Nightlife Venues in Berlin

Nightlife Venues in Berlin, Berlin, Germany (D)

Berlin’s nightlife is legendary; this is truly the city where the parties never stop! Here you will find everything from converted minimalist warehouse spaces to cozy canal-side hangouts, in short; clubs that will cater to every taste and mood. In Berlin, there is no such thing as a boring party. With world-class DJ-bookings, one-of-a-kind clubs and great party-loving crowds you are always guaranteed an unforgettable night.
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Nightlife Venues in Berlin
Guide Location: Germany » Berlin
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Attractions: 15
Author: Lisa Davidsson Weiertz
Author Bio: My name is Lisa Davidsson Weiertz, I am 26 years old and moved to Berlin in September 2012. Before Berlin I spent five years in London where I did my BA in Media & Modern Literature with a focus on Journalism. My love-affair with Berlin is only growing stronger for every month and I continue to discover new sides to this fascinating and eclectic city making me feel I will never want to leave.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Berghain
  • KitKat
  • Kater Holzig
  • Watergate
  • Club de Visionaere
  • Chalet
  • Wilde Renate
  • Ritte Butzke
  • Weekend
  • Sisyphos
  • Brunnen 70
  • Stattbad
  • Golden Gate
  • Rosis
  • About: Blank

1) Berghain

Berghain is one of the world’s most famous nightclubs, and with good reason; you can party the weekend away in this former power plant to the tunes of the most prominent DJ’s in the world as well as the club’s residents. With an incredible state-of-the-art sound system, minimalistic interior, exclusive bookings and with no reflective surfaces allowed in the club, Berghain is carefully designed for the purpose of enjoying the techno and house music being played in the most ultimate way. Sure, the club might be famous for its somewhat erratic door-policies, hedonistic clubbers and dark-rooms, but when you actually are inside of Berghain it’s basically just a really, really fun party - and a must-go while in Berlin if you want to experience the city's clubbing at its absolute best.

2) KitKat

KitKat is an infamous liberal fetisch-club and a favourite of Lady Gaga’s. With its crazy and colorful interiordesign and leather-clad visitors this is not a place for the faint of heart. It is strongly advised to dress up in something shiny, black and revealing and accessorize with a whip or similar item. Here, you can find everything from gynecologist’s chairs, dungeons and a pool but first and foremost, a really vibrant party where as long as you can keep an open mind you will be in for a great time, with our without a whip.
Image Courtesy of Gobbler.
Kater Holzig

3) Kater Holzig

Kater Holzig is a big and ever-changing exciting club that never fails to deliver a great party. The club is located just by the bank of the river Spree and it is not unusual to see club-goers taking a swim to cool off whilst partying during the summer months here. With several big dance floors, dream-like interior design with clouds in the ceiling, wooden interior and unexpected details around every corner, Kater Holzig is like a big playground for adults where they can roam free in the many rooms and different floors as well as a huge, beautiful outdoor area.

4) Watergate

Watergate is a very popular club located just by the Spree in Kreuzberg. If you manage to stay here until sunrise you are in for a spectacular view as the dance floor has a huge window that lets you admire the first rays of sun from front row whilst partying through dawn and well into the new day. Aside from its amazing location, the club also always manages to book great DJ’s playing dance-friendly, melodic techno & house. Watergate might attract more tourists in average than most of the clubs listed but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an amazing time and, of course, a spectacular panorama-view of the majestic river.
Image Courtesy of Wildtierreservat.
Club de Visionaere

5) Club de Visionaere

Club de Visionaere is a Berlin-classic that used to be a summer-club only but is now open for party-goers all year round thanks to a removable roof. Visionaere, which is beautifully located by a canal flowing into nearby river Spree, has been a party-staple for Berliners and tourists for years and shows no sign of stopping. With a huge disco-ball glittering from a weeping willow, lots of comfy sofas and great DJ-sets this bar/club is ideal for all stages of the party; from pre-drinks to after hours and of course for the big party itself. This practical bar/club-hybrid is the place where everyone ends up at some point while in Berlin and its popularity only seems to grow stronger with time.

