Berlin Food Walking Tour, Berlin

Berlin Food Walking Tour (Self Guided), Berlin

While Berlin may not be considered a typical foodie destination yet, recent years saw a growing number of decent places to eat, serving both German and international cuisine. At some point, the city has even earned itself the title of a vegetarian capital of the world, contrary to what one may have expected. Amid all this renaissance in creativity and culture, coupled with the influx of the multicultural youth, the food scene of Berlin has become diverse and surprisingly delicious.

This self-guided walk takes you to explore the area lovingly referred to by locals as Kreuzberg – replete with bars and cheap eateries, renowned for their tasty and affordable treats. No wonder it has proven to be a mecca for foodies constantly on the lookout for real hotspots, away from tourist traps.

You may have always heard that ‘currywurst’ is the Berlin specialty and it is, but the kebap in this area is something else entirely as well, so start your exploration by sampling both – at Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap and Curry 36, respectively. Nearby is one of Berlin’s best craft beer spots, with great outdoor and indoor seating areas.

Round the corner on Bergmannstrasse you can eat food from all over the world – from German and American to Mediterranean (Turkish, Greek), Mid-Eastern, Pan Asian (Indian, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Tibetan, Japanese), Colombian and other cuisines. Stop by ‘G wie Goulasch’ for some perfect goulash in a really big portions or the fresh Indochine-style meat and vegan dishes at the Umami X-berg restaurant. Then, round out your foodie journey with a trip to the strategically placed Marheineke Market so you can safely say you’ve tried a little bit of everything.

If you have an adventurous palate and are keen to try a wide range of delicious things, follow this self-guided walking tour to check out some of the best eating places around Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood!
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Berlin Food Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Berlin Food Walking Tour
Guide Location: Germany » Berlin (See other walking tours in Berlin)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.4 Km or 0.9 Miles
Author: clare
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Mehringdamm Street
  • Mustafa's Gemuse Kebap
  • Curry 36
  • Dolden Madel Braugasthaus
  • Bergmannstrasse / Bergmannkiez
  • G wie Goulasch
  • Umami X-Berg
  • Marheineke Market
Mehringdamm Street

1) Mehringdamm Street

Mehringdamm has solidified its presence on Berlin's contemporary culinary map, thanks in no small part to the legendary MUSTAFA'S kebab stall and CURRY 36, located a bit further down the street, renowned for serving some of the city's finest currywurst and fries.

Thankfully, there's a wealth of other food options to discover, starting with the intimate AMICI AMICI, offering Italian classics and Sicilian specialties. Alternatively, savor the superb Vietnamese cuisine at PHANTASIA, where countless vegetarian and vegan options await.

Just off Mehringdamm, at the intersection with Hagelberger Street, you'll find VANILLE & MARILLE (open from mid-March to mid-October), serving house-made ice cream crafted from natural ingredients and with a great choice of flavors, including rotating vegan varieties like sorbet and several soy milk-based options. Right next door, BELLE ALLIANCE provides a complete late-night dining experience, featuring both outdoor and indoor seating and an exceptionally creative international menu.

If you're in search of some of the city's finest coffee and homemade bagels, look no further than BAGEL, COFFEE & CULTURE, or if you'd rather have the seating positioned for people watching just like in French cafes, the BLINIS ESPRESSOLOUNGE is a really cool place to enjoy a weekend coffee or a lunch.
Mustafa's Gemuse Kebap

2) Mustafa's Gemuse Kebap

Needless to say that no visit to Berlin is complete without a bite of the ubiquitous döner kebab, a pita-based delight originating from the local Turkish diaspora. And when it comes to having the best of döners, Mustafa's twist on the traditional kebab with crispy grilled chicken skewers, a touch of soy sauce, roasted vegetables, cheese atop fresh greens, and a choice of three sauces (greens, garlic, spicy) is one of the safest bets. Worry not if you're a vegetarian; their veggie version is just as incredible, featuring the freshest roasted and raw ingredients paired with a tantalizing secret sauce to die for!

