Miraflores Walking Tour, Lima

Miraflores Walking Tour (Self Guided), Lima

The district of Miraflores is one of Lima's key tourist destinations, renowned for its affluent setting, upscale shopping, phenomenal oceanic views, seashore restaurants, parks, and interesting archaeological sites. The attractions here are numerous and include, among others, the following:

La Huaca Pucllana – an archaeological complex, featuring a clay pyramid made of seven staggered platforms; predating the Inca empire by a good 1,000 years, circa 200-700 AD.

Central Park – aka Parque Kennedy, an emblematic attraction known for its population of over 100 stray cats. Found at the heart of the Miraflores shopping and restaurant district, with the church of the Miraculous Virgin (Iglesia Virgen Milagrosa) in the middle, this place offers a chance to experience the true lifestyle of Miraflores.

El Malecón – Miraflores' own scenic walkway hugging the Pacific coast for almost 10 kilometers (~6-miles). One of the most popular sights in the district, the boardwalk offers stunning cliff-side vistas overlooking the ocean. A great place for people watching as well.

Parque del Amor (Lover's Park) – a beautiful park dedicated to lovers, featuring among other attractions the famous ‘El Beso’ statue by Peruvian artist Victor Delfín, as well as mosaic walls, and views of the Pacific.

Indian Market - Centro Artesanal Miraflores – a huge artisan/craft market with everything, from alpaca sweaters to hats to T-shirts to other miscellaneous crafts. If you look for souvenirs, this is the place to find them and see what the local craft scene is like.

Ricardo Palma House Museum – a place for literature lovers, dedicated to the great Peruvian writer Ricardo Palma, located in his former home.

For a more detailed look at these and other tourist attractions in Miraflores, take this self-guided walking tour.
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Miraflores Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Miraflores Walking Tour
Guide Location: Peru » Lima (See other walking tours in Lima)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.4 Km or 2.1 Miles
Author: vickyc
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site
  • Inka Market
  • Indian Market - Centro Artesanal Miraflores
  • Ricardo Palma House Museum
  • Miraflores Central Park
  • Church of Virgin Milagrosa
  • Parque del Amor (Love Park)
  • El Malecón Scenic Walkway
Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site

1) Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site (must see)

Huaca Pucllana is an archaeological site dating circa 200-700 AD, located in the Miraflores district of Lima. The staggering seven platform pyramid is made of adobe (small, handmade bricks, dried in the sun) and clay, and was popularly known as the place for ritual games. The mega structure stands almost 22 meters high, and is divided into two sections: one for ceremonial and the other for administrative use. The ceremonial section contains benches and deep pits that were designated for offerings of fish and miscellaneous marine life to the gods in a bid to win their favor. A part of this section features multiple small huts and clay structures with few walls still in place that once served as courtyards and patios.

The intended purpose of this pyramid was to demonstrate the religious might of the elite clergy and their ability to control the use of local natural water resources. The place serves as a significant ceremonial and administrative center for promoting Peruvian culture. There are tourist guides available for visitors to the museum, a little park whith native flora and fauna, and a house of craftsmen where handicrafts are exhibited and offered for sale.

Why You Should Visit:
Easily accessible from Miraflores, well preserved, with tour guides sharing interesting details about the construction, religion, and lifestyle of the original and subsequent inhabitants.
The pyramid is attractively lit up at night and one of the best spots to view this is at the on-site restaurant which features delicious haute cuisine.
The small garden and animal farm (with llama, cuyi, etc.) is cute and adds a little dimension to the place.

This is a "guided-tour-only" site with the duration of a little over an hour (~20 mins above the pyramid). You could stop by here on your way to the Miraflores clifftop which is about a half-hour walk south (by turning right onto Ave. Arequipa), with the small John F. Kennedy park along the way for a brief stop before getting to the cliff where you can spend about half a day up and down.
Inka Market

2) Inka Market

Inka Market is known as one of the top markets in Peru. The artisan market has a wide variety of merchandise that offers great deals. Those shopping for souvenirs are sure to find reasonably priced items while enjoying a uniquely Peruvian shopping experience.