6) Chalet

This newcomer on the Berlin club-scene is partly owned by one of the front men behind the already legendary Bar 25. It is easy to see that the wonderful aesthetics of Bar 25 has influenced Chalet that has an incredible garden where you will find a pond filled with lilies, trees decorated with birdcages and fairy-lights as well as a bathtub to hang out in. Inside you will find one main dance floor and some smaller, atmospheric rooms for relaxing and drinking. Although the club is open all year round it is strongly advised to try to visit Chalet at least once in the summer for the ultimate experience of the club in its full glory.
Wilde Renate

7) Wilde Renate

This old apartment-house has been successfully converted into a labyrinth-like club with a seemingly endless amounts of little rooms, hidden hangouts and eccentricities that are all highlighted by a circus-like atmosphere and aesthetic that dominate the experience of visiting Renate. With a lot of local talent playing, lots of energetic fellow-clubbers and a truly unique setting, this club has quickly become a staple in the Berlin club-scene that you will want to re-visit over and over again! Ps. Don't forget to check out the maze that belongs to the club that has been designed by a Berlin-artist.
Ritte Butzke

8) Ritte Butzke

Ritter Butzke is located in Kreuzberg and boasts four different dance floors that all accommodates different tastes in music and aesthetics, playing everything from Balkan beats to minimal house. The club has, in true Berlin-style, lots of cozy little hide-outs and quirky interior design where you can play around for hours with the other creatures of the night. This former factory has lots of space and a courtyard that is great for dancing outside all night long since 2007 (although the club didn’t actually become legal until 2009). The club still has a local vibe and isn’t as touristy as many other ones so if you prefer to party with the locals - Ritter Butzke is the place to go.

9) Weekend

Berlin is not a city with many sky-scrapers, which only makes Weekend’s high-rise location all the more spectacular. Situated in Alexanderplatz, with the club’s floors spread out on three levels; on the 12th & 15th floors as well as on the rooftop with stunning views of Berlin, Weekend makes for a truly unique clubbing experience in the party-capital. The crowd is relatively young and you can expect to hear electronic music being played by the genre’s DJ-elite. As with most clubs here it is a good idea to join the party on Sundays as that is usually when the real party begins - Weekend being no exception to this rule.
Image Courtesy of Dguendel.

10) Sisyphos

This old dog-cracker factory located in Rummelsberg is a favorite among many clubbers in Berlin. To get to the club you either need to take a taxi or shuttle-bus from Ostkreuz which makes it a bit harder to access than most of the city’s clubs, but it is well worth the effort. With three dance floors, two smaller and one very spacious one, a breathtaking outside-area and great pizza, Sisyphos mixes the best of worlds resulting in an incredible and irresistible club. Sisyphos’ popularity is growing fast thanks to its combination of great tunes, its Alice in Wonderland-like outdoor area with a slide that goes into a pond as well as an old fire-engine-truck to climb up on, and those are just a few of the attributes that makes the club a highlight of the Berlin clubbing scene.
Brunnen 70

11) Brunnen 70

Brunnen 70 in Mitte is a huge club in Mitte with a multitude of rooms where you never know which ones will be open or closed during any particular weekend. Located in a spacious basement and filled with lots of couches, arty interior design and three great dance floors, Brunnen 70 is a relatively hidden gem a bit off the beaten track but well worth a visit.
Image Courtesy of Luckyz.

12) Stattbad

Stattbad is located in the up-and-coming area Wedding and is an old Berlin bathhouse converted into a techno-nightclub. Here, you can dance to the beats in an emptied, huge swimming pool, hang out by the water pipes or check out the art exhibitions. Discover this gem before everyone else does and look up when the next ‘Stattnacht‘ is being arranged. With groovy DJs’, an amazing setting and an out-of-the-way location this makes for a truly unique clubbing experience that you can only find in Berlin.
Golden Gate

13) Golden Gate

Golden Gate is open non-stop from Thursday to Monday every week which makes its opening hours, even by Berlin-standards, impressively long. Golden Gate is situated a tad anonymously under the Jannowitszbrücke train-tracks but the loud sound of the techno-music will help you find the right door with ease. Most of the club’s DJ’s are Berlin-based and it has successfully managed to keep its gritty underground vibe thanks to a pretty much decoration-free and dark and colorless interior design helping to put the spotlight on what the club does best; the music.
Image Courtesy of Jcornelius.

14) Rosis

Rosis is a Friedrichshain-club that attracts an audience that enjoys dancing to indie and disco-music. Rosis has been designed for a fun-loving, unpretentious crowd. It is a charming and pretty club with a track record of supplying Berliners and visitors with good parties for over 10 years. Go here for a summer party and make sure you try the BBQ!
About: Blank

15) About: Blank

About: Blank is located just by Ostkreuz station and always manages to arrange great parties the most famous one being Homopatik which is a favorite among the gay-crowd (and everyone else who loves a great party, of course). With several rooms and two dance floors with parties that continue well into the next day, this formerly illegal club is a reliable Berlin-staple. Make sure you don’t miss one of Mr. Ties DJ-sets at Homopatik if you happen to be in town during the right weekend.

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