ancient landmarks full of bustling noisy crowds quieten to the spiritual calm around the plethora of churches. FYI, here churches are the settings displaying layers of time at best: it might feel like you’re browsing the pages of a book on architecture styles. But don’t get fooled by the multitude of historical sites or think that the place is boring: Centro Storico is also the district where you’ll get a wider choice of bars and cutting-edge nightclubs, if fun and adrenaline is what you are looking for. For shopping, explore Via Toledo, however you won’t find here too many famous brands. Accommodation-wise, Centro Storico has just a few hotels and a wide range of B&Bs, guest houses and apartments for rent. It offers pricier rentals than other neighbourhoods, although, generally speaking, rents are quite acceptable.

- Main Attractions

* San Pietro Martire Church
* Santa Chiara Church (must see)
* Zoological Museum
* Gesu Nuovo Church (must see)
* San Domenico Maggiore Square
* Church of the Spirito Santo
* Museo Cappella Sansevero (must see)
* Dante Square
* Accademia di Belle Arti (must see)
* Naples National Archaeological Museum (must see)
* Excavations of San Lorenzo Maggiore (must see)
* Duomo di San Gennaro (must see)
* Girolamini Picture Gallery
* Treasure of Saint Gennaro Museum
* Pio Monte della Misericordia
* Church Santa Maria Donna Regina Nuova
* Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina
* Royal Botanical Gardens (must see)

- Recommended Walks

If you want to fully soak in the best of Centro Storico, follow these self-guided walking tours of Napoli:

* City Orientation Walk
* Landmarks of Naples Walking Tour
* Religious Sites Walking Tour in Naples
* Art Galleries and Art Museums Walking Tour
* Naples Museums

- Pros of Staying Here

- Plenty rentals on tap
- Most attractions are here
- Conglomerate of architectural styles
- Eateries galore
- Nightlife hub

- Cons of Staying Here

- Very touristy

- Recommended Hotels

It’s Room, Naples - an outstanding rental, with tastefully decorated clean bright rooms and great location: good for a family stay
Gentile Suite B&B - a very nice bed and breakfast, with large rooms for big and very big families, pleasing modern decor and good value for the money
B&B Arte e Musei - a faultless rental with nicely decorated interiors, homey vibe, comfortable rooms and wonderful hosts: great value for the money
Sotto le Stelle ai Decumani - a centrally located B&B with no elevator, welcoming you with simply yet nicely decorated rooms and caring staff: good for a romantic stay
Relais Della Porta - a somewhat luxury B&B, located in a busy area, featuring spacious rooms with modern amenities, good breakfasts, and kind stuff
NovaNova - a new B&B hosted in an old building, located in a walking distance from the main sites, featuring clean and modern rooms, good for a romantic and family vacation
Musto B&B - a very neat tastefully decorated rental, featuring rooms with well thought-out interiors and very helpful hosts: good for a relaxed romantic stay
A Casa del Principe - a stylish bed and breakfast, featuring cozy and comfortable rooms, a good location and very helpful host
Federico II - a homey bed & breakfast located in a walking distance from the main landmarks, offering homemade yummies for breakfast and a very welcoming host: great value for the money

Other hotels worth mentioning: Taggarb Bed & Breakfast, Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel (4*), Fourooms Museo Filangieri, Euforia Cirillo 74, B&B Dimora San Felice, Parthenope Suite, B&B Nel Regno Di Napoli, Terrazza Duomo, Palazzo Dello Spagnuolo B&B, La Bella Napoli B&B

Stazione Centrale

Pronounced: [stʌt,tsɪ’ɔne tʃɛn’tra:le]

- Overview

Stazione Centrale is home to Naples main train station, an attraction itself. Having an annual ridership of circa 50 million passengers, it’s pretty much crowded especially all around the Piazza Garibaldi. It’s the city’s transportation hub and, besides rail, here you’ll have easy access to buses and metro to get around. The area surrounding the Train Station itself is very commercial, with tons of small boutiques, and public catering and entertainment venues, however you should know that it is also the area where you can easily get mugged, especially after dark. Therefore, we’d recommend against staying right in Piazza Garibaldi. Aside of that, the neighbourhood features many homey B&Bs, few hotels and varied apartments. Offering great flexibility and proximity to the historical centre, it is the best area to stay in if your visit is short. If you’re looking forward to a relaxing trip, or traveling with a family, better choose one of the other recommended neighbourhoods.

