Adelaide's Historical Religious Buildings, Adelaide

Adelaide's Historical Religious Buildings (Self Guided), Adelaide

Adelaide's religious scene is quite diverse, boasting a wealth of denominations such as Christian (like Catholic, Anglican, Uniting, or Orthodox), Islamic, and others. Quite naturally, over the years this has given rise to a rich tapestry of religious sites, many of which today are considered Australia's heritage.

Among these landmarks is Saint Mary's Catholic Church, an iconic structure known for its spiritual significance to the local community as the first Catholic house of prayer, built in 1845.

Brougham Place Uniting Church, in turn, stands as a testament to unity and diversity, welcoming worshippers of various denominations under one roof since the mid-19th century.

Saint Peter's Cathedral, a majestic Anglican temple, shows some resemblance to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and is a symbol of faith and heritage in the city.

Holy Trinity Church exudes elegance and grace and is the largest Anglican church in South Australia. Also adding to its significance are the elements of the earliest surviving Anglican church in this part of the country.

Saint Francis Xavier's Cathedral, with its stunning Gothic revival architecture, inspires awe and reverence with its special features such as bronze statues, stained glass lancet windows, and more.

The Central Islamic Mosque, a beacon of Muslim faith in the city, is a national heritage site protected by the government.

Lastly, the Saint Nicholas Church, with its distinctive Russian Orthodox aesthetics, provides a serene sanctuary for reflection and prayer.

Collectively, these historical places of worship contribute to the unique identity of Adelaide, serving as reminders of the values and traditions that have shaped it. By visiting these locations with an open heart and mind and marveling at their beauty, we not only celebrate the religious history of Adelaide but also pave the way for a more inclusive and harmonious future.
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Adelaide's Historical Religious Buildings Map

Guide Name: Adelaide's Historical Religious Buildings
Guide Location: Australia » Adelaide (See other walking tours in Adelaide)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.5 Km or 4 Miles
Author: Jane
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church
  • Brougham Place Uniting Church
  • St. Peter's Cathedral
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral
  • Central Islamic Mosque
  • St. Nicholas Church
St. Mary's Catholic Church

1) St. Mary's Catholic Church

Catholicism was brought to Adelaide for the first time in 1841 by a group of immigrants. Within a year, Rome created the Diocese of Adelaide and the first Catholic church was built in 1845. The present Adelaide Archdiocese, covering 105,000 square kilometers. St. Mary's Church is a recent construction, but a very beautiful one, made of red brick and stone and frequently hosts weddings and other religious ceremonies.
Brougham Place Uniting Church

2) Brougham Place Uniting Church

Formerly the North Adelaide Congregational Church, Brougham Place Uniting Church is a landmark looking over the Brougham Gardens in the Adelaide Parklands. Thomas Frost is attributed as the architect of the church and the foundation stone was laid on 15 May 1860. A tower was added in 1871 and a lecture hall in 1878. The church's pipe organ was built in 1881 at which time it was "the largest two manual organ in the colony".
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
St. Peter's Cathedral

3) St. Peter's Cathedral

St Peter's Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral in the South Australian capital of Adelaide and the seat of the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. The cathedral is situated on approximately one acre of land and its south face has similar features to the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, including an ornate rose window above the main entrance which depicts stories of South Australia and the Bible.

The cathedral's interior is 203 feet (62 m) long of which the Lady Chapel occupies 30 feet (9 m) and the nave and chancel the remainder. The nave is 59 feet (18 m) wide and, at the top of the spire's crosses, the cathedral rises 168 feet (51.2 m) from ground level. In the western tower is the cathedral's ring of eight bells. With the tenor bell weighing over 40 long hundredweights they are the heaviest ring of bells in the Southern Hemisphere, and the second heaviest ring of eight in the world.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Holy Trinity Church

4) Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church is an Anglican church on North Terrace. In terms of weekly attendance, Trinity is the largest Anglican church in South Australia. Holy Trinity Anglican Church is historically significant in that it contains elements of the earliest surviving Anglican church building in South Australia.

Governor Hindmarsh laid the foundation stone on 28 January 1838 and the church opened in about August that year. The building quickly became a landmark with its ‘peaked cap’ top tower and the Vulliamy clock . Trinity is part of the Adelaide Diocese and has an increasing number of locally trained staff, particularly trainees through the Ministry Training Strategy and students of the Bible College of South Australia.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral

5) St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral

St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral. Construction of the building began in 1856. It was consecrated two years later, but it was not fully completed until 1996. The Early English, Gothic Revival style cathedral has had a series of architects over the years. These include original architect Richard Lambeth, followed by Charles Hansom, Peter Paul Pugin and finally Lynton Jury.

The last component of the cathedral was the bell tower. Though construction of the tower started in the 1800s, it took 109 years for it to reach its final height. The main bell is the Murphy Bell of 1867, which is surrounded by 13 bells. Seven of the 13 accompanying bells once hung in Sydney's St. Mary's Cathedral.

Those visiting St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral should note some of the church's special features. These include bronze statues of Joseph and Jesus, a statue of St. Patrick and a statue of St. John the Baptist, which was created in Tuscany in 1925. The cathedral also features stained glass lancet windows with images of St. Patrick, St. Lawrence, Mary and Jesus.

The cathedral has a daily mass at 5:45 PM. It is open throughout the day for those who would like to visit.
Central Islamic Mosque

6) Central Islamic Mosque

Islam has been accepted in Australia since 1860. Built in 1888, the Central Islamic Mosque is the oldest mosque in Adelaide. It has four minarets from 1903, which have been rebuilt since then. Part of Australian heritage, this building is protected by the government.
St. Nicholas Church

7) St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church, located in the southern part of Adelaide, is one of the few Russian Orthodox churches in the city. Built in the mid-20th century, it has unforgettable Russian architecture, with a white exterior symbolizing purity. This church often hosts traditional wedding ceremonies.

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