Myeong-dong Shopping Walk, Seoul

Myeong-dong Shopping Walk (Self Guided), Seoul

Myeong-dong is a major shopping area in Seoul, the like of Orchard Road in Singapore and Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. The vibe of Myeong-dong makes it one of a kind shopping district, packed to the brim with various shops, from mid-level to high-end boutiques to international brand outlets, such as Zara and H&M.

Being the country's trendiest shopping venue, Myeong-dong accommodates over 300,000 square meters of retail facilities selling clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, cosmetics and more. The vast majority of department stores, as well as all of Korean cosmetic brands, have their representation in Myeong-dong. There are practically hundreds of them fiercely competing for customers.

Throngs of youngsters hang out around the clock in the area, filling up local restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and night clubs.There is enough for family entertainment as well – restaurants and fast food joints offering Korean, Western and Japanese cuisine. In Myeong-dong you can find almost anything, from food (both, international and traditional Korean) to clothes (from baby stuff to adult) to handphone covers, wigs, umbrellas, DVDs, hair accessories and more. Thick with ambling tourists and busy shoppers, the area is packed at all times in keeping with its well-deserved reputation of Seoul’s shopping mecca and a major tourist hot-spot.
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Myeong-dong Shopping Walk Map

Guide Name: Myeong-dong Shopping Walk
Guide Location: South Korea » Seoul
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 1.3 Km or 0.8 Miles
Author: Linda

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