Inka Market is located in a shopping district where there are many places to both shop and people watch. One of these is the larger Indian Market, which boasts a more plentiful array of goods. However, visitors should plan on attending both in order to see the grand scale of Indian Market while enjoying the great prices at Inka.

Higher-end items that visitors will find at Inka Market include traditional textiles, alpaca scarves and shawls and jewelry created using beading and Incan techniques. Visitors will also find standard souvenir items like refrigerator magnets, beads, glassware and toys.

Inka Market is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Indian Market - Centro Artesanal Miraflores

3) Indian Market - Centro Artesanal Miraflores

Visitors to Lima who want to buy truly beautiful, locally crafted items should stop by Indian Market - Centro Artesanal Miraflores. Located on Petit Thouars Avenue, the market is said to be the largest handicraft complex in the country.

Visitors are greeted with bright murals surrounding the gate that leads to the Indian Market. Inside are stalls that are filled with rugs, pottery, toys, statues, clothing and other souvenirs of all prices and sizes. Each stall offers something unique to tourists who want to take a piece of Peru back home with them.

Shoppers should note that most vendors are willing to bargain, so they should not be afraid to ask for lower prices. Likewise, some stalls may offer Peruvian artifacts or antiques. While it is legal to buy and sell these items in Peru, it is illegal to leave the country with them.

Indian Market - Centro Artesanal Miraflores is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM. Tourists should plan at least a couple of hours to explore the many offerings at Indian Market.
Ricardo Palma House Museum

4) Ricardo Palma House Museum

For those interested in the arts and literature of Peru, a visit to the quaint, small town of Miraflores is one of the definite must-dos. Tourists are particularly encouraged to visit the Ricardo Palma House Museum, which was the former home of famous Peruvian scholar, author, politician and librarian, Ricardo Palma. Palma's masterpiece is the "Tradiciones Peruanas", a literary genre combining history and fiction.

In the acknowledgment of the importance of Palma's cultural heritage, his residence was declared a national historic monument on January 19th, 1962. The house has the look of a 'rancho' and is a one story building with large windows, stucco moldings and high bars made of wrought iron.

The museum collection includes old paintings, furniture, books, and accessories that once belonged to the author. The house regains the atmosphere of a turn of the century dwelling, with sufficient space and area for an auditorium. The latter was used to hold theme events related to Palma’s work.
Miraflores Central Park

5) Miraflores Central Park (must see)

The Central Park in Miraflores, commonly referred to as "Parque Kennedy" or the Miraflores Park, stands out as one of Lima's most popular and frequently visited parks. Its prime location in the heart of the Miraflores district contributes to its popularity. This park encompasses two adjoining areas: Parque 7 de Junio and Parque Kennedy, together spanning an impressive 22,000 square meters.

What distinguishes this park and has earned it widespread recognition is the notable presence of numerous cats. These feline residents freely roam the park's lush gardens, seeking both sustenance and affection from park-goers. This peculiar situation traces back to 1994 when the area faced a mouse infestation. In response, individuals began introducing cats to the park, and over time, these cats multiplied, becoming an integral part of the park's identity.

Within the central section of Parque Kennedy, tourists can discover the Park Kennedy Crafts Market, a small artisanal marketplace. Vendors typically commence selling local crafts around 5 p.m. and often continue until as late as 11 p.m. This market offers an excellent evening destination and an ideal spot to find souvenirs.

Additionally, nestled within the park is the "Chabuca Granda Amphitheater," where weekends come alive with artistic and folkloric performances. Adjacent to the park stands the Parroquia de la Virgen Milagrosa, a Catholic church erected in 1939. The church features captivating stained glass windows portraying scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.

Thanks to its central position in the community, the park serves as a hub for various activities catering to both residents and tourists of the district. Events such as the Ricardo Palma Book Fair and traditional celebrations during National Holidays in July, like the "Corso Wong," are commonly held here. Furthermore, the park serves as a venue for sporting events and political gatherings.