Be ready to queue up for a bit, though, as the place is perpetually busy, but you will find the wait all well justified. Also adding to the hype has been the recent collaboration between Mustafa's and the Italian denim brand Diesel, promoting a new collection of apparel with Diesel's and Mustafa's logos, showcased right in front of the kiosk. The rather unusual collaboration has surprised the international fashion industry and inadvertently heightened the cult status of this iconic kebab joint.

If faced with an overlong queue, consider visiting Rüyam Gemüse in the neighboring Schöneberg district, trumpeted as the next best döner place in Berlin (seating area available).
Curry 36

3) Curry 36

It may feel somewhat touristy, but Curry 36 has been an initiation point for many first-time visitors to Berlin, introducing them to the currywurst culture that's so ingrained in the city's culinary identity. This reputation extends even to international celebrities like Tom Hanks, who ventured to explore what all the buzz was about. However, perhaps more tellingly, it's cherished by local taxi drivers who have a discerning taste for quality curry sausages. These night owls, among others, frequent Curry 36 to recharge during their late-night shifts, relishing each savory bite. So, whenever you fancy an authentic Berlin-made sausage, simply follow their lead!

Service is generally friendly, but the pace at the window can be brisk, so it's a good idea to have your order in mind while waiting in line (even with big queues, the wait time is reasonable). Surprisingly, it is actually possible to enjoy three currywurst variations at this chain: classic, organic (skinless and smoother), or even a completely vegan option. Given the unanimous verdict that all three are equally delicious, there's no excuse not to sample this Berlin classic.

Embrace the local experience by ordering your sausage with a generous portion of crispy fries served "rot-weiss" style (with red curry ketchup and mayonnaise). If you're not a mayo enthusiast, be sure to specify your preference in advance!
Dolden Madel Braugasthaus

4) Dolden Madel Braugasthaus

A great rustic-looking pub with an interesting industrial decorative scheme, including a cool island-style serving bar and ample seating options spread throughout (truly some of the best indoors/outdoors seating in Berlin!), Dolden Mädel has a fun, open and bright ambiance, making it an ideal spot for socializing and conversations.

It helps that the beer selection is fantastic, with around twenty choices on tap (local brews, as well as some gems from BRLO or Belgian classics), plus 80 more on the menu – and the food is great: delicious steaks and burgers (some vegetarian), and a nice selection of German dishes. If you're more thirsty than hungry, consider ordering the tasting board, which includes five selected 0.2-liter beers (at a good price) and just chill out in comfort while taking in a wonderful atmosphere. During the summer months, the beer garden truly comes alive, accommodating over 80 patrons.

It's advisable to make a reservation to secure a table, especially during busy times.
Bergmannstrasse / Bergmannkiez

5) Bergmannstrasse / Bergmannkiez

Kreuzberg can be informally divided between its edgy and trendy eastern side and its more upscale western counterpart. On the western side, entire blocks of 19th-century houses have undergone restoration, and the neighborhood's central street, Bergmannstrasse, has experienced a rejuvenation. This pedestrian-friendly street is adorned with vintage streetlamps, offering a vibrant mix of independent shops, art galleries, cafes, and restaurants serving a diverse range of cuisines, including American, German, Mediterranean (Turkish, Greek), Middle Eastern, Pan Asian (Indian, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Tibetan, Japanese), Colombian, and more.

Marheineke Markthalle, a popular covered market, has also been revitalized, featuring not only fresh produce but also cafes, delis, and occasional exhibitions. Unlike some other parts of Kreuzberg, like Oranienstrasse, which attract tourists and hipsters with budget-friendly dining options, Bergmannkiez, with its enticing and reasonably priced eateries such as Felix Austria, Fratelli La Bionda, Sarod's Thai, Molinari & Ko, Sushi Cube, Maselli Ristorante, and others, draws true food enthusiasts. If you're an adventurous eater, this neighborhood is a must-visit, offering opportunities to park yourself at a local bar or deli and watch the crows pass by.

