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Baltimore Historic Landmarks Walking Tour (Self Guided), Baltimore

Baltimore has many great landmarks that reflect the city’s interesting and rich history. Many of these monuments are related to war due to Baltimore's key role in the War of 1812. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the U.S.S. Constellation or admire amazing horse sculptures at the War Memorial.
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Baltimore Historic Landmarks Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Baltimore Historic Landmarks Walking Tour
Guide Location: USA » Baltimore (See other walking tours in Baltimore)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.2 Km or 1.4 Miles
Author: rose
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • U.S.S. Constellation
  • Holocaust Memorial and Sculpture
  • War Memorial
  • Phoenix Shot Tower
  • Star Spangled Banner Flag House
  • USCGC Taney
  • Seven Foot Knoll Light
U.S.S. Constellation

1) U.S.S. Constellation (must see)

The U.S.S. Constellation is one Baltimore's must see attractions. Commissioned in 1855, it was the last all-sail ship made by the United States. Visitors are welcome to climb aboard and find out the ship’s history, from Civil War participation to its role in disrupting the slave trade. Located in the Inner Harbor since 1999, it's open to visitors daily.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Holocaust Memorial and Sculpture

2) Holocaust Memorial and Sculpture

The Holocaust Memorial and Sculpture is located near the Inner Harbor. This work by sculptor Joseph Sheppard was erected in memory of the six million Jews who were murdered by Nazis during World War II. Open daily with free admission.
War Memorial

3) War Memorial

The War Memorial is situated near City Hall. At the entrance you'll find amazing horse sculptures created by Edmond R. Amateis. It is said they symbolize America crossing the ocean to help the Allies. First erected in memory of those who died during World War I, today the memorial stands as a testament to all Marylanders who died in war throughout history.
Phoenix Shot Tower

4) Phoenix Shot Tower

The Phoenix Shot Tower, also known as the Old Baltimore Shot Tower, is a red brick shot tower, 234.25 feet (71.40 m) tall, located near the downtown and Little Italy areas of Baltimore. When it was completed in 1828 it was the tallest structure in the United States. The tower was originally known as the Phoenix Shot Tower, then the Merchants' Shot Tower, and now is called the Old Baltimore Shot Tower. It was designated a National Historic Landmark on November 11, 1971.

The tower was built by Jacob Wolfe using bricks manufactured by the Burns and Russell Co. of Baltimore. The circular brick structure's walls are 4.5 feet (1.4 m) thick from the bottom to about 50 feet (15 m) up; then they narrow in stages of 4 inches (10 cm) each, until at the top the thickness is 21 inches (53 cm).
Sight description based on wikipedia
Star Spangled Banner Flag House

5) Star Spangled Banner Flag House

The Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, formerly the Flag House & Star-Spangled Banner Museum is a museum located in the Little Italy section of Baltimore.

Built in 1793, it was the home of Mary Pickersgill when she moved to Baltimore in 1806 and the location where she sewed the "Star Spangled Banner," the garrison flag that flew over Fort McHenry in the summer of 1814 during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. The museum contains furniture and antiques from the period as well as items from the Pickersgill family. A 12,600-square-foot (1,170 m2) museum was constructed next to Pickersgill's house. It has exhibits on the War of 1812 and the Battle of Baltimore.

Operation hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm.
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6) USCGC Taney (must see)

Built in 1935, the USCGC Taney served in World War II, Vietnam and Korea. This navy vessel was named after Roger B. Taney, the twelfth Attorney General. Decommissioned in 1986 and transported to Baltimore, it now serves as a floating museum.
Seven Foot Knoll Light

7) Seven Foot Knoll Light (must see)

The Seven Foot Knoll Light was built in 1855 and is the oldest screw-pile lighthouse in Maryland. It was initially installed on a shallow shoal, Seven Foot Knoll, at the mouth of the Patapsco River.

Constructed of 1-inch (25 mm) rolled iron, the lighthouse consists of three main sections. The gallery deck was located 9 feet (2.7 m) above the average high tide waters. The house was the second section, sitting directly atop the gallery deck. This is where the keeper and his family would live. Atop the housing area was the third section of the lighthouse, the light beacon. A 4th order Fresnel lens was housed in the small light compartment. It was visible for 12 miles (19 km).

In 1997 the lighthouse was transferred to the Baltimore Maritime Museum where it is located today. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 22, 1989. The lighthouse is a contributing element in the Baltimore National Heritage Area.

"(The above description is based on Wikipedia under Creative Common License)"
Sight description based on wikipedia

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