Deira Shopping Walk, Dubai

Deira Shopping Walk (Self Guided), Dubai

Deira has been a Dubai commercial hub for years, home to the city’s oldest souks and a warren of narrow streets lined with outdoor cafés and traditional shops. Souks are traditional markets and they can be found on both sides of Dubai Creek.

The liveliest and most colorful are on the Deira side, and a tour of the souk adjacent to Deira Abra station is particularly rewarding. This is the oldest market in Dubai. Wander through the exotically sounding Spice Market and breathe in the delicious aromas of frankincense, shisha and herbs. You can also buy textiles, rugs and household items from here.

Shop for traditional clothing at Naif Souq along Deira Street and visit Old Baladiya Street for its wholesalers selling sandals and the traditional headdress worn by Emirati men. Even if you do not want to purchase anything, Dubai's souks are worth a visit just for the exciting experience.

Dubai Gold Market, also known as the Gold Souk has to be seen to be believed. This is one of the principle reasons why many people visit the emirate. There are streets filled with jewelers and gold merchants, their windows showcasing glittering arrays of precious metals and jewels. None of the gold is less than 18 carat and it is priced according to weight. Haggle hard for bargains and pay with cash to ensure the biggest discounts.

This self-guided walking tour leads you through the liveliest markets in the Deira district.
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Deira Shopping Walk Map

Guide Name: Deira Shopping Walk
Guide Location: United Arab Emirates » Dubai (See other walking tours in Dubai)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 5
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.8 Km or 1.1 Miles
Author: alice
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Baniyas Square
  • Naif Souq (Naif Market)
  • Perfume Souk (Perfume Market)
  • Dubai Gold Souk (Dubai Gold Market)
  • Spice Souq (Spice Market)
Baniyas Square

1) Baniyas Square

Baniyas Square is a public square located in the central section of Deira district in the historic center of Dubai. Under the square, there is a rapid transit station with the same name on the Green Line of the Dubai Metro. The station is the closest station to the neighborhood of Naif and the eastern section of Al Sabkha.

Baniyas Square is a hot spot for shopping. The market and the Deira Tower nearby are filled with local art works, textile products, carpets and rugs. Here you can also find electronics, glassware and other goods. The area is beautiful, with the modern Deira Tower surrounded by more traditional structures.

The Deira area is Dubai's commercial hub and known for its old markets so Baniyas Square is an excellent starting spot for your shopping trip in Deira.
Naif Souq (Naif Market)

2) Naif Souq (Naif Market)

Naif Souq, or Naif Market, is one of the most popular places for shopping in Dubai because of its large selection of items. The souq was originally a camel market, and today has a reputation as a top location for bargain items, gifts, and souvenirs. Although the market is a busy place during all operating hours, the evening hours see a lot of activity that helps make the market area famous.

Visitors looking for authentic Arabic goods will find many great things to buy here. Henna, often used for hair coloring and body art in the Middle East, is abundant at this souq. Women in the market for abayas to wear in mosques or other religious sites will find an impressive selection.

Artisan products such as full-length dresses, textiles, and leather products are popular as souvenirs or gifts. This market is also an excellent place to shop for bargains on electronics.
Perfume Souk (Perfume Market)

3) Perfume Souk (Perfume Market)

The Perfume Souk is host to various perfumes that readily draw visitors who want to check out the enticing scents. The thousands of scents range from mild to potent, representing the many types of popular scents in Arabian life. These scents are also available as incense for easier sampling. The fragrance is available in wood, stick, powder, and crystal form. One of the advantages of having so many types of forms is that you can find scents that perfectly suit your needs.

Visitors also have the chance to allow perfumers to create custom scents based on their preferences and skin type. One of the best things about shopping in this market is that hundreds of sellers offer different fragrances. The fragrance makers are very knowledgeable about the ingredients used, including bakhoor and oud. Visitors to this market will learn more about how the elements that make these scents blend together.
Dubai Gold Souk (Dubai Gold Market)

4) Dubai Gold Souk (Dubai Gold Market) (must see)

If you want to take a present home from your visit to Dubai, or if you would like to treat yourself, go to the Dubai Gold Souk (also known as Deira Gold Souk) on Khalid Bin Waleed Road.

The souk is a traditional market with over 300 merchants who sell gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds and rubies. All of these are the genuine article, so you don’t need to be worried about being ripped off, as you could well be by the street sellers outside the market.

As you go through the huge double wooden gates at the entrance, it really is like finding yourself in Ali-Baba’s cavern! You will see one of the best and most extensive ranges of gold and jewelry in the world.

Each shop has a different display in its window and a master craftsman in each shop is on hand to personalize any item you wish to buy. You will find traditional or modern jewelry in green, red, pink, white or yellow gold, in platinum and occasionally in silver.

There are no price tags attached to the items and if you ask the price, it will seem expensive, but haggling is expected and you can bring the price down by half if you are good at bartering. Even if you are new to the game, just remember to keep a poker face and don’t worry about pretending to give up and turning away. If you don’t get what you want in one shop, you’ll find it in another and the merchants know this, so it’s a good ruse to bring the prices down.

Negotiate and get at least a 15-20% discount on making charges as gold price as per weight and quality is generally fixed.
Open throughout the year, the place particularly comes alive in the evenings when it shines and glitters everywhere.
Spice Souq (Spice Market)

5) Spice Souq (Spice Market)

The Spice Souk attracts anyone who enjoys the spices that make ordinary dishes great. The experience is unlike anything that you will find in a retail store, with the spices sold from large baskets. The array of scents and colors that you'll find at every turn will inspire you to try something new with whatever spices you decide to get.

In addition to local Arabian spices, the market is host to spices from different areas of the world. Indian spices are particularly well-represented, and people who like to experiment with spice in their cooking will find plenty of inspiration. The sellers are willing to offer advice on how to use the spices.

Spices are not the only cooking ingredients that you'll find in this market. Nuts and oils that are ingredients in many regional dishes are easy to find here. Another popular ingredient in regional dishes commonly found here is saffron.

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