Introducing Iconic Sweets Of South Africa

Introducing Iconic Sweets Of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa (B)

Melk tert is the Afrikaans for “milk tart.” This treat is so popular in South Africa that they even have a National Milk Tart Day (February 27) established in its honor! The tart recipe varies vastly between families and regions, but is invariably based on three key ingredients – milk, flour and eggs – on top of which comes lots of cinnamon and orange peel. Originally Dutch, this tart has a South African twist to it in terms of stronger milk flavor that makes it more like a custard pie with a delightful vanilla buttery scent. Simple and delicious, melk tert is a great teatime treat, regardless of whether the custard has been baked or simply set in the fridge.

Malva pudding is yet another of South Africa's favorite desserts that no celebration goes without. Deeply rooted in the Afrikaans culture, this rich cake of Cape Dutch origin is a sweet decadent delight which reminds sticky toffee pudding but without sticky toffee dressing. It is made with apricot jam and a little brown vinegar that give it a caramelized exterior, while its spongy interior is soaked in tasty warm butter, syrup and, sometimes, brandy or sherry. Traditionally, Malva is served with some kind of creamy sauce or custard, and ice-cream. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Introducing Iconic Sweets Of South Africa
Guide Location: South Africa » Johannesburg
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