Savamala Neighbourhood Walk, Belgrade

Savamala Neighbourhood Walk (Self Guided), Belgrade

Exhilarating culture and fascinating architecture come together in Savamala, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Belgrade. Along its wide boulevards is an eclectic mix of architectural styles including Academism, Art Nouveau, Secession and a small smattering of modern buildings.

Among the many beautiful structures are palaces that housed Serbian nobility from the 19th century and the Geozavod building. This is also known as the Belgrade Cooperative Palace and is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade. Take the time to appreciate its elaborate and imposing façades.

Cross the Brankov Bridge, one of the largest bridges in the city. At night its illuminations make it an even more spectacular sight. Explore the network of underground passages known as “lagumi” and see the Bristol Hotel. This early 20th-century building was designed by architect Nikola Nestorović in the Art Nouveau style.

Culture vultures will enjoy the neighborhood's art galleries and cultural centers, while party lovers can dance until dawn in Savamala's ultra-trendy clubs. In addition to its wonderful buildings, the area has earned a reputation for being a top nightlife destination.
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Savamala Neighbourhood Walk Map

Guide Name: Savamala Neighbourhood Walk
Guide Location: Serbia » Belgrade
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 3.2 Km or 2 Miles
Author: nataly
Sima Markovic Street

1) Sima Markovic Street

Karadordeva Street

2) Karadordeva Street

Karadordeva Street, Little Steps

3) Karadordeva Street, Little Steps

Karadordeva Street, Little Steps

4) Karadordeva Street, Little Steps

Nemanjina Street

8) Nemanjina Street

Serbian Government Building

10) Serbian Government Building

Knez Milos Street

11) Knez Milos Street

Knez Milos Street

12) Knez Milos Street

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