Murano Island Walking Tour, Venice

Murano is often called the Glass Island, since it is home to the most impressive and renowned Venetian glass factories. The glass makers here have preserved their centuries-old techniques. The island is full of shops were you can admire and purchase these adorable glass items. Some factories have special showrooms where you can see the full process of glass making.
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Murano Island Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Murano Island Walking Tour
Guide Location: Italy » Venice (See other walking tours in Venice)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.5 km
Author: naomi
Island of Murano

1) Island of Murano

Murano is the Glass Island. Murano was a commercial port in 7th Century, and by the 10th Century it had grown into a great trading center. It had its own coins, police force, and commercial aristocracy. This was the only place in Europe where people knew how to make glass mirrors. This is a great experience for a young traveler, lots to discover, see, smell, try and...   view more
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Mazzuccato International

2) Mazzuccato International

Mazzuccato International is one of the largest glass factories in Murano. For visitors and potential buyers, the factory has several demonstration rooms where you can see how the craftsmen make these beautiful glass pieces. The shop offers a great variety of glass products, ranging from chandeliers, mirrors, decoration items, drinking glasses and...   view more

3) Faro

Since the beginning of the Venetian Republic, there has been a lighthouse in Murano. The present construction is of 1934. The exterior of the Faro presents two bas-reliefs, depicting two Madonnas, one located above the entrance door of the lighthouse, the other placed in the opposite direction of the lagoon. Towards the top of the Faro black strips were painted to facilitate visibility in...   view more
Chiesa di San Pietro Martire

4) Chiesa di San Pietro Martire

Chiesa di San Pietro Martire was built in 1348 along with a convent of Dominican Fathers and was dedicated to San Giovanni Battista. It is currently one of the two major parishes of Murano, daily visited by tourists for the precious works of art held within. The building is made entirely of brick. On the front facade a portico adorned with Renaissance arches and columns is probably what remains of an ancient...   view more
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Fratelli Toso

5) Fratelli Toso

Fratelli Toso is one of the oldest glass factories established in Murano. The factory was founded in 1854 by six brothers who loved the art of glass making. During the whole time, the Toso family improved their techniques of glass making and nowadays they are one of the top award-wining manufacturers of Murano glass. Their production has a wide range, going from exclusive chandeliers to charming glass...   view more
Palazzo de Mula

6) Palazzo de Mula

The Gothic style of Palazzo de Mula’s facade also retains a mixed Veneto-Byzantine influence of the twelfth century. It stands on the Canal Grande of Murano, just a few steps away from Ponte Vivarini. Built near the St. Cyprian, it was completely renovated about a decade ago and now houses the Hall of Murano, which organizes exhibitions and meetings on various...   view more
Basilica di Santa Maria e Donato

7) Basilica di Santa Maria e Donato

Basilica di Santa Maria e Donato is an important place of worship, and is one of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture. The first church was founded in the 7th century. After several reconstructions, the present church represents a red brick basilica building and a bell tower. The interior is decorated with marble and glass, columns and niches of various forms. Next to the bell tower is located the Monumento ai Caduti by Napoleone...   view more
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Museo del Vetro

8) Museo del Vetro (must see)

Museo del Vetro is housed in the old palace of the bishops of Torcello. The first exhibitions of glass artworks were held in 1861 in just one hall on the first floor. Over the decades the collection took over the entire palace. Special attention should be paid to the chandeliers on the ceiling – some of the greatest art pieces made by local craftsmen.

Why You Should Visit:
To learn the history of glasswork and the see real examples, some as much as 500 years old!
Some of the ancient...   view more

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