City Orientation Walk, Cologne

Straddling the river Rhine, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and a major European metropolis and cultural center. The latter is manifested in the richness of impressive architecture and fine museums found in the city. When in Cologne, make sure to explore the city's most popular places of interest with the help of this orientation walk!
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City Orientation Walk Map

Guide Name: City Orientation Walk
Guide Location: Germany » Cologne (See other walking tours in Cologne)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 14
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.2 km
Author: audrey
Historic Town Hall

1) Historic Town Hall (must see)

The town hall in Cologne was constructed by Wilhelm Vernukken between 1569 and 1573. He was a well-known master builder. This building is also referred to as loggia and is a standing example of a typical Renaissance era construction. Originally, the function of loggia was to act as a link between the citizens and the city council. Even today, in many aspects, it functions in the same manner. Previously, latest rulings used to be informed to the citizens during the morning address at the loggia....   view more
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Wallraf-Richartz Museum

2) Wallraf-Richartz Museum (must see)

The Wallraf-Richartz Museum is one of the three major museums in Cologne, Germany. It houses an art gallery with a collection of fine art from the medieval period to the early twentieth century. Part of its collection was used for the establishment of Museum Ludwig in 1976. The Madonna in the Rose Bower, is among the Gothic paintings in the collection of the Wallraf-Richartz Museum. It was created by Stefan Lochner, who lived between 1410 and 1451 in Germany, mainly working in Cologne. Jacob van...   view more
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Farina Fragrance Museum

3) Farina Fragrance Museum (must see)

One of the popular tourist attractions in Cologne is the Fragrance Museum and Shop. This shop is across the City Hall and close to the Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Founded in 1709 by John Maria Farina to provide visitors with an insight into the art of producing perfumes, the museum is the eldest fragrance factory still standing and houses the registered office since 1723. Here you will see how perfume is produced using different methods. Over several floors, the museum provides a very detailed...   view more
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Schnütgen Museum

4) Schnütgen Museum (must see)

Schnutgen Museum brings to the present the strident, colorful, vibrant and romantic Middle Ages. Middle Age is all about magnificence, grandeur, contemplation, religion and spirituality. All these aspects of the age are revealed expertly at the Schnutgen Museum. Though the museum is devoted to Christian religious art, mainly medieval, some parts of the collection, such as its textiles and prints, extend from antiquity to the modern period. In 1906, the collection of Alexander Schnütgen was...   view more
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St. Apostles Basilica

5) St. Apostles Basilica

The Basilica of the Holy Apostles (Basilika St. Aposteln) is one of the 12 Romanesque churches in the Old Town of Cologne, located near Innenstadt's busy Neumarkt. The former collegiate church is dedicated to the twelve Apostles. The church has a basilical plan of nave and aisles, and like Groß St. Martin and St. Maria im Kapitol, has three apses at the east end making a trefoil plan. The basilica is impressive by its "triconch choir" and three towers integrated into it. One of...   view more
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Hahnen Gate (Hahnentorburg)

6) Hahnen Gate (Hahnentorburg) (must see)

You can enter the city of Cologne through 12 gates and the Hahnen Gate, or 'Hahnentorburg' is the most popular among them. It was through this gate that the German Kings arrived in this city after their coronation in Aachen. They paid a visit to the Cologne Cathedral and prayed at the Three Magi shrine. Construction of this gate spanned five years between 1235 and 1240. The land surrounding the gate was owned by a citizen Hageno and the gate was probably named after him. Over a period...   view more
Cologne City Museum

7) Cologne City Museum (must see)

Cologne City Museum ('Kölnisches Stadtmuseum') is the place to visit if you want to know what Cologne is all about. Here you will find this city’s history, details of lifestyle and all about the people who lived here right from the Middle-Ages. There are knight armors, small-scale town models and Otto engines that tell vivid stories that depict the very essence of this city. Also known as the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, it was founded in 1888 and shifted in 1958 to Zeughaus, the...   view more
St. Andreas Church

8) St. Andreas Church (must see)

St. Andrew's Church (German: St. Andreas) is one of twelve churches built in Cologne in that period. Archbishop Gero consecrated the church in 974, dedicating it to St. Andrew, although an earlier church at the site was dedicated to St. Matthew. In the 12th century, the church was rebuilt in the Romanesque style and was probably completed after the great fire of Cologne in 1220. This church also features a number of attractive middle age sculptures, paintings, and murals. In the crypt of...   view more
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Street Singers (Straßenkünstler)

9) Street Singers (Straßenkünstler)