- Main Attractions

* Porta Capuana

- Pros of Staying Here

- Solid list of good rentals
- The city’s transportation hub
- Connected to other cities too
- A myriad of outlets, eateries and entertainment

- Cons of Staying Here

- Has some areas with shady reputation
- Always busy
- Noisy
- Not suitable for a relaxing or family trip

- Recommended Hotels

Hotel San Pietro (4*) - a neat hotel right close to the main train station with intimate rooms, and a nice rooftop terrace: suitable for a stopover or short business stay
Il Gioiellino Lifestyle - a colorful B&B close to the train station offering clean rooms, modern amenities, complimentary treats and a nice host
B&B Casa di Annarella - a convenient new bed & breakfast located in a quieter area offering simple yet nicely decorated rooms and friendly hosts

Other hotels worth mentioning: B&B da Mimi, B&B Saint Catharina, B&B Casa Napoli, B&B Napoli La Perla


Pronounced: [ˈkjɑːjə]

- Overview

Welcome to the upmarket neighbourhood of Napoli! Here you’ll find it all - some of the best seafood and pizzas, beautiful promenades, inspired art galleries and gorgeous sightseeing. Nested right along the bay, it is a great place for a relaxing stay. What can be better than leisurely walking in the former royal garden? Or than having a glass of dazing wine while watching the gorgeous marina and the mount Vesuvius? Or than visiting some of the most important couture and fashion retailers? Considered one of the safest areas in Napoli, it is a great neighbourhood for a romantic and family vacation, and the place to set base if upscale is what you are looking for. Surprisingly, you’ll find a few hotels here, the ones present being on the luxurious side. But, as in many other neighbourhoods, you’ll also find a wide range of bed & breakfasts to choose from.

- Main Attractions

* Villa Comunale
* Villa Pignatelli
* Castello Aselmeyer
* San Pasquale di Chiaia
* PAN Gallery

- Recommended Walks

Take the most of your visit to Chiaia by following these self guided walking tours:

* Naples: Chiaia District Walking Tour
* Nightlife Walking Tour in Naples

- Pros of Staying Here

- The safest part of the city
- Varied rentals to choose from
- Gorgeous relaxing sightseeing and strolls
- Many fine dining options
- High-end shopping

- Cons of Staying Here

- A bit remote
- Somewhat pricier than other areas

- Recommended Hotels

Chiaia B&B - a cute rental with unusually decorated yet comfortable rooms, rooftop breakfasts when the weather is nice, and a welcoming host
Dama Suites - a stylish rental located in a nice area boasting spacious rooms, good breakfasts and helpful staff
B&B Starbien - a truly exceptional rental with beautifully decorated interiors, immaculate rooms, comfy beds: great value for the money
B&B La Movida - a very nice rental offering great location, clean and comfy rooms, modern amenities, and kind host: good for a solo and relaxing stay
Madà B&B - a cozy bed & breakfast offering good location, lovely rooms and very helpful hosts: great place for a romantic escape
B&B Martucci Avenue - a well-located rental with beautifully designed rooms, modern amenities, and welcoming hosts: good for either - solo or family stay

Other hotels worth mentioning: Damè, Mergellina Relais, Da Polly A Piazza Amedeo, Il Sanfilippo, B&B Palazzo Mirelli


Pronounced: [‘vɔ:mɛrɔ]

- Overview

Vomero is yet another upmarket neighbourhood in Napoli. It attracts locals and tourists alike by its cultural atmosphere, theatres and cinemas, boasting just a few historical settings. Located uphill, the area charms you with gorgeous panoramic views by day. Aside of sightseeing, there is a lot to do, so you won’t get bored. Indulge yourself in the authentic Italian café culture or prestigious vintage shopping, savor the exclusive yummies in the fine restaurants, try the best-ever homemade gelato or choose from the myriad of entertainment options. By night, join the partygoers and head out to taste Vomero’s hectic nightlife, and here you get a wider choice on where to dance the night away. Regardless of being very lively, it’s a residential neighbourhood, featuring upscale accommodations. It will suit all travelers, except the ones traveling on a budget. You’ll find B&Bs, whole apartments and separate rooms for rent, villas aplenty, though very few hotels. Generally, rentals in Vomero come at a higher price, and the cheapest ones are not always worth the money.

