Trondheim Introduction Walking Tour (Self Guided), Trondheim

Presiding over the namesake fjord in the heart of Norway, Trondheim the city boasts a great deal of cultural and historic richness. Topping the list of the local landmarks is 11th century Gothic-style Nidaros Cathedral renowned for its intricate ornate facade. Located nearby Archbishop’s Palace Museum showcases archaeological findings and sculptures, including the gargoyles that once adorned the cathedral. To explore these and other prominent sights of Trondheim, follow this orientation walk.
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Trondheim Introduction Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Trondheim Introduction Walking Tour
Guide Location: Norway » Trondheim (See other walking tours in Trondheim)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 15
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.9 Km or 2.4 Miles
Author: leticia
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Town Square (Torvet)
  • Trondheim Synagogue
  • Jewish Museum
  • Archbishop's Palace & Museum
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • Old Town Bridge
  • Old Warehouses Along Nidelven River
  • Church Ruins
  • Gamle Rådhus (Old Town Hall)
  • Vår Frue Kirke (Our Lady's Church)
  • Nordre Gate
  • Maritime Museum
  • Trondheim Brukskunstforening
  • Stiftsgården
  • The Last Viking Statue
Town Square (Torvet)

1) Town Square (Torvet) (must see)

Town Square or Torvet is a central square and marketplace in the city. Located in the heart of the city, it has a statue of Trondheim's founder, Olav Tryggvason. The market dates back to the 12th century, and today it offers: fruits, vegetables, flowers, jewelry, and souvenirs.
Trondheim Synagogue

2) Trondheim Synagogue

The Trondheim Synagogue holds the distinction of being the second northernmost synagogue in the world (only the synagogue in Fairbanks, Alaska is further north). The present synagogue has served the Jewish community since its inauguration on October 13, 1925. It was built to replace the first synagogue in Trondheim, the St Jørgensveita Synagogue which was opened in 1899.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Jewish Museum

3) Jewish Museum (must see)

The Jewish Museum in Trondheim can be found opposite the beautiful Archbishop's Palace and the Nidaros Cathedral, in the Trondheim Synagogue building. The museum has various exhibits about the history of Jews in Trondheim, their daily life, culture, and religious ceremonies.

Opening hours: June 15- August 16: Monday - Friday: 10 am - 4 pm; Sunday: 12 pm - 3 pm; Rest of the year tours must be pre-booked. Museum is closed on Jewish holidays.
Archbishop's Palace & Museum

4) Archbishop's Palace & Museum (must see)

This secular building in Scandinavia dates back to the 12th century and was the Archbishop's residence until the Reformation in the 16th century. Later it was home to Danish governors. Now the Archbishop's Palace is home to a museum and a concert hall. The museum features original sculptures from the remarkable Nidaros Cathedral, some parts of the cathedral's facade and various archaeological objects relating to its history. The museum’s highlight is the Archbishop's mint, once used for stamping coins.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 2pm; Saturday: 11am - 3pm; Sunday: 12pm - 4pm.
Nidaros Cathedral

5) Nidaros Cathedral (must see)

Nidaros Cathedral is a Church of Norway cathedral. It is the traditional location for the consecration of the King of Norway. King Harald was consecrated at Nidaros Cathedral on June 23, 1991.

Work on the cathedral started in 1070 and was finished sometime around 1300. The cathedral was badly damaged by fires in 1327 and again in 1531. The nave west of the transept was destroyed and was not rebuilt until the restoration in early 1900s. In 1708 it burned down completely except for the stone walls. It was struck by lightning in 1719, and was again ravaged by fire. Major rebuilding and restoration of the cathedral started in 1869, initially led by architect Heinrich Ernst Schirmer, and nearly completed by Christian Christie. It was officially completed in 2001. Maintenance of the cathedral is an ongoing process.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Old Town Bridge

6) Old Town Bridge (must see)

Old Town Bridge or Gamle Bybro or Bybroa crosses the Nidelva River from the south end of the main street Kjøpmannsgata connecting to the Trondheim neighborhood of Bakklandet. Gamle Bybro was constructed by Johan Caspar von Cicignon in 1681 in conjunction with the reconstruction of Trondheim after the great fire of 1681. The bridge location was of military-strategic significance.

