Clarke Quay Leisure Walk, Singapore

Clarke Quay Leisure Walk (Self Guided), Singapore

Clarke Quay was very important to the history of Singapore, playing a key role in the city-state’s trade affairs. The district’s warehouses were used for the storage of goods during the colonial era. Today, the area still looms large in the lives of residents and visitors, but for very different reasons. It is a superb place to come at night to unwind and let your hair down.

Clarke Quay is now an exciting and thriving hub of nightlife activity with its bars, restaurants, trendy cafés, jazz clubs and much more. Many of these places are situated in restored warehouses that cover an area of five blocks. When the sun goes down and their lights go on, these large buildings are a dazzling sight.

Enjoy a stroll on the promenade, sit in a bar with an aperitif and then dine on tantalizing cuisines. There are plenty of culinary choices to make your selection from. Be sure to go to the heart of the quay for the fountains that shoot up illuminated jets of water that change color.

Come back to Clarke Quay during the day for more fun and good times. There are antique shops, and numerous events are hosted here. Thrill seekers can ride on the G-Max Reverse Bungy, an open-air capsule that is catapulted into the air at rapid speeds.
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Clarke Quay Leisure Walk Map

Guide Name: Clarke Quay Leisure Walk
Guide Location: Singapore » Singapore
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 2.6 Km or 1.6 Miles
Author: Helen
Liang Court

1) Liang Court

River Valley Road

2) River Valley Road

Promenade Clarke Quay

5) Promenade Clarke Quay

View from Read Bridge

6) View from Read Bridge

View from Read Bridge

7) View from Read Bridge

View from Coleman Bridge

10) View from Coleman Bridge

Circular Road

11) Circular Road

26/27 Boat Quay, The Penny Black Pub

12) 26/27 Boat Quay, The Penny Black Pub

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