Zona Rosa Shopping Walk, Bogota

Zona Rosa Shopping Walk (Self Guided), Bogota

Enjoy an amazing luxury shopping experience when you tour the boutiques and stores of the Zona Rosa neighborhood. This is one of the most exclusive districts in Latin America, where the well-heeled live, dine and do their shopping.

Whether you want to spend your money on designer gear or just do a spot of luxury window shopping, visit Centro Comercial Andino, an impressive mall that houses top Colombian and international brands and designers. They include Ralph Lauren, M.A.C, Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana. You will find many treats and extraordinarily beautiful outfits among the shelves and racks of these fashionable retail outlets. The neighborhood's El Retiro Shopping Center also has a focus on luxury and exclusive clothes, shoes and jewelry. Tour the wide corridors of its three floors and enjoy a gastronomic feast in one of the restaurants.

When it comes to nightlife, follow the bright young things and beautiful people to Zona T. This is Bogota's main nightclub district where every night is party night and locals and visitors dress to impress. There are exclusive clubs, live music venues, European-style bars and drinking spots and lounges that stay open until the very early hours of the morning.
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Zona Rosa Shopping Walk Map

Guide Name: Zona Rosa Shopping Walk
Guide Location: Colombia » Bogota
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 1.8 Km or 1.1 Miles
Author: Linda
Calle 81, Chevignon Atlantis Plaza

1) Calle 81, Chevignon Atlantis Plaza

Carrera 13 corner with Calle 85, Bogota Beer Company

2) Carrera 13 corner with Calle 85, Bogota Beer Company

Calle 82, Bang & Olufsen

4) Calle 82, Bang & Olufsen

Centro Comercial Andino

5) Centro Comercial Andino

Calle 82, El Retiro Centro Comercial

6) Calle 82, El Retiro Centro Comercial

Centro Comercial Andino

9) Centro Comercial Andino

Centro Comercial Andino

10) Centro Comercial Andino

Carrera 12A

12) Carrera 12A

Carrera 12, 14 Inkas

13) Carrera 12, 14 Inkas

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