New Holland Island Walk, St. Petersburg

New Holland Island Walk (Self Guided), St. Petersburg

The Moika River encompasses one of the most intriguing areas in St. Petersburg. This small river encircles a central portion of the city, known as the island of New Holland. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1719, not long after construction of St. Petersburg had started.

It housed buildings that served a number of purposes, including a facility for shipbuilders, warehouses, a laboratory and even a naval prison. The triangular-shaped island and the riverbank are wonderful escapes from the busy city, and many people come here to hike among picturesque scenery.

Stroll along the embankment and be sure to bring your camera with you to capture stunning scenes. There are 15 bridges over to the island which is filled with old warehouses. Currently, there are plans to redevelop the whole site, and this will include museums and exhibition halls inside the old buildings.

One of the best times to be in the locale is in the summer for the Summer on New Holland program. During this time the island is transformed into a cultural haven, with public art exhibitions, cafés, lectures, parties and open-air markets. There also athletics fields, volleyball courts, children’s play areas, concerts and DJ sets. With so much to see and do, you will have to keep coming back to enjoy new experiences each day.
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New Holland Island Walk Map

Guide Name: New Holland Island Walk
Guide Location: Russia » St. Petersburg
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 2.2 Km or 1.4 Miles
Author: vickyc
Lesgaft National State University

1) Lesgaft National State University

Moika River Embankment

3) Moika River Embankment

2/114 Pisareva Street, Architect Shreter's Residence

4) 2/114 Pisareva Street, Architect Shreter's Residence

Moika River Embankment

5) Moika River Embankment

Admiralteysky Channel Embankment

6) Admiralteysky Channel Embankment

New Holland Island

7) New Holland Island

3 Truda Square

8) 3 Truda Square

Moika River Embankment

9) Moika River Embankment

Krasnoflotskiy Bridge

10) Krasnoflotskiy Bridge

Moika River Embankment, Yusupov Palace

12) Moika River Embankment, Yusupov Palace

Moika River Embankment, Postal Workers House of Culture

13) Moika River Embankment, Postal Workers House of Culture

Fonarnyi Bridge

15) Fonarnyi Bridge

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