Old Town Gift Shops, Salzburg

Old Town Gift Shops (Self Guided), Salzburg

Specialty shops make up an integral part of tourist life in Salzburg. The picturesque Old Town of Salzburg boasts a delightful array of gift shops, all within a pleasant walking distance, offering a diverse range of souvenirs and local treasures. Let's take a stroll through some of the notable establishments in this historic area.

We start at Kirchtag, a quaint gift shop known for its handcrafted umbrellas, including those custom-made and beautifully embroidered. They can be both practical for Salzburg's occasional rain showers and a stylish memento of your visit.

Our next stop is RF Azwanger, a boutique store that specializes in fine wines and gourmet delicacies. It's a perfect place to find a unique piece of something eatable to treat yourself or to bring home as a taste of Salzburg.

For the book lovers, Höllrigl Bookstore (Buchhandlung Höllrigl) is a true haven. This charming bookstore offers a broad selection of literature, making it an ideal spot to pick up a meaningful read.

The Confectionary Josef Holzermayr will satisfy your sweet tooth. Known for its delectable Mozart balls (Mozartkugeln) and other sweet treats, this shop lets you take home a taste of Salzburg's famous culinary delights.

Also, if chocolate is your weakness, don't miss Paul Reber & Co. This chocolate boutique is renowned for its mouthwatering confections, including the classic Mozart chocolate, making it a must-visit for chocolate enthusiasts.

At the same time, Kopfberger-Rainer is a charming store that offers a curated collection of intricately crafted wooden souvenirs. These exquisite pieces make for exceptional gifts or mementos of your visit to Salzburg.

Finally, Salzburger Heimatwerk is a store that showcases a wide range of traditional Austrian clothing and textiles. Here, you can explore a variety of garments, including dirndls and lederhosen, and take home an authentic piece of Salzburg's cultural heritage.

In Salzburg Old Town, these delightful gift shops offer you a chance to commemorate your visit to this enchanting Austrian city! So, don't wait! Take this self-guided walk and discover the perfect keepsake to remember your journey.
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Old Town Gift Shops Map

Guide Name: Old Town Gift Shops
Guide Location: Austria » Salzburg (See other walking tours in Salzburg)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 0.9 Km or 0.6 Miles
Author: julian
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Kirchtag
  • RF Azwanger
  • Buchhandlung Höllrigl (Höllrigl Bookstore)
  • The Confectionary Josef Holzermayr
  • Paul Reber & Co
  • Kopfberger-Rainer
  • Salzburger Heimatwerk

1) Kirchtag

Kirchtag Shop, established in 1903, specializes in crafting unique, handmade umbrellas of exceptional quality. For over a century, the Kirchtag family has maintained the tradition of masterful umbrella-making at their workshop located in the heart of Getreidegasse, a busy shopping street in the historic Altstadt of Salzburg.

Originally known as the "Alois Kirchtag Parasol & Umbrella Shop," the business opened at No. 50 Getreidegasse, later relocating to No. 45 before settling at their current address, No. 22 Getreidegasse, where the workshop and shop still operate.

The company's primary focus is producing top-notch, handcrafted umbrellas. Their exclusive product line includes the limited edition (200) Porsche Design umbrella. They also fulfill requests for custom-made umbrellas to match a specific tie, featuring golden bonnet embroidery or serving as wedding umbrellas.

Kirchtag Shop offers a diverse range of products, including garden umbrellas and sun shades for private households and restaurant gardens, leather goods, cases, bags, gloves, and walking sticks used as walking aids or stylish accessories for elegant outfits.
RF Azwanger

2) RF Azwanger

R.F. Azwanger is a renowned establishment that specializes in offering fine wines and delicatessen products. For over 350 years, customers have been captivated by their unique product selection and nostalgic atmosphere, making them famous beyond the limits of Salzburg city.

The business was founded in 1656 as a food and colonial goods trading company. It changed hands a few times until Raimund Felix Azwanger became an active specialty retailer from 1770 to 1804, and the company was named after him. In 1919, Paul Kopp took over ownership, and the business remained in the Kopp family for four generations.

Today, R.F. Azwanger is the oldest delicatessen in Salzburg, with a selection of more than 5000 items that include domestic and international wines, spirits, sparkling wines, champagne, Austrian chocolates, jams, vinegar, oils, coffees, and deli products from France, Italy, and Spain.

Beyond the vast product selection, customers are also drawn to the shop's unique atmosphere, complete with cross-vaulted ceilings, old-fashioned shelves, and red Adnet marble steps, creating an adorable and nostalgic ambiance.
Buchhandlung Höllrigl (Höllrigl Bookstore)

3) Buchhandlung Höllrigl (Höllrigl Bookstore)

Located in the historic Ritzerbogenhaus building in Salzburg's Old Town, the Höllrigl Bookstore is Austria's oldest and the second oldest in the German-speaking world. Originally founded by Konrad Kürner in 1598, the store changed hands multiple times and was subsequently renamed. Despite this, it has managed to maintain its enchanting character and remains a haven for book lovers. The store features a painting of Archbishop Wolf Dietrich and his coat of arms, as well as his image on the price tags.

