Neuhausen Architecture Walking Tour, Munich

Neuhausen Architecture Walking Tour (Self Guided), Munich

The Neuhausen district is a place to come to revel in some of the city's most exquisite 19th-century architecture. Among the standout features are the numerous well-preserved Jugendstil buildings. The name came from the Munich magazine Die Jugend (“Youth”) which used to feature Art Nouveau designs. Admire their shapes, form and detailing. The neighborhood contains numerous expensive villas and is where many wealthy Munich citizens live.

The streets are quiet, well maintained and have beautifully trimmed hedges. A stellar attraction is the Nymphenburg Palace, a marvel of Baroque architecture that used be the summer residence of Bavarian kings. Next door is a huge garden with lakes, canals and large grassy expanses. Neuhausen also contains other parks where you can play sports, jog, walk and unwind among the splendors of nature. In addition to the sights, there are a number of specialty shops to explore.

Break up your wanderings through the neighborhood with some refreshments in a café or restaurant. A visit to Neuhausen promises relaxing moments surrounded by genteel luxury. Not surprisingly, the neighborhood is a highly desirable place to live, one of the most sought after in the city.
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Neuhausen Architecture Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Neuhausen Architecture Walking Tour
Guide Location: Germany » Munich
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 2.4 Km or 1.5 Miles
Author: Linda
Lachnerstraße 33

2) Lachnerstraße 33

Lachnerstraße 22

3) Lachnerstraße 22

Lachnerstraße 37

4) Lachnerstraße 37

Lachnerstraße 2

5) Lachnerstraße 2

Bothmerstraße 8

6) Bothmerstraße 8

Bothmerstraße 6

7) Bothmerstraße 6


8) Bothmerstraße

Volkartstraße 32

9) Volkartstraße 32

Volkartstraße corner with Orffstraße

10) Volkartstraße corner with Orffstraße

Jutastraße 28

11) Jutastraße 28

Jutastraße 13

12) Jutastraße 13

Jutastraße 9

13) Jutastraße 9

Jutastraße 4

14) Jutastraße 4

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