Dante's Florence Walking Tour, Florence

Dante's Florence Walking Tour, Florence
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Dante Alighieri is considered one of the greatest poets of all times. He was born in Florence and spent most of his life there until he was exiled. Many of the structures in the city were built according to his greatest epic poem Divina Commedia. This tour will take you on a trip through Dante's life and work in Florence.

Dante's Florence Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Dante's Florence Walking Tour
Guide Location: Italy » Florence (See other walking tours in Florence)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.3 km
Author: greghasleft
Piazzetta del Limbo

1) Piazzetta del Limbo

Piazzetta del Limbo is a famous ancient square in Florence. It is located in the historic center of the city, not far from the church of Santi Apostoli. The piazza is described in details in Dante's well-known...   view more
Chiesa di San Pier Scheraggio

2) Chiesa di San Pier Scheraggio

Chiesa di San Pier Scheraggio is a very old church in Florence. It was used for city's Council meetings before the other palaces were built. Dante attended many of these meetings during his life as a politician. Today the church is part of the Uffizi...   view more
Casa di Dante

3) Casa di Dante (must see)

Set in the heart of medieval Florence, presently the area between the Church of Saint Martino and Piazza dei Donati, is the Casa di Dante or the House/Museum of Dante. The building, though erected in the twentieth century, is believed to be seated on the birth place of one of the most cherished poets in Italian history- Dante Alighieri.

After a series of archaeological studies done on the site, historians concluded that the area, on which the building now stands, was the birth place of...   view more
Sasso di Dante

4) Sasso di Dante

Sasso di Dante was the stone from where Dante would watch the cathedral of Florence while it was being built. It was located in the Piazza del Duomo, just outside the cathedral. Today, a stone mentioning the poets name is installed in that...   view more
Florence Cathedral

5) Florence Cathedral (must see)

Overlooking the city of Florence is the beautiful Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. The dome of the Basilica is famously the largest brick dome in the world. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, which roughly translates to the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, is dedicated to Madonna or The Virgin Mary. The magnificent cathedral is noted for housing Domenico di Michelino's painting, Dante and the Divine Comedy, portraying Dante illuminating Florence with his famous poem. The...   view more
Santa Maria Maggiore

6) Santa Maria Maggiore (must see)

Santa Maria Maggiore di Firenze is a medieval church in Florence. The church was originally constructed in the 11th century and underwent extensive renovations to the facade and sides in the 13th century. The original church existed as early as the 8th century, and is first documented in 931. In 1176 it obtained the status of collegiate church and was one of Florence's priories. The church subsequently expanded its possessions and in 1183 it was put under papal direct protection by Lucius...   view more
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Santa Maria Novella

7) Santa Maria Novella

Built by the Dominican order in the 13th century, the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella was constructed on the site Santa Maria delle Vigne oratory. Between 1246 and 1360, the lower part of the Basilica and Bell Tower were completed under the direction of Friar Talenti. Leone Alverti was commissioned in 1456 to complete the upper part of the current façade of the church.

Known for his work on a church in Rimini and a palace in Florence, Alberti gave the church its four white and green...   view more
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