Surrounding the park lies the commercial and nightlife epicenter of Miraflores. Facing the park along Diagonal Avenue, a multitude of restaurants await, while the adjacent "pizza street" comes alive on weekend nights with bustling bars and dance venues.
Church of Virgin Milagrosa

6) Church of Virgin Milagrosa

The Parroquia La Virgen Milagrosa, known in English as the Church of the Virgen Milagrosa, is a historic Catholic church located in Miraflores Central Park. It was built in 1930 from a design by Polish architect Ricardo de Jaxa Malachowski.

Along with this church, Malachowski designed many of the notable buildings of Lima such as the Government Palace of Peru, the Congress Building and the Archbishop’s Palace of Lima.

One of the notable features of the church is its stained glass windows. The windows, located on the wings of the church, tell the story of Jesus's life. There is also a figure of the Virgen Milagrosa, the namesake of the church.

Visitors to Lima are welcome to attend services and/or view the inside of the facility. It is open 9 AM to noon and 4 PM to 8 PM Monday through Friday. The church is open 9 AM to 10 AM and noon to 1 PM each Saturday. On Sundays it is open 7 AM to 1 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM.
Parque del Amor (Love Park)

7) Parque del Amor (Love Park) (must see)

“The eternal happiness in life is to love and be loved”, so is the famous saying by George Sand. If you wish to express love to your sweetheart like you've never done before or to make them feel special, then make your way to Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Lima. This lovers' park is laid out on the cliffs of Chorrillos, creating an illusion of floating over the Pacific Ocean. Environed by walls inscribed with love quotes, it is virtually breathing romance.

You will hardly find another place on Earth or a monument built specifically for lovers, except here, in Miraflores. A kiss, as an apt example of action, speaks louder than words; based on this assumption is the statue of El Beso, featuring a couple passionately absorbed in the act of kissing. The park celebrates the joy of love openly and unreservedly. It is a favorite hangout spot for people in love, of all ages. The park emanates immense freedom for a public display of love, without conventional brakes or boundaries.

There are various “themed” competitions held within, including that for the longest kiss. Watching the sunset at Parque del Amor, while embracing your dear one, brings a very special feeling. The atmosphere of serenity and tranquility seems to hold you back. Make sure to visit this place if you want to enjoy a unique sensation of love.

Why You Should Visit:
Situated in El Malecón, a six-mile stretch of parks high above the Pacific Ocean, this is a unique place to stroll along the wonderful cliffs landing in the ocean in the midst of Lima.
It is clean and nicely landscaped, has twisting trails taking you far away, beautiful sea views, flowers in near-perpetual full bloom, and the Gaudí-inspired wavy muraled wall.

Keep walking a few minutes north of the park, and you'll see the taking-off point for parasailers. The Malecón is the prime spot for parasailing in Lima — gliders jump off the cliffs and ride the winds whipping off the ocean below. For $50, you can take a 10-min flight with a trained parasailing guide; buy tickets at the small kiosk at Block 2 of the Malecón.
El Malecón Scenic Walkway

8) El Malecón Scenic Walkway

El Malecón Scenic Walkway is a six-mile coastal path that runs from the Malecón de la Marina through the Malecón Cisneros and culminates at the Malecón de la Reserva. The walkway is popular with both tourists and locals. It is offers good exercise for those wanting to walk or jog. Visitors can even rent bikes if they want a different experience.

From the scenic walkway, visitors can see the Pacific Ocean, stretches of beach, numerous parks and public art pieces. One of the most famous sculptures on the route is "The Kiss" at Parque del Amour. Visitors can stop at one of the benches to enjoy the fresh air while admiring this work by Peruvian artist Victor Delfín.

The lighthouse at Miraflores is one of the most famous lighthouses in the country. Located at Parque Antonio Raimondi, the landmark is 70 feet high. The vibrant blue and white stripes on the building make it a popular spot for photos.

Visitors can walk along the El Malecón Scenic Walkway anytime they wish, though it is wise to start early in the day so as not to miss the spectacular views that may be obscured by the evening sky.

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