Eden Park Walking Tour, Cincinnati

Eden Park Walking Tour (Self Guided), Cincinnati

Eden Park is undoubtedly the most popular park in Cincinnati, Ohio. This large outdoor area blends culture, history, and architecture in one stunning location. The park spans across lush greenery and scenic spots, making it a beloved retreat for locals and tourists alike. Apart from offering a tranquil escape amidst the urban bustle, Eden Park is also home to a number of famous city landmarks.

One such is the Elsinore Arch, an iconic structure that adds an air of grandeur to the park's entrance. As you venture deeper, you'll encounter cultural gems like the Cincinnati Art Museum, boasting one of the most extensive art collections in the Midwest – over 60,000 works! Nearby, the Murray Seasongood Pavilion hosts various events and gatherings, providing a vibrant hub for community engagement.

For theater aficionados, the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park offers captivating performances against the backdrop of nature's beauty. Mirror Lake offers serenity with its calm waters, inviting visitors to pause and reflect.

Presidential Grove stands as a tribute to past leaders, while the Krohn Conservatory showcases an array of exotic plants and floral wonders. And towering over it all is the majestic Eden Park Water Tower, a historic landmark that commands attention.

To experience the enchantment of Eden Park firsthand, take a leisurely stroll through its picturesque landscapes, immerse yourself in the cultural offerings, or simply bask in the tranquility of nature. So, why wait? Plan your visit today and discover the timeless allure of this urban oasis.
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Eden Park Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Eden Park Walking Tour
Guide Location: USA » Cincinnati (See other walking tours in Cincinnati)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.5 Km or 1.6 Miles
Author: Eveline
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Elsinore Arch
  • Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Murray Seasongood Pavilion
  • Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
  • Mirror Lake
  • Presidential Grove
  • Krohn Conservatory
  • Eden Park Water Tower
Elsinore Arch

1) Elsinore Arch

Elsinore Arch was listed as a historic structure in the National Register on March 3, 1980. The arch, at Gilbert Avenue and Elsinore Place, was constructed in 1883. That year, the Cincinnati Water Works wanted to extend its efficient water supply main tunnel 185 feet to the line at Gilbert Avenue. The main tunnel started at the reservoir in Eden Park. To control the flow of water at the base of the steep hill, a valve house was needed. What resulted is a Norman Romanesque Revival mini-castle. The structure consists of a cylindrical castellated tower joined to a smaller square tower by an archway.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Cincinnati Art Museum

2) Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the oldest art museums in the United States. Founded in 1881, it was the first purpose-built art museum west of the Alleghenies. Its collection of over 60,000 works make it one of the most comprehensive collections in the Midwest.

Museum founders debated locating the museum in either Burnett Woods, Eden Park, or downtown Cincinnati on Washington Square. Charles West, the major donor of the early museum, cast his votes in favor of Eden Park sealing its final location. The Romanesque-revival building designed by Cincinnati architect James W. McLaughlin opened in 1886.

In 2003, a major addition, The Cincinnati Wing was added to house a permanent exhibit of art created for Cincinnati or by Cincinnati artists since 1788. The Cincinnati Wing includes fifteen new galleries covering 18,000 square feet of well-appointed space, and 400 objects. The Odoardo Fantacchiotti angels are two of the largest pieces in the collection. The Cincinnati Wing also contains the work of Frank Duveneck, Rookwood Pottery, Robert Scott Duncanson Mitchell and Rammelsberg and a tall case clock by Luman Watson.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Murray Seasongood Pavilion

3) Murray Seasongood Pavilion

Murray Seasongood Pavilion is a performance venue for concerts, plays and a variety of other events. The pavilion is located in a prime location with a fine view of the Ohio River and the Kentucky hills. Seasongood Pavilion is a popular venue, and it hosts a variety of free musical programs for Cincinnati residents of all ages.
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

4) Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park was founded in 1959 by college student Gerald Covell and was one of the first regional theaters in the United States. Located in Eden Park, the first play that premiered at the Playhouse on October 10, 1960, was Meyer Levin's 'Compulsion'. The Playhouse has maintained a regional and national reputation in the theater community for bringing prominent plays to Cincinnati, as well as hosting national premieres such as Tennessee Williams' 'The Notebook of Trigorin' in 1996 and world premieres such as the Pulitzer Prize-nominated 'Coyote on a Fence' in 1998 and 'Ace' in 2006.

The Playhouse facility includes two theaters: the larger Robert S. Marx Theater and the smaller Thompson Theater. In addition to a full ten-month season of plays, the Playhouse also offers acting classes and programs for children.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Mirror Lake

5) Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is a reflection pool located at 950 Eden Park Drive. The pool includes a fountain that shoots water 60 feet into the air. The fountain was a gift from the Meacham family in 1987. The lake and the surrounding area is a hive of activity throughout the year, with people walking, sailing, skating, ice skating and enjoying outdoor performances.
Presidential Grove

6) Presidential Grove

Eden Park is home to five memorial tree groves, the largest of which is Presidential Grove. Presidential Grove was established in 1882 when the first oak in memory of President George Washington was planted. This tree memorial includes a tree dedicated to every president of the United States.
Krohn Conservatory

7) Krohn Conservatory (must see)

Krohn Conservatory was completed in 1933 and named in honor of Irwin M. Krohn who served on the Board of Park Commissioners. It contains more than 3,500 plant species from all over the world, grouped into the following collections: the Bonsai Collection (a collection of bonsai trees from the conservatory itself), the Desert Garden (succulents and cacti), the Floral Display (home to six seasonal floral shows), the Orchid Display (approximately 75 blooming orchids at any time), the Palm House and the Tropical House (a large variety of ferns).
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Eden Park Water Tower

8) Eden Park Water Tower

Eden Park Water Tower stands 172 feet tall and was completed in 1894. It was designed by Samuel Hannaford and was used as a water tower until 1912. Today it serves as a communication tower, and it stands prominently in Eden Park. In 1971, the tower was listed as an American Water Landmark.

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