King Christian V of Denmark assumed the cost of construction. It was completed in 1685. The bridge was built in the vicinity of the original Elgeseter Bridge. When it was opened the older bridge was allowed to decay and collapse. Since then Gamle Bybro has undergone many changes.

Originally Gamle Bybro was constructed of wood, but the wood was supported on three stone piers. In the middle of the bridge, an iron gate was placed. This remained a guarded city gate until 1816. At each end of the bridge there was a toll and guardhouse. The access house on the west end still stands, but that on the east side was taken down in 1824. Gamle Bybro was reconstructed in 1861 by the engineer Carl Adolf Dahl (1828-1907). Today Gamle Bybro is one of Trondheim's characteristic landmarks.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Old Warehouses Along Nidelven River

7) Old Warehouses Along Nidelven River

Along Nidelven River you can find a number of historic warehouses, dating back to the 18th and 19th century. These old warehouses remind us of the significance of Trondheim's past as a merchant city. Today, they house shops, restaurants, cafes, and offices.
Church Ruins

8) Church Ruins (must see)

Between Trondheim’s old and the new library buildings you can find the ruins of old Olavskirken, a medieval church dating to the 12th century. They were found by archaeologists during excavation works on the site of Trondheim’s new public library. You can see part of the ruins and a number of well-preserved skeletons from the burial grounds in the courtyard.
Gamle Rådhus (Old Town Hall)

9) Gamle Rådhus (Old Town Hall)

Gamle Rådhus, or Trondheim’s Old Town Hall, was founded in the 1700s. Now this beautiful building represents mostly a decorative landmark, since almost all of Trondheim's day-to-day administrative duties are handled at the fashionable New Town Hall.
Vår Frue Kirke (Our Lady's Church)

10) Vår Frue Kirke (Our Lady's Church) (must see)

Vår Frue Kirke (Our Lady's Church) was built in 1150 and is a small medieval church with a beautiful bell tower in Trondheim. Once, the city was home to 17 medieval churches, but now we can see just Our Lady's Church and Nidaros Cathedral, which have preserved the city’s rich history and heritage for centuries.
Nordre Gate

11) Nordre Gate (must see)

Nordre Gate represents the essential shopping street in Trondheim. This popular shopping neighborhood houses international and local stores. On this pedestrian-only street you can find everything - from fashionable clothes and striking jewelry to watches and accessories.
Maritime Museum

12) Maritime Museum (must see)

Maritime Museum was founded in 1920 and displays a wide collection of exhibits related to Trondheim’s maritime history beginning with the 1500s. You will see numerous ship models, artifacts, figureheads, historical photos, maritime instruments, and pictures of sailboats collected from the local area.
Trondheim Brukskunstforening

13) Trondheim Brukskunstforening (must see)

Trondheim Brukskunstforening is a city gallery that exhibits a wide selection of handicrafts. Its rich collection includes handmade ceramics, glass art, textiles, designer clothes, jewelry, and many other unique things made by local craftsmen.

14) Stiftsgården (must see)

Stiftsgården is the royal residence in Trondheim. It was originally constructed in 1774 by Cecilie Christine Schøller. At 140 rooms constituting 4000 m², it is possibly the largest wooden building in Northern Europe, and it has been used by royals and their guests since 1800. The palace is built in the Baroque style, but has elements of Rococo and neoclassicism. The original facade is well-preserved. However, unlike the exterior, the interior has changed significantly. Some original features are still present, though. The Rococo style stucco work has been preserved on some of the ceilings and around the wall niches. The supraportes (panels above the doors) are decorated with painted landscapes.
Sight description based on wikipedia
The Last Viking Statue

15) The Last Viking Statue (must see)

Den Siste Viking (The Last Viking) monument is located near by the piers and was erected in 1990 by the famous artist Nils Aas. Aas was inspired by the Den Siste Viking novel by Johan Bøjer, honoring the bravery, courage and fortitude of Norway's fishermen.

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