Where to Find Street Art in Louisville

Where to Find Street Art in Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky (B)

While recently visiting family for the holidays in Kentucky, we often visited Louisville (Luha-ville) and each time we drove through town, there was a new and exciting piece of street art on the side of a building. While it took me longer to get into street art than others most likely, I’ve come around the appreciate a good wall mural with my favorites tending to be vibrant or with florals and the occasional wings. I especially appreciate an interactive wall mural as it adds some spice to sightseeing!

Artists take to the streets to fill empty spaces on the sides of buildings and other public spaces that are either plain or rundown, and turn them into a artsy masterpiece. Walls become an open canvas for creative, colorful, unique pieces of artwork to be displayed.

Sometimes, Street Art is also referred to as “Urban Art” or “Guerrilla Art” and is different than your every day graffiti, or pure vandalism. This trend of Street Art dates back to the 80s during a “graffiti boom” and has since evolved over the last decades into a more sophisticated and inspiring version of art. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Where to Find Street Art in Louisville
Guide Location: USA » Louisville
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Author: Lorelei Frey
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Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Bryan Patrick Todd
  • Old Town Liquour Store
  • 1126 Bardstown Rd
  • 1034 Bardstown Rd
  • 1529 Bardstown Rd
  • 1583 Bardstown Rd
  • 1064 Bardstown Rd
  • 736 East Market Street
  • 615 E Market Street
  • 806 E Market Street
  • 225 South Clay Street
  • 1217 Logan Street
  • 1124 Logan Street
  • Scarlett’s Bakery
  • 1200 Story Avenue
  • 2118 S Preston Street