- Main Attractions

* Castel Sant'Elmo (must see)
* Certosa e Museo di San Martino

- Pros of Staying Here

- Nice residential area
- Wide choice of accommodation
- Cultural area, people and entertainment
- Fine restaurants, nice cafes and bars
- Vibrant nightlife

- Cons of Staying Here

- Uphill location
- Everything comes at a higher price
- A bit remote

- Recommended Hotels

Weekend a Napoli - a homey rental offering the experience of visiting your grandma, and helpful hosts
Gentile Relais - a modern rental with new interiors, spacious rooms and secure and convenient location: good for a family and relaxing vacation
Casa Argentino - an outstanding bed and breakfast, offering some gorgeous panoramas, fabulous bay-view breakfasts, inspired decorations, and a lot more
Villa San Martino - a quietly located rental with modern and elegant rooms, helpful hosts, and a pleasant terrace to relax after a long tiring day
B&B Floridiana - a truly exceptional new-high-standard-setting bed & breakfast offering a quiet location, immaculate rooms, lovely decorations and amazing host: great value for the money
Vomero Roof - a quietly located guest house featuring bright, spacious, spotlessly clean and comfortable rooms and a rooftop terrace with unforgettable views: good value for the prices charged
The Andy House B&B - a lovely accommodation with tasteful, modern and comfortable rooms, secure parking nearby, and a very positive host

Other hotels worth mentioning: B&B Villino Marianna, Cerasella B&B, Residenza Scarlatti, B&B Luca Giordano, Cebollitas B&B


Pronounced: [pɔ’zɪllɪpɔ]

- Overview

If you are visiting Napoli on an escape vacation, you should definitely stay here. Awe-inspiring views, massive mansions, impressive villas with private pears lining the coast, and much more - are all here to make you forget your day-to-day routine and enjoy your getaway - either alone or with a mate. Posillipo is also the place to explore natural and archaeological sites. It is literally dotted with remains of Roman villas, tunnels and tombs, and it’ll take time to see them all. The larger streets are lined with small stores. Besides, you’ll find typical restaurants serving strictly fresh fish dishes, outdoor cocktail bars with panoramic terraces that come alive in summer, small bars hidden between the alleys of the village where dancing evenings are organized, adding to the authentic charm of the area. Accommodation-wise, you won’t find a lot to choose from, bed & breakfasts providing a better value for the price than other rentals in the area.

- Main Attractions

* Pausilypon Archaeological Park
* Fontana del Sebeto
* Palazzo Donn'Anna
* Palazzo degli Spiriti

- Pros of Staying Here

- Perfect for a relaxed escape vacation
- Adequate accommodation offer
- Visually beautiful
- A lot to explore
- Transport links to other neighbourhoods

- Cons of Staying Here

- Uphill location
- Remote
- No nightlife whatsoever

- Recommended Hotels

Suite 52 - a gorgeous suite offering some stunning views, exquisite interiors, tasteful design and touches, and deluxe hospitality: amazing choice for a spoiling romantic vacation
La tolda - La Vista Clara B&B - a nice rental hosted in a beautiful house, featuring tastefully chosen furnishings, safe parking and nice terrace with sea views
Le Rondini - a lovely bed and breakfast boasting a quiet location, nice, clean and spacious rooms and a helpful host - good value for the money
Santa Clara - a nicely decorated cute B&B, being actually a double room with patio, offering a private experience: perfect for a romantic getaway

Other hotels worth mentioning: Lux, Palazzo Mele Residence



- Overview

Fuorigrotta is arguably the most bustling part of Napoli. Home to San Paolo Stadium and to S.S.C. Napoli, it has very good transport links to other neighbourhoods, hence you won’t really feel the distance from the Centro Storico. Actually, given its commercial vibe and busyness, some call it the “centre which the actual centre is not”. Many of its main streets are lined with eateries and small stores, while the less urbanized areas feature a lot of greenery. Being a residential district, it’s a good neighbourhood to stay in for either: families with or without children (regardless of their age), and couples celebrating their first or fifty first anniversary. Price-wise, rentals here are cheaper than in other neighbourhoods.

