Varna Sea Garden Walking Tour, Varna

Varna Sea Garden Walking Tour, Varna
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Sitting at the bay of the Black Sea, the Sea Garden is Varna's most famous attraction. Many tourists flock here to visit the local zoo and planetarium, or simply to walk along the beach and take wonderful photos.

Varna Sea Garden Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Varna Sea Garden Walking Tour
Guide Location: Bulgaria » Varna (See other walking tours in Varna)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.4 km
Author: Maia
Varna Beach

1) Varna Beach (must see)

Varna's beach is very clean and beautiful. Surrounding the beach itself you'll find lots of bars, disco-clubs, restaurants and many other places for a good time out. The most fun activity of all, however, is to simply walk along the beach enjoying the beautiful turquoise waters and taking some great...   view more
National Maritime Museum

2) National Maritime Museum (must see)

Established in 1885, the Naval museum is located in the Sea Garden not far from the railway station. This large museum has more than 350 square meters of exhibition space, featuring fortifications on the Black Sea and the Danube coast dating back to medieval period, the Russian-Turkish wars of the 17th-19th centuries, and the Emancipation War of 1877/78. Outside the museum you can find a Drazki ship, the most renowned vessel of the national...   view more
The Aquarium and the Black Sea Museum

3) The Aquarium and the Black Sea Museum (must see)

Open since 1912, the Aquarium and the Black Sea Museum have a facade that combines bas-relief images of some of the most common species found in the Black Sea. The Aquarium has a fascinating collection of fresh-water and sea creatures; some of the flora and fauna exhibits are truly...   view more

4) Planetarium

The Planetarium of Varna bears the name of famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Founded in 1963, it's the largest planetarium in Bulgaria. Lots of visitors come here to observe the Sun, Moon and stars with the facility's special...   view more
Astronomical Observatory

5) Astronomical Observatory

The national astronomical observatory and planetarium of Varna are the biggest and the most modern complex on the Balkans and so one of the most famous attractions in the city. Located just beside the entry of the Sea Garden the planetarium is providing it's visitors with spectacular show by the ZKP(Zeiss Kleinplanetarium)projector showing 5500 stars on a 10.5 meter hemispherical dome. Part of the compelx is also the tower with Foucault pendulum with high of the suspension of 14.40...   view more
The Natural History and Science Museum

6) The Natural History and Science Museum

The Natural History and Science Museum is divided into three sections: Geology, Animal Kingdom and Vegetation. In each section you'll find lots of fascinating information about the history and present day reality of flora and fauna in the Black Sea...   view more
Varna Zoo

7) Varna Zoo

Situated within the Sea Garden, Varna Zoo is a large-scale zoo that has been a firm favorite with children ever since it opened in 1961. The facility got started with the donation by sailors from a torpedo boat of a bear named Maxim, all the way back in...   view more

8) Terrarium

Varna Terrarium is one of the most exciting and exotic places in the city. Here you'll find a wide range of animal species, including many endangered ones. Not stuck behind glass, these animals have a more natural living environment that allows them to thrive and the visitors to see what their lives are really like in the...   view more

9) Dolphinarium (must see)

Open since 1984, the Dolphinarium has been one of Varna's top attractions. The aluminum and glass building, which itself has an unique outfit, is home for the lovely dolphins of a Carribean sea breed. The unique dolphin show includes acrobatics,dolphin dances, music and balance. The Dolphinarium has a capacity of 1200 seats, a main pool for performances with diameter of 6 meters and 3 meters deep and an additional smaller pool. After the show the visitors can watch the dolphins playing...   view more


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