Monte Walking Tour, Funchal

Monte Walking Tour (Self Guided), Funchal

Monte is a spectacular green area of Funchal, and also the favored destination of the island’s first tourists, who stopped en route to and from Africa and the Americas. Getting to and from Monte is half the fun: up on the cable car and down on an exhilarating dry toboggan run. The attractive hilltop area of Monte is 550 meters above sea level and is a six kilometer climb northeast of Funchal. Take this self-guided tour to enjoy its wooded slopes, cool places and the fantastic views.

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Monte Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Monte Walking Tour
Guide Location: Portugal » Funchal (See other walking tours in Funchal)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 5
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 0.6 Km or 0.4 Miles
Author: john
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Chapel of Our Lady of Conception)
  • Tropical Gardens of Monte Palace
  • Carros de Cesto (Basket Carts Toboggan Downhill)
  • Museu Monte Palace (Monte Palace Museum)
  • Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Mountain Church)
Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Chapel of Our Lady of Conception)

1) Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Chapel of Our Lady of Conception)

Joao Goncalves Zarco was one of the adventurers who discovered the archipelago of Madeira. In 1420, he commissioned what was to be the first chapel on the island of Madeira, Our lady of the Conception, also called Our Lady of Calhau. The chapel is located in the center of the town of Camara de Lobos on the Bay.

Restorations were done on the chapel in 1773 and 1908. The 1908 restoration followed the visit of Pope Pius X, often called "Padre Pio." The Pope celebrated an open-air mass there in 1904.

The church exterior is in a neoclassical style. The interior is baroque with extensive gilding, especially around the altar. The stained glass windows are by Ricardo Leone. There are also paintings by Nicolau Ferrira. On October 21, 1993, the Regional Governor of Madeira declared the Our Lady of Conception Chapel to be a site of Cultural Value.
Tropical Gardens of Monte Palace

2) Tropical Gardens of Monte Palace (must see)

Monte Palace was once the 18th century private residence of the British Consul Charles Murray. Later it was a hotel and then, in the late 1980s, it was purchased by Jose Bernardo, a retired tobacco magnate. Jose had dreams and fantasies of a magical palace in a place of fountains, grottos, follies, sculptures and mysterious exotic plants.

There are two oriental gardens, one Japanese and one Chinese. The theme of these gardens is the role of Portugal in the Age of Discovery of these nations. Bernardo had visited both these countries. The gardens contain stone lanterns and Buddhas, Shinto gates, pagodas and tiles telling the story of the Portuguese impact in Japan.

Recent tiles, 40 in number, are by Argentinian artist Alberto Cedron. They depict Portuguese history from the early monarchies to the 1974 Revolution. Garden flora include South African cycads and native plants of Madeira: Laurel, dragon trees, mahogany, and Pride of Madeira. There are carps in the ponds, black and white swans, and peacocks.

The museum is on three floors. Two floors are devoted to mostly African sculptures. The third floor holds minerals and precious stones from all over the world. The gardens are open every day from 9:30 am to 6 pm. The Monte Palace can be reached via the exciting Teleferico cable car, which stops in front of the entrance.
Carros de Cesto (Basket Carts Toboggan Downhill)

3) Carros de Cesto (Basket Carts Toboggan Downhill)

Basket Carts Toboggan Downhill (Carros de Cesto) is a popular tourist attraction in Funchal. The ride takes visitors down a thrilling descent from the village of Monte to the city of Funchal in a traditional basket sled that dates back to the early 19th century.

Originally used as a means of transport by residents to quickly travel between Monte and Funchal, the toboggan ride has become an iconic symbol of Madeira Island and a must-do activity for visitors. The descent covers a distance of approximately 2 kilometers and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The basket sleds are operated by two runners dressed in white and wearing traditional straw boater hats. The runners control the speed of the sled using their rubber-soled boots as brakes. The ride can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour, providing a thrilling and unforgettable experience for visitors.

The route from Monte to Livramento is located in a picturesque area and offers spectacular views of the surrounding scenery. Monte is renowned for its lush gardens and stunning views over the city and beyond, making it an ideal spot for visitors to explore before or after their toboggan ride.
Museu Monte Palace (Monte Palace Museum)

4) Museu Monte Palace (Monte Palace Museum)

Nestled within the Monte Palace Madeira Gardens, the Monte Palace Museum is an absolute treasure trove of fascinating artifacts and exhibits that leave visitors feeling captivated and inspired. As soon as you step inside this museum, you will be surrounded by an incredible collection of artifacts that have been sourced from a variety of different geographic locations and cultures.

The Monte Palace Museum is divided into three galleries, each with its own unique charm and character. The 'African Passion' collection is one of the highlights of the museum, showcasing a mesmerizing collection of over 1000 contemporary Zimbabwean sculptures dating back to the years 1966 to 1969.

The 'Mother Nature Secrets' collection is equally impressive, featuring hundreds of minerals that have been sourced from some of the world's most fascinating locations, including Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, Peru, Argentina, and North America. Visitors to this gallery can marvel at around 700 different samples of minerals, each one more striking and beautiful than the last.

Of course, the beauty of the Monte Palace Museum is not limited to its collections and exhibits alone. The museum is set amidst one of the most incredible tropical gardens in the archipelago, with over 100,000 different plant species spread out over an area of 70,000 m². Visitors can stroll through this lush garden, surrounded by exotic flora and fauna, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of nature at its most stunning.
Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Mountain Church)

5) Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Mountain Church)

The Church of Our Lady of the Mount is a renowned landmark situated in the charming town of Monte, Funchal. Its historical significance, distinctive architecture, and cultural value make it a cherished site among tourists and locals alike.

Visitors can take a tour of the church and its premises, admire the mesmerizing views of Funchal from its hilltop location, and immerse themselves in the tranquil and spiritual ambiance. Monte is known for its picturesque gardens and green spaces that exhibit exotic plants and flowers, some of which are accessible to the public. The Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte can be accessed by climbing 68 inclined steps, which leave an impression on the mind, but the view from the top is worth the climb.

Constructed in the 18th century, the Church of Our Lady of the Mount is a remarkable example of Baroque architecture. Its stunning façade is adorned with intricate stonework and ornate decorations, which reflect the exceptional craftsmanship of that era. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the church is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Portugal. The interior of the church is equally captivating, showcasing splendid artwork, paintings, and sculptures that are a visual delight.

One of the most significant events celebrated at the Church of Our Lady of the Mount is the Assumption of Mary, observed annually on August 15th. The festival is a grand affair and one of the most prominent in the region. The festivities take place on the church grounds, where locals light fires and prepare traditional Madeiran delicacies. The atmosphere is filled with music, dance, and merriment, creating a colorful and joyous occasion.

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