- Main Attractions

* Terme Romane
* Grotta del Cane

- Pros of Staying Here

- Urbanized residential area
- Cheaper accommodation
- Good for every traveler
- Commercial district
- Well connected to other neighbourhoods

- Cons of Staying Here

- Remote

- Recommended Hotels

Palazzo Esedra (4*) - an elegant hotel located in a few minutes walk to the metro station, offering spacious rooms and convenient parking: suitable for a business stay
B&B Margarita - modern accommodation offering a convenient location, quiet and well equipped rooms, and a caring host - great value for the money
B&B Dimora Nesis - a simple yet cozy bed and breakfast, boasting nicely decorated rooms, some of them having a pleasing balcony, good breakfasts and helpful owners
Bed & Breakfast Lady-B - a well-located rental right close to the metro station, boasting gorgeous breakfasts, friendly hosts, and cute clean rooms

Other hotels worth mentioning: Disaronno’s House II, Binario B&B Napoli

Part 3. Getting from the airport to your hotel

Napoli has a well developed transportation system. Trams, trains, busses, metro and funicular railway are all there to take you around the city, wherever you need to go. Although ran by different companies, many of them are part of the Unicocampania consortium. The regulation of fares is centralized and there are integrated multi-journey passes available. Note, that you cannot buy tickets from the drivers, Alibus shuttle bus being an exception.

Naples International Airport, aka Aeroporto di Napoli-Capodichino (NAP) is located just about 4 miles north of the city. Handling more than 8.5 million passengers in 2017 only, it is the largest airport in southern Italy. Regardless of the importance and passenger traffic, there is not much to choose to get from the Airport to the city.

Shuttle Bus

The Alibus shuttle bus is a convenient way to get from the Airport to the central train station, Piazza Garibaldi, in the Stazione Centrale neighbourhood. The first bus departs at 6 am, and the last one at 11.30 pm, running every 15-20 minutes. The journey lasts up to 20 minutes. The ticket will cost you EUR 5 (~ USD 5.75) and you can either purchase it at the Airport (look for a tobacconist inside the Terminal) or from the shuttle bus driver. The ticket is valid for one single ride with the Alibus and will be valid within the next 90 minutes after the first use for all other transport companies part of Unicocampania.


There are a few buses connecting the Airport to Napoli. For example, bus line 182 stops at the Maddalena Aeroporto Civile station, which is in a pretty huge walking distance from the Airport. The bus will take you to Piazza Dante and Piazza Cavour in Centro Storico and Piazza Carlo III which is right close to Centro Storico and Stazione Centrale, with more other stops on its way. Don’t forget to buy tickets from the tobacconist inside the Terminal. The 90 minutes ticket will cost you EUR 1.60 (~ USD 1.85), or the daily integrated ticket is EUR 4.50 (~ USD 5.16). To get on the bus, you’d have to leave the territory of the Airport following the Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria towards Via Oreste Salomone. When you get to the rotonda, turn right on Via Oreste Salomone and keep walking till you get to the intersection with Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena. You will have to cross the Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena to get to the Maddalena - De Giaxa station. Note, that there is no station whatsoever, just a small sign showing the bus lines that pass there. You’ll have to stop the bus.

Another bus line, C68, can be taken from the Salomone - Aeroporto Civile bus station. To get there you’d have to head in the same direction as described above, from the Airport, but the station would be in a shorter walking distance. Look for the sign marking the bus station, at about 100 feet from the rotonda. The bus will take you to the Piazza Carlo III.

As an alternative to the long walk towards the station of bus 182, you can take C68 till the Maddalena Aeroporto Civile, and change to bus 182, which will take you to Centro Storico.

