Madrid´s City Centre Tour

Spain, Madrid Guide (A): Madrid´s City Centre Tour

This city centre tour of Madrid covers the main attractions including monuments, historical buildings, anecdotal sights and snapshots that every traveller to Madrid would love to capture and take back home. Madrid is a comfortable city to travel on foot and this guide takes advantage of many touristic attractions including the city's people, customs and festivals to make this tour both informative and entertaining.
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Guide Name: Madrid´s City Centre Tour
Guide Location: Spain » Madrid
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 11
Tour Duration: 2.0 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.9 km
Sight(s) featured in this guide: Plaza Mayor   The Botín Restaurant   Plaza Puerta Cerrada   Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel   La Fuente de Diana Cazadora   Viaducto de Segovia   Parque Emir Mohamed I   Former Town Hall and Plaza de la Villa   Monument for victims of the assassination attempt   Mercado de San Miguel   Clockmaker in Salt Street  
Author: Sarah Serakalala
Author Bio: Hello!I am a 29 year old living in Madrid for 5 years now.Its a fabulous city for me to explore my talents and hobbies including going to parks,writing,visiting museums and galleries as well as making friends and being an entrepeneur.Enjoy Madrid.
Author Website:
Plaza Mayor

1) Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor in Madrid is situated in the centre of the city a few metres from Puerta del Sol (Square of the Sun) and Plaza de la Villa. Historically, it was a key scene during the Spanish Golden Century hosting various public acts like bullfights, processions, festivals, theatre, trials and capital executions by the Spanish Inquisition. In the centre of the square, the equestrian statue of Felipe III carved in bronze can be...
The Botín Restaurant

2) The Botín Restaurant

The Botín restaurant is the oldest restaurant in the world, and don’t just take my word for it. You can peep through the window to see a Guinness World Record certificate which is proudly displayed in the window. It dates back to 1725. The restaurant has 4 floors and is located in Cuchilleros street number 17. This restaurant gets frequented by tourists, however, that should not put off any visitors as many Spaniards, especially, from powerful and elite groups of society frequent the place....
Plaza Puerta Cerrada

3) Plaza Puerta Cerrada

The Plaza de la Puerta Cerrada starts where calle de Cuchilleros or Cuchilleros street ends. The name of this square translates to the square of the closed door. The story behind this location is that the square was in a place with many tight corners and high walls which became a breeding ground for looters and assailants. Therefore to halt these surprise attacks on locals a door was erected and closed to separate one part of the city which was seedy from another more fancy part of town. The...
Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel

4) Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel

The Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel or known by its English translation The Pontifical Basilica of Saint Michael is a religious monument. It is a baroque Roman Catholic Church and minor basilica centrally located in Madrid. Construction was initiated in 1739 and was completed in 1745. The façade features allegorical statues of charity, faith, hope, and fortitude. On the inside, the cupola is decorated with frescoes by Bartolomé Rusca, depicting the apotheosis of Santos Justo and Pastor. It...
La Fuente de Diana Cazadora

5) La Fuente de Diana Cazadora

The monument La Fuente de Diana Cazadora, is from the 19th Century found in the region of Madrid called Madrid de los Austrias. It is also known as Fuente de la Cruz Verde or Fountain of the Green Cross in English. This square is found between the street of Segovia from where flows the streets of del Rollo and de la Villa. The fountain was inaugurated in 1850 in the la Plaza de la Cruz Verde. The square is so-called due to the presence of an old wooden cross painted in green. It was customary in...
Viaducto de Segovia

6) Viaducto de Segovia

The Viaducto de Segovia or Viaduct of Segovia was built in the 1930s to replace one built earlier in 1874. The motive for the construction of the Viaducto de Segovia was to prolong a preceding street called Calle de Bailén and also to level a street called calle de Segovia found perpendicular to it dropping about 23m below. Between the locals, the Viaducto de Segovia is simply known as el viaducto. It is an easily recognisable landmark in Madrid because of its modern-looking structure that...
Parque Emir Mohamed I

7) Parque Emir Mohamed I

On the right hand side, while walking up the steep road called la Cuesta de la Vega, the remains of a wall can be seen. This wall is called the Muralla de los Musulmanes or The wall of the Muslims in English. The park was neglected for many years, however it was heavily remodeled in 2009. The remodeling included the paving of the grounds and the erection of a fountain in the middle. This newly remodeled park demonstrates how Madrid was, from several centuries back. It was constructed by Muslims...
Former Town Hall and Plaza de la Villa

8) Former Town Hall and Plaza de la Villa

Previous Town Hall of Madrid: The construction of the building with flags in front, the former town hall, was started in 1644. The building has a very eye-catching patio, a stone escalator covered in tapestry from the 17th century and an old chapel decorated with frescos by Antonio Palomino, a Spanish painter of the Baroque period.. The project was concluded in 1696. Since 2008, the town hall and its functions were moved to Plaza de Cibeles close to the fountain where Real Madrid Football Club...
Monument for victims of the assassination attempt

9) Monument for victims of the assassination attempt

This monument is made in memory and honour of the victims of an attack aimed at the then King of Spain Don Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia de Battemberg, who were riding on a carriage after being wed at a nearby church, Iglesia de los Jerónimos. The wedding day was occurring on the 31st of May 1906. An anarchist from Barcelona who wanted to ambush the wedding procession dropped what looked like a bouquet of flowers onto the moving carriage, however, the dangling cables below tossed the...
Mercado de San Miguel

10) Mercado de San Miguel

The “Mercado de San Miguel” is one of the oldest enclosed markets in Madrid. It is a magnificent wrought iron building constructed on two floors and measuring 1200 square metres. Its current location was once a church called San Miguel de los Octoes. The zone and neighborhood suffered a terrible fire in 1790 from which everyone doubted if things would ever be back to where and how they were! This was because even after rehabilitation the buildings were in a bad state. Later in order to...
Clockmaker in Salt Street

11) Clockmaker in Salt Street

The next attraction brings us back to Plaza Mayor and through one of the many streets that flow out from this big square. The name of the street is Calle de Sal (Salt Street)and the attraction is a curious old clockmaker and his clock on the right above eye level. The Old Clockmaker shop was founded in 1880. It has since been remodelled and changed hands of owners through the years. The clockmaker figure illuminates at night and every quarter of an hour the clock and clockmaker move to a melody....

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