The bookstore offers an impressive selection of books, with a strong emphasis on Salzburg-related titles, and provides valuable recommendations to university students in the area. There is a dedicated room for travel literature, as well as a variety of other genres such as science, gardening, music, health, and art. Additionally, the store offers a wide range of audiobooks, children's and youth literature, and English-language books. A unique feature of the bookstore is the "Höllrigl Restseller" branch next door, which provides an extensive selection of special offers.
The Confectionary Josef Holzermayr

4) The Confectionary Josef Holzermayr

Josef Holzermayr began producing the Real Salzburg Mozart Ball (Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel), a chocolate delicacy wrapped in silver foil to honor the musical genius of the city of Salzburg. The product was sold in the Confiserie on Alter Markt since 1913 and has now become a globally exclusive gift.

Holzermayr is a family-run business in its fifth generation that specializes in confectionery and chocolate. They are known for their passion in creating pralines and chocolates, which are always freshly made. The company began in 1865 when Josef Holzermayr, the eldest son of the family, worked as a journeyman in a gingerbread and wax maker workshop. He later acquired a property in Werfen, where he began selling his confectionery specialties at church fairs and farmers’ markets.

Josef Holzermayr opened a small shop in Salzburg where his son Rudolf took over and served the Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel alongside cocoa and cake. The little delicacy was made of the finest nougat covered with pistachio, marzipan, and dark chocolate, and wrapped in Holzermayr's silver foil, just as it is today.
Paul Reber & Co

5) Paul Reber & Co

Paul Reber & Co is a renowned confectionery and pastry shop in Salzburg. Founded by Paul Reber, the shop has a rich history of producing high-quality sweets and treats that have earned it a loyal following among locals and tourists alike.

Peter Reber, a master confectioner, founded the first Reber confectionery and pastry café in Munich in 1865. His homemade treats quickly became popular, and the café became a beloved gathering spot for the city's residents. In 1938, the Reber family moved their main café to the center of Bad Reichenhall, where the company's headquarters remain today. Around 200,000 guests visit Café Reber in Bad Reichenhall and the store in Salzburg each year to enjoy the exquisite confectionary in a unique setting.

The Salzburg store is the exclusive location for the renowned "Florentines," made with a secret Reber recipe, as well as freshly made Reber pralines by the in-house confectioners. The store offers a one-of-a-kind experience where visitors can find the entire range of Reber products.

Paul Reber & Co is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth visiting Salzburg. Its rich history, dedication to quality, and delicious treats make it a true gem in the city's culinary scene.

6) Kopfberger-Rainer

Visitors to Kopfberger are greeted by an angel playing the flute. This traditional Alpine woodcarving shop, located on Judengasse in Salzburg's Old Town, has been offering a wide range of woodcarvings, Christmas decorations, and cuckoo clocks for over 50 years. With reasonable prices and an excellent selection, a visit to this establishment is sure to be worthwhile.

Woodcarvings are the main focus of Kopfberger's product selection, but the shop also boasts a vibrant regional crèche tradition. Visitors can purchase individual pieces, including decorative non-religious sculptures, angels, saints, madonnas, artistically crafted crosses, and a variety of accessories. Additionally, original keychain pendants and custom-designed wooden timepieces are available.
Salzburger Heimatwerk

7) Salzburger Heimatwerk

The Salzburger Heimatwerk is located in the New Residenz, which is now also home to the Salzburg Museum. The organization's primary objective is to preserve and promote the folk culture of the region.

Nestled beneath the historic vaults of the New Residenz, the Salzburger Heimatwerk has been operating since 1946. As a cultural organizer and commercial enterprise, the Heimatwerk is committed to promoting regional folk culture, specifically by preserving, nurturing, and advancing traditions related to regional costumes, customs, and handicrafts.

Upon entering the bright and welcoming rooms, guests are greeted by knowledgeable consultants dressed in the traditional Salzburg Dirndl. The Heimatwerk offers a diverse array of high-quality fabrics, elegant traditional costumes, regional handicrafts, exclusive home décor, unique gift ideas, and bespoke clothing from their in-house tailoring shop.

Their tailoring and dressmaking workshop is renowned for producing top-quality handmade dirndls and traditional costumes that blend both tradition and modern design. Customers can choose from a selection of the finest hand-woven and hand-printed fabrics, silk, coarse linen, exquisite designer products, and leather clothing.

Visitors should also take advantage of the temporary special exhibitions in the historic cellar vaults, which are always worth a visit. Additionally, the Salzburger Heimatwerk organizes the Salzburg Advent Singing (Salzburg Adventsingen) in the Large Festival Hall, one of the most well-known traditional cultural events in the entire Alpine region.

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