Vinohrady Walking Tour, Prague

Vinohrady Walking Tour (Self Guided), Prague

Vinohrady is a wonderful part of the city with a name that means vineyards. Turn the clock back to the 14th century and the area was covered with vines, planted under the orders of Czech king Charles IV. Today, Vinohrady is still noted for its vineyards.

Sample the wines of the region at Vineyard Gazebo, which is surrounded by vine-growing lands. Stay for a meal or snack at the Grébovka Pavilion garden café. Look at its replica of the original 19th-century bowling alley that used to be a part of the family gardens here.

The vineyards and café are located within Havlíčkovy sady, or "Grebovka. This is the second largest park in the city and an idyllic place for picnics and walks among an area of gassy expanses, pavilions, statues and lakes. The park’s design was inspired by the Italian Renaissance and also boasts a grotto, magnificent city views and Villa Grebe, a beautiful Neo-Renaissance villa that stands in a landscaped terrace garden.

Unwind at Náměstí Míru (Peace Square), a serene plaza dominated by the Neo-Gothic Church of St. Ludmila. There are many other architectural highlights to explore while you are in the district. They include the Neo-Renaissance Municipal Theatre of Královské ('Royal') Vinohrady. Admire its two large allegorical winged statues of Comedy and Tragedy.
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Vinohrady Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Vinohrady Walking Tour
Guide Location: Czech Republic » Prague
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 2.9 Km or 1.8 Miles
Author: naomi
Peace Square, National House of Vinohrady

1) Peace Square, National House of Vinohrady

Peace Square, Vinohrady Theatre

2) Peace Square, Vinohrady Theatre

Peace Square, Church of Saint Ludmila

3) Peace Square, Church of Saint Ludmila

Belehradska Street, Tylovo Square

4) Belehradska Street, Tylovo Square

Belehradska Street corner with Koubkova Street

5) Belehradska Street corner with Koubkova Street

Safarikova Street corner with U Zvonarky Street

6) Safarikova Street corner with U Zvonarky Street

Zahrebska Street corner with Safarikova Street

7) Zahrebska Street corner with Safarikova Street

Safarikova Street

8) Safarikova Street

Safarikova Street, Zvonarka Restaurant

9) Safarikova Street, Zvonarka Restaurant

Francouzska Street

10) Francouzska Street

Francouzska Street

11) Francouzska Street

Havlickovy Gardens, Grotta

12) Havlickovy Gardens, Grotta

Havlickovy Gardens, Grobe Villa

13) Havlickovy Gardens, Grobe Villa

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