West Village Walk, Dallas

West Village Walk (Self Guided), Dallas

West Village has the same trendy, laidback vibe as SoHo in New York or Robertson in Los Angeles. It ticks all the boxes for a great place to spend some time. There are upscale dining options as well as one-of-a-kind restaurants, bars and cafés. Furthermore, there are plenty of boutiques, spas and art galleries, and perhaps most importantly, an all-pervasive warm and friendly atmosphere. It is perhaps not surprising then that this has become one of the city's most popular walking and dining districts.

One of the hippest parts of Dallas can be found in West Village, and that is McKinney Avenue. This artery is always buzzing with activity and has a thrilling nightlife. During the day shoppers browse the boutiques, shops and art galleries. Then they relax in the glorious spas, smart bars and fashionable restaurants. To cater for the younger crowd, there are several sports bars on McKinney Avenue.

So popular and so successful is this street that there is now a streetcar, called the McKinney Avenue Trolley. It will transport you from uptown to downtown with ease and in comfort. For shopping, dining and walking on picturesque streets among welcoming locals, West Village is difficult to beat.
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West Village Walk Map

Guide Name: West Village Walk
Guide Location: USA » Dallas
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 2.0 Km or 1.2 Miles
Author: vickyc
3000 Blackburn Street

1) 3000 Blackburn Street

3000 Blackburn Street

2) 3000 Blackburn Street

3699 Mckinney Avenue  #319

3) 3699 Mckinney Avenue #319

3699 McKinney Avenue # 325

4) 3699 McKinney Avenue # 325

3699 McKinney Avenue #319

5) 3699 McKinney Avenue #319

3605 Mckinney Avenue

6) 3605 Mckinney Avenue

3519 Mckinney Avenue

7) 3519 Mckinney Avenue

3403 McKinney Avenue

8) 3403 McKinney Avenue

3309 Mckinney Avenue

9) 3309 Mckinney Avenue

3301 McKinney Avenue

10) 3301 McKinney Avenue

3301 Mckinney Avenue

11) 3301 Mckinney Avenue

3120 McKinney Avenue

12) 3120 McKinney Avenue

2811 Mckinney Avenue

13) 2811 Mckinney Avenue

2709 Mckinney Avenue

14) 2709 Mckinney Avenue

2714 McKinney Avenue

15) 2714 McKinney Avenue

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