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Places of Worship in Rotterdam (Self Guided), Rotterdam

The historic center of Rotterdam was bombed in May 1940, and almost all of the churches in the area were damaged. Lamentably, numerous significant churches have had to be pulled down. Since then, the downtown area has been rebuilt in a Functionalist style, and some modern churches have been erected. Check out our tour for the key places of worship to see in Rotterdam.
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Places of Worship in Rotterdam Map

Guide Name: Places of Worship in Rotterdam
Guide Location: Netherlands » Rotterdam (See other walking tours in Rotterdam)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.4 Km or 2.7 Miles
Author: valery
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Noorse Kerk
  • Greek-Orthodox Church Agios Nikólaos
  • Wallonian Church
  • Scots International Church
  • Roman Catholic Eendrachtskerk
  • Remonstrant Church
  • Rotterdam neo-Baroque Paradijskerk
  • The H.H. Laurentius en Elisabeth
  • Roman Catholic St. Willibrordus
Noorse Kerk

1) Noorse Kerk

Noorse Kerk is the largest wooden building in the Netherlands. Designed by a team of local and Norwegian architects, it was inspired by Norwegian countryside churches from the 16th and 17th centuries. Among a number of intricate wooden carvings at the church you will recognize Christ and his disciples as well as several plants and animals.
Greek-Orthodox Church Agios Nikólaos

2) Greek-Orthodox Church Agios Nikólaos

The Greek-Orthodox Church Agios Nikólaos is a well known rural community church in Rotterdam. Built in 1954, it was designed in a traditional style with Byzantine influences. The church's exterior walls feature limestone and other features salvaged from olden buildings. Today the church provides services as well as Greek weddings on the weekends.
Wallonian Church

3) Wallonian Church

The Wallonian church dates back to the 1920s. Located in the city center, it is surrounded by many other places of worship. The church has a traditional style and yet features some quite innovative aspects for a church - expect to find some quite peculiar things inside.
Scots International Church

4) Scots International Church

The Scots International Church is located in Rotterdam. An English-language Protestant church in the Presbyterian tradition, it is part of the Church of Scotland, within the Church's Presbytery of Europe. The church was first built in 1643 for the many Scottish merchants, sailors and soldiers who lived in Rotterdam, and was built on behalf of the city. The first Scottish minister was Alexander Petrie, who traveled from Perth in Scotland to take up his position. In 1722 the church was extended with a special almshouse for widows and orphans of fallen Scots soldiers. The 17th-century church was destroyed in the 1940 bombing of Rotterdam. The current building in the Schiedamsevest dates from 1952 and was designed by MCA Meischke.
Roman Catholic Eendrachtskerk

5) Roman Catholic Eendrachtskerk

The Roman Catholic Eendrachtskerk is one of the oldest churches in Rotterdam, dating back to 1868. It was designed in a neo-romanesque style by Belgian architect F. Laureys, with round arches, hemispherical curves on the windows, and belt courses. Officially it is named H.H. Laurentius en Ignatius.
Remonstrant Church

6) Remonstrant Church

The Remonstrant Church is a Scottish church that has been in Rotterdam since the 17th Century, and which retains a small but dedicated following to this day. This church building was built in 1897 in a mixture of styles. It has survived through the years even though its congregations have been persecuted and its leaders exiled.
Rotterdam neo-Baroque Paradijskerk

7) Rotterdam neo-Baroque Paradijskerk

The Rotterdam neo-baroque Paradijskerk, dating back to 1910, is the church of the Catholic rural community of H.H. Petrus en Paulus. The building is also home to the parish of St. Joseph.
The H.H. Laurentius en Elisabeth

8) The H.H. Laurentius en Elisabeth

The H.H. Laurentius en Elisabeth was built in 1907 as a Roman Catholic place of worship, and became the cathedral of the district of Rotterdam in 1956. It was designed in a neo-romanesque style, featuring a choral section, transept and nave. The church's frontage and two towers were later added in the 1920s.
Roman Catholic St. Willibrordus

9) Roman Catholic St. Willibrordus

The Roman Catholic St. Willibrordus church was built in 1928. It is currently used by the Polish community of Rotterdam. Its members hold to a tradition of contemplation, prayer and reflection.

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