Food Walk (Self Guided), Bangkok

What other city, besides Bangkok, has such a full-flavored, boundless, voracious, passionate approach to eating? Despite the comforts and conveniences of air-conditioning and fashion cafes, some of the most outstanding meals in the city also known as the “Big Mango” can be had at the food stalls and open-air markets. Follow this self-guided walk to get the best of the street eats and fine restaurants, and make sure to pack away at least four meals before sunset!
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Food Walk Map

Guide Name: Food Walk
Guide Location: Thailand » Bangkok (See other walking tours in Bangkok)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.6 Km or 2.2 Miles
Author: valery
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Lumphini Park Food Stalls
  • Convent Road
  • Sala Daeng Soi 2
  • Silom Road
  • Thanon Pan
  • Charoen Krung Road
Lumphini Park Food Stalls

1) Lumphini Park Food Stalls

Grab a bottle of water or cool drink and take a nice relaxing walk through the city's oldest (and biggest) park to admire the grass, the trees, the monitor lizards, birds and flora in a quiet, serene environment. There's plenty of exercise equipment to get a workout in or take a run around the perimeter or along the paths. Other activities include Chinese Tai Chi, aerobics, tennis, badminton, cycling, paddleboat, going to the pool, and more – a great respite from the traffic and hecticness of Bangkok!

Make sure to buy fish food (20 baht per bag) as you enter, and if you're an early bird, absolutely grab a local breakfast from the food stalls. The vegetarian one (marked by yellow triangle banner) sells excellent plates of brown rice with eggplant, tofu, soya, and okra for just 50 baht. You can then finish off with steamed rice sweets and an iced Thai coffee or some fresh juice (the best one can get!) – cheap, tasty, and a great way to experience the local vibe.

The food stalls close by 9am, so plan accordingly.
Convent Road

2) Convent Road

Amid the odd-numbered sois of Silom, the busy tree-shaded lane of Soi Convent starts with a barrage of food stalls and continues with several restaurants catering for various tastes – from Irish pub grub to fancy fusion.

For all-authentic Thai dishes at a great price, try the very local, down-to-earth HAI SOLTAM (Mon-Sat: 10am–9pm), providing an opportunity to try as many different papaya salads as you can. The nearby INDIGO (11:30am–11pm) is a charming, well-regarded French restaurant in an old, wooden building with a large garden. The management is "hands-on" making all the French classics delicious; the veal chop, in particular, is something almost impossible to find anywhere else in Bangkok. With an innovative inside/outside design, the EAT ME RESTAURANT (3pm–1am) down a narrow laneway serves many inventive and delicious cocktails, while the food offers a true fusion of classic and contemporary touches in both Western and Eastern dishes, which include nice vegetarian options.

A good place to stroll if looking to escape the crowds of Silom Road!
Sala Daeng Soi 2

3) Sala Daeng Soi 2

Running between Convent Road and Sala Daeng Road, this soi has plenty of options for lunchtime with the locals. Everything from curries and fish dishes to a yen ta fo broth with an almost tingling feeling, plus many noodles and rice options, all of which have been served on the same street corner for years and years.
Silom Road

4) Silom Road

Silom Road, along with Phloen Chit and the Siam Area, is among the best shopping areas in Bangkok, its location in the central business district ensuring lots of food options as well, which can be complemented with a stop at one of the many Irish pubs dotting the road's entire stretch.

Most lively in the morning, the traditional food market right across the street from Wat Khaek (aka Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple) is a very interesting side of local culture and trade. Available for both takeaway and eating-in, the meals here are really pleasant, catering mostly to tourists but still authentic, fresh and tasty. Arrive early morning for some slow-cooked, no-fuss chicken biryani, or the infamous "khao neow dam sang kaya" – slightly crunchy grains of black rice paired with just a little nibble of custard and light coconut cream – simply a magical little dessert treat!

Similarly catering for both Western and Asian taste, TALINGPLING (11am–9:30pm) serve mostly good dishes, with fried fish and sliced pork being the best of the best. For a fine blend of scrumptious, vegetarian-friendly Lebanese and Indian cuisine, look no further than the cozy AL SARAY SILOM (11am–12am) – food is filling, prices are reasonable, service is excellent, and the Chef will be on the floor to recommend/explain dishes you are not familiar with.

Late-night revelers in the Silom area can always drop by at the 24-hour BURGER KING, or sample street vendors' Thai soup, omelets over rice, balls of assorted meats, etc., all of which taste even better with a nightcap.
Thanon Pan

5) Thanon Pan

Thanks to the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple and the mixed assembly of restaurants surrounding it, Bangkok's role as an Asian crossroads is made evident on this road. If you want to experience eating the way many locals do, the food vendors occupying it will often offer snacks for only a fraction of what they would cost in supermarket produce departments – and, yes, they taste just as good.

The beginning of Thanon Pan's toothsome confusion is marked by YEN TA FO WAT KHAEK, a Chinese place – already 50 years in business – that serves the popular pink noodle soup "yen ta fo": a bowl of fish balls, fried tofu, crunchy morning glory, rice noodles, and squid. Opposite the Hindu temple, at the KRUA AROY-AROY, you can try the different colorful Thai herbal drinks for a refreshing treat; for lunch, have some excellent curry dishes or the rare-to-find "khanom chin sao-nam", served in cool coconut milk sauce with fresh pineapple slices and a little hint of chili peppers and dried shrimp!

Making your way down the road, you will come across numerous other places such as CHENNAI KITCHEN – for excellent authentic South Indian food (with lots of vegan options); the PERSIAN HOUSE, where nothing is short of great quality Persian food with large portions; or the stylishly decorated LUKA – one of the best brunch places in Bangkok, therefore quite busy (try booking a table in advance). For high-end, the authentic Italian restaurant OPUS has great food and a great selection of Italian wines and coffee – worth a trip!
Charoen Krung Road

6) Charoen Krung Road

Running parallel to the river, the 6km (4-mile) -long Thanon Charoen Krung (Prosperous City) is Bangkok's earliest paved thoroughfare, where the city's earliest communities formed. It was Bangkok's main street up to the early 20th century, having later declined in prominence, but still houses many neighborhoods, including Bangrak, where you can dine on a street and look up to find beautiful historic buildings and ancient religious sites in the same time.

Right on the corner of the Charoen Krung and Silom roads, the tiny 24-hour CHAROEN KRUNG CAFE BAR is a clear favorite with both locals and tourists, who love the atmosphere and convenience of the location, the well-made drinks and yummy local food (try the phad thai!) at very reasonable prices. A bit further down the road at No. 1391, the JOK PRINCE serves one of the best bowls of congee, the ultimate Asian comfort food, perfect for breakfast or late night supper and just as reasonably priced (they've even got English menus).

A walk down the entirety of the road is bound to end with a full stomach, as there is everything from street vendors offering savory roasted duck to Michelin star-worthy fine-dining venues with the finest western cuisine and first-rate service.

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