Old Town Antiques Hunting Walk, Baku

Old Town Antiques Hunting Walk (Self Guided), Baku

When you are shopping for antiques in Baku, you do so in a city that fittingly has a long and rich history, some of which can be seen in its old buildings and roads. In 2000, this walled city became the first location in Azerbaijan to be classified as a world cultural site by UNESCO. Many of the ancient walls and towers are in excellent condition, having been strengthened after the Russian conquest in 1806.

As you explore the cobbled streets and alleys of Baku to look for the antique and carpet shops, pause to take in some of the astounding scenery. Your walk will take you past the 11th-century Maiden's Tower, the Djuma Mosque and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a jewel of Azerbaijan architecture.

Tear your eyes away from the ancient buildings for a while to go on your antiques hunt. There are several galleries full of fascinating items from previous decades and centuries. One of the area’s principle attractions are the carpet shops, set in numerous locations along the small alleyways. Azerbaijani rugs and carpets are famous all over the world for their quality, aesthetic appeal and the skill of the workmanship that went into their making.
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Old Town Antiques Hunting Walk Map

Guide Name: Old Town Antiques Hunting Walk
Guide Location: Azerbaijan » Baku
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 1.8 Km or 1.1 Miles
Author: naomi
Maiden's Tower

1) Maiden's Tower

Asəf Zeynallı Street

2) Asəf Zeynallı Street

Asəf Zeynallı Street

4) Asəf Zeynallı Street

Asəf Zeynallı Street, Juma Mosque

5) Asəf Zeynallı Street, Juma Mosque

Hajji Gayyib Bathhouse

6) Hajji Gayyib Bathhouse

Hajji Gayyib Bathhouse

7) Hajji Gayyib Bathhouse

Qüllə Street

8) Qüllə Street

Böyük Qala Street

10) Böyük Qala Street

Italian Embassy

11) Italian Embassy

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