This is one of the historic characters in the Cathedral Square. It represents a duo of medieval street performers that once walked the streets of Cologne. Street musicians are still commonplace in Cologne, but they represent a modern...   view more
Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

10) Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) (must see)

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom, officially 'Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria') is a Roman Catholic church in Cologne, Germany. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne, and is under the administration of the archdiocese of Cologne. It is renowned as a monument of Christianity, of German Catholicism in particular, of Gothic architecture and of the continuing faith and perseverance of the people of the city in which it stands. It is dedicated to Saint Peter and the Blessed Virgin...   view more
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Cathedral Square Floor Paintings

11) Cathedral Square Floor Paintings

The Cathedral [Dom] Square attracts professional artists who come here to draw pictures on the pavement. Among the floor paintings the most noticeable are the portrait of German composer Ludwig van Beethoven and a replica of the world famous Mona...   view more
Museum Ludwig

12) Museum Ludwig (must see)

The popular Museum Ludwig in Cologne was established following a contract signed by Mrs. And Mr. Ludwig on 5th February 1976 donating their art collection to the city of Cologne. Irene and Peter Ludwig, through this contract, agreed to hand over 350 modern artworks from their extensive collection. Located at the building on Bischofsgartenstrasse, Museum Ludwig features a range of contemporary art pieces that reflect the essence of twentieth-century approach. It includes works from Pop Art,...   view more
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Hohenzollern Bridge

13) Hohenzollern Bridge (must see)

Hohenzollern Bridge is one of the eight bridges on this river and is an iconic structure. The bridge was constructed between 1907 and 1911 over the river Rhine after the old bridge, the Cathedral Bridge ('Dombrücke'), was demolished. It was named after the House of Hohenzollern. This three humped bridge survived the onslaught from Allied bombers during World War II. When the allies invaded Germany, the bridge was blown up by the Germans as a block to slow down the advance of the...   view more
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Hohe Strasse

14) Hohe Strasse

Cologne is a city packed with exciting shopping areas catering to a variety of shoppers from across the world. One of the big shopping streets in this city is Hohe Strasse. Since the year 1963, this pedestrianized street has been closed to traffic.

Right from the time of the Romans when Cologne was a large village, Hohe Strasse served as a stop for people on their way to Xanten from Rome. This street can therefore be considered to be a historical path.

Hohe Strasse is a shopping...   view more

Walking Tours in Cologne, Germany

Create Your Own Walk in Cologne

Create Your Own Walk in Cologne

Creating your own self-guided walk in Cologne is easy and fun. Choose the city attractions that you want to see and a walk route map will be created just for you. You can even set your hotel as the start point of the walk.
Architectural Landmarks in Cologne

Architectural Landmarks in Cologne

Cologne boasts Gothic, Neo-Romanesque and modernist architecture, such as the Cologne Cathedral, the 12 Neo-Romanesque Churches and some new glass and steel architectural splendors. The city has also some impressive remains that weren't destroyed during the war. Follow this tour to admire Cologne's best examples of architecture.

Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.8 km
Rodenkirchen Walk in Cologne

Rodenkirchen Walk in Cologne

Rodenkirchen is the southern city district of Cologne. The district is known for its bridge, the impressive St. Maternus church and the two green parks which make Rodenkirchen an important district. Rodenkirchen offers you the opportunity to taste a bit of Cologne's food and culture, by visiting the famous Zum Treppchen and the Youth Kammeroper. Take this tour to find out more about Cologne's distinctive district, Rodenkirchen.

Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.0 km
Nightlife in Innenstadt-Sud

Nightlife in Innenstadt-Sud

Known as a city for students, Cologne is home to a large number of clubs. The colorful nightlife scene consists of different types of clubs, including nightclubs, lounges, and live concert clubs. Take this tour to experience the rhythm of Cologne's nightlife.

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.8 km
The Churches of Cologne

The Churches of Cologne

For centuries, Cologne has been regarded as a very important religious center. The Cologne Cathedral is renowned as a symbol of Christianity and is part of the estimated 30 or so churches located in this German Catholic city.

Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.3 km
Shopping Tour of Cologne

Shopping Tour of Cologne

Cologne is a remarkable city, with a traditional profile combining German and French elements. This tour is to help you shop for some truly good items, starting with delicious chocolates and biscuits to a wide selection of exclusive souvenirs for friends and family.

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.3 km
The Museums of Cologne

The Museums of Cologne

Cologne is an important city in Germany with French influence that makes it a major cultural center in the entire Central Europe. It is the home of more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. Exhibitions vary from ancient Roman archaeology to modern graphics and sculpture.

Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.6 km