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CBD Street Art Walk (Self Guided), Melbourne

Melbourne's central business district may well be an important and busy financial center that drives the region’s economy, but it is also alive with colorful and imaginative street art. On roads such as Flinders Lane, Hosier Lane, and Union Lane you will see the gorgeous creative outpourings of some hugely talented artists who have decorated sidewalks and walls with stencils, murals and paste-ups. So original and colorful is the art that Melbourne is known as one of the world's great street art capitals. Many of the works are at approved outdoor locations were artists have been given free rein to let their creative juices flow. Other places have not received such official sanction. Some of the works are bound to take your breath away with their style, form and uniqueness.

A stroll through the area is like going on something of a magical mystery tour, because you never know what fantastic spectacle you may see around the next corner. Make sure you bring your camera with you and be prepared to linger a while over some of the dazzling images. And being street art, one of the best things is that it is always changing, with artists ever willing to break new boundaries in the search for originality.
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CBD Street Art Walk Map

Guide Name: CBD Street Art Walk
Guide Location: Australia » Melbourne
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 1.3 Km or 0.8 Miles
Author: naomi

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