However, considering all the hustle, and especially walking the narrow streets and sidewalks of Napoli with luggage, we’d recommend to take the shuttle bus right from the Airport.


Taking a taxi is, obviously, an easy task. However, what you should know about taxis in Napoli, is that the drivers will probably try to scam you. For your own estimate, the trip to the central train station should not cost you more than EUR 20 (~ USD 23). The fare will change depending on your destination, and you may be charged more on weekends and off-hours. The trip to a destination in Fuorigrotta should cost you about USD 30. You should agree with the driver on the price before you get in the car.

Private transfer

You can pre-book a private transfer. The prices for that service vary, an average estimation for a transfer from the Airport to the central station being about EUR 40 (~ USD 46). The advantage would be a carefree trip, the security that the driver will be waiting for you, and the price agreed-on in advance, so that you can be sure that no one will try to scam you.

Other neighbourhoods

If your hotel is in neighbourhoods other than Centro Storico and Stazione Centrale, remember that all districts in Napoli are well connected. Furthermore, from the Stazione Centrale you can find a direct way to get to any of the recommended neighbourhoods, by either train, metro, tram, bus, or funicular railway. If you opt to take the Alibus shuttle, you’ll be at the central train station in about 15 minutes, which means that you’ll have about 1 hour and 15 minutes to take any other public transport to get to your hotel.

General getting around tips

Napoli has long gained a seedy reputation and, unfortunately, we cannot say there is no reason to believe that. As any big city, it has its safe and dangerous spots. Here are just a few tips to feel better while getting around in Napoli.

Piazza Garibaldi, the square adjacent to the central train station, is a very popular place for robberies. Keep your stuff at hand, do not flash valuables and generally, keep your valuables hidden somewhere on you. If you have a private shuttle waiting for you at the station, you can let the driver carry your luggage. Accommodation hosts are usually very helpful too. However, except for that, do not allow anybody to carry the stuff for you.

While walking the narrow streets of the city, pay attention to ‘vespas’. Vespas are typical small Italian motorbikes, and if you hear one behind you, just step aside and hold your bag. It is a commonly occurring crime to be mugged by a vespa driver as it whizzes by you.

Even the safest neighbourhoods here have some nastier areas, so while choosing your rental better make a thorough research of the area where it is located.

Having said that, Napoli is still a very nice city, worth exploring. Choose wisely, and you’ll have a truly wonderful stay and great memories.

Part 4. A Few Tips to Choose the Right Neighbourhood for You

Check out our quick tips on where to stay in in Napoli, if you still need help to make a decision.

If you are traveling with a family, stay in Fuorigrotta, Posillipo, Vomero or Chiaia. Posillipo, Vomero and Chiaia are also the best choice if you are looking forward to a quiet and romantic vacation.

If you are in Napoli just for a day or two, rent in Centro Storico or Stazione Centrale. If you need a budget-friendly accommodation, stay in Stazione Centrale or Fuorigrotta. Note, that we’d recommend to stay in the Stazione Centrale neighbourhood only if you are visiting for one day or during a stopover. Otherwise, better choose any of the other recommended neighbourhoods.

When not willing to compromise on your comfort and would like to be surrounded by people who think likewise, stay in Vomero and Chiaia. The same neighbourhoods are perfect to set base in for some of the best shopping in Napoli.

If you stay in Centro Storico or Vomero, you won’t have a long way to go back to your rental after dancing the night away.

Architecture buffs will find a lot of interesting stuff to explore in Centro Storico, Posillipo and Vomero. Art enthusiasts can lose themselves without getting lost in galleries, theaters and museums while choosing to stay in Chiaia and Vomero.

If you are a sport fan, you might already know what is the best part of Napoli for you to stay in, and yes, it is Fuorigrotta.

You can get more value for the money in Vomero and Fuorigrotta, making these neighbourhoods a better choice if you are planning on a longer visit.

Generally, Napoli is a foodies’ heaven, so if food is your passion, you’ll feel perfect in any of the recommended neighbourhoods. However, some of the most famous for authentic fare are Centro Storico and Chiaia.