Just a short distance from the street lies the charming Chamissoplatz, which hosts a popular organic farmers' market on Saturday mornings. To the west, the street leads to Viktoriapark, one of the main parks in the area, offering a peaceful green escape.
G wie Goulasch

6) G wie Goulasch

This charming little restaurant tucked away on a peaceful corner of Chamissoplatz Square (just one street away from Bergmannstrasse, which packs most of the neighborhood's eateries) offers a unique dining experience that takes you away from the noise and tourist crowds. The menu is concise, with dishes prepared fresh each day, including a simple appetizer soup, a salad, a variety of goulash options (including a vegetarian choice), a cheese platter, and a dessert. Admittedly, it would be difficult to offer more from the minuscule kitchen!

This is decidedly a one-man-show, with the welcoming owner serving as the host, chef, bartender, and dishwasher all in one! Although very simple, let is be said that the food is well-prepared, hearty, and authentic: a very succulent goulash served with excellent dumplings. Seasonal vegetarian and gluten-free options are available on the menu, complemented by a well-curated wine and beer selection.

With limited seating for approximately 20 guests, it's advisable to make a reservation to secure a table; however, if you happen to drop by without prior arrangements, you can try your luck, as pre-booking is not mandatory. The aromas that greet you upon entry are an indicator of the dining experience to come!
Umami X-Berg

7) Umami X-Berg

As you stroll along Bergmannstrasse, you'll find a plethora of restaurants, but what truly catches your attention and beckons you to pause is Umami's large pavement terrace with distinctive branded lampshades suspended under a canopy. Being one of Berlin's top-rated Asian-style eateries, it's also one of the busiest, yet you'll be pleasantly surprised by the swift, efficient, and friendly service. The team at Umami is passionate about their craft, and this dedication is palpable in the restaurant's ambiance, aesthetics, and the quality of its cuisine.

The menu offers a good range of Indochine-style meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as a tasty selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The star of the show is the Shaolin Bowl: impeccably prepared, wok-tossed seitan and tofu, marinated with flavorful vegetables, served alongside fragrant jasmine rice—a perfect pairing with a pint of Tiger beer. Other crowd-pleasers include the Angry Calamari (tender squid, sautéed veggies, and rice, served piping hot in a clay pot), the salmon in a pot (also known as the Fish Pot), the Pho Love (available with beef, chicken, or meat substitutes), and a variety of scrumptious desserts like sticky wild rice with mango and coconut.

Portions are generous, brimming with authentic ingredients, and the prices are more than reasonable. The thoughtful menu caters to both German and English-speaking diners, with a dedicated section for vegetarian options.

If your craving strikes, consider making a reservation. However, even during peak hours, don't let a queue deter you, as the wait time is usually shorter than expected. On a side note, with food coming so fast, this may not be the best choice for a long evening.
Marheineke Market

8) Marheineke Market

Located on the vibrant and picturesque Marheinekeplatz, this covered market hall is a true emblem of Kreuzberg, much like the TV Tower is in Alexanderplatz. It has been a part of the neighborhood since as early as 1892 and maintains a relatively tranquil atmosphere during the weekdays, not overly geared towards tourists, primarily catering to the locals, seeing the most "action" on Saturday afternoons.

The extensive space, spanning up to 3,000 square meters, is jam-packed with nearly 50 different shops, including butchers, vegetable and fruit vendors, bakeries, fishmongers, and food kiosks. They exclusively offer fresh organic products and gourmet items from various corners of the world like China, Vietnam, France, Greece, Italy, Spain (don't miss Lola for delicious tapas!), Switzerland, and Arab countries. There's also an upstairs section featuring exclusively vegetarian stalls. Regardless of your culinary craving, you're likely to discover it here, generally at affordable prices.

Why You Should Visit:
Ideal destination for grocery shopping, breakfast, and lunch. Many of the stalls place a strong emphasis on organic and locally sourced products. You can also indulge in crêpes and tapas while enjoying regular art exhibitions and events. All in all, a must-stop for anyone interested in crafting their own Berlin food tour. On weekends, there's usually an added bonus of a flea market of sorts in the courtyard.

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