Seefeld Walking Tour, Zurich

Seefeld Walking Tour (Self Guided), Zurich

Seefeld is the name given to the district on the eastern shore of Lake Zurich, a beautiful part of the city with fantastic vistas and scenery. Come here to unwind in a Zurich destination surrounded by natural splendor. Stroll along the promenade, feed the ducks and then go for a swim in the refreshing water.

There are two designated swimming spots here. Explore even more of the lake by renting a boat. Alternatively, get on one of the water taxis, which operate here from May to September. They are a fantastic way to experience city and lake views. Enjoy more fun in the water at the aqua park at the Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen on the Bellerivestrasse. One of the most popular destinations in this locale is the Blatterwiese, a large meadow where you can sunbathe, picnic and barbecue using the electric grills.

Seefeld also has your catering needs well looked after in its restaurants. As the area has grown and more residents have moved in, a number of trendy bars and eateries have opened up in recent years. Consequently, there are plenty of great dining opportunities, including meals in Michelin-starred restaurants. There is both casual and fine dining, with a variety of cuisines to suit most palates.
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Seefeld Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Seefeld Walking Tour
Guide Location: Switzerland » Zurich
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 2.3 Km or 1.4 Miles
Author: naomi

1) Sechseläutenplatz

Seefeldquai, Restaurant Kiosk

3) Seefeldquai, Restaurant Kiosk

Höschgasse, Museum Bellerive

4) Höschgasse, Museum Bellerive

Höschgasse, Villa Egli

5) Höschgasse, Villa Egli


6) Blatterwiese, "Sitting lady" Sculpture

Höschgasse, Heidi Weber Museum

7) Höschgasse, Heidi Weber Museum

Bellerivestrasse, Chinagarten

8) Bellerivestrasse, Chinagarten

Blatterwiese, Heidi Weber Museum

9) Blatterwiese, Heidi Weber Museum


10) Blatterwiese


11) Blatterwiese

Bellerivestrasse, Lake Side Restaurant

12) Bellerivestrasse, Lake Side Restaurant

Tiefenbrunnen Beach, Lake Side Restaurant

13) Tiefenbrunnen Beach, Lake Side Restaurant

Tiefenbrunnen Beach

14) Tiefenbrunnen Beach

Tiefenbrunnen Beach

15) Tiefenbrunnen Beach

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