Game of Thrones Filming Sites Tour, Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones Filming Sites Tour (Self Guided), Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has no shortage of picturesque sights: colorful roofs with terracotta tiles, impressive stone architecture, high-rising cliffs, and a stunning Old Town wall overlooking the wild Adriatic. It is mostly for this reason that the city was chosen as the main filming location for King's Landing, a fictional city in the world-famous TV series "Game of Thrones." If you're a fan of the series, you will surely be thrilled to visit the real-world sites featured there.

Start your journey at Pile Gate. This grand entrance to the Old Town served as the backdrop for King's Landing's Red Keep gate, where many pivotal scenes took place.

Visible to the gate's south is Fort Bokar. This fortress featured prominently in the series as a part of King's Landing's fortifications.

Dubrovnik Ethnographic Museum (Rupe), housed in a 16th-century granary, also made an appearance in the show – transformed into Littlefinger's brothel.

As for Jesuit Stairs, these iconic steps played a role in Cersei Lannister's walk of atonement – a memorable scene from the series.

The stunning historic Rector's Palace was the setting for various scenes, including those featuring Qarth in the second season.

The charming Saint Dominic Street in the Old Town was used as the backdrop for market scenes in King's Landing.

Another gate into the Old Town, the Gate of Ploče, was used to depict the entrance to King's Landing in the series.

Minceta Tower: This impressive fortress provided the exterior for the House of the Undying in Qarth, where Daenerys Targaryen faced many challenges.

Dubrovnik West Harbour and Pier, recognizable as Blackwater Bay in the series, saw several memorable naval battles.

Often referred to as the "Red Keep," Fort Lovrijenac played a crucial role as the primary external location for King's Landing.

Overlooking the city lush Gradac Park appeared in numerous scenes too, offering stunning panoramic views of Dubrovnik.

A true "Game of Thrones" enthusiast hardly need encouragement to visit Dubrovnik and explore these iconic filming locations firsthand. Walking through the cobbled streets and historic sites, you will be transported to the world of Westeros. It's a captivating experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the fantasy realm while appreciating the real-world beauty of Dubrovnik.
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Game of Thrones Filming Sites Tour Map

Guide Name: Game of Thrones Filming Sites Tour
Guide Location: Croatia » Dubrovnik (See other walking tours in Dubrovnik)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 11
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.7 Km or 1.7 Miles
Author: emma
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Pile Gate
  • Fort Bokar
  • Dubrovnik Ethnographic Museum (Rupe)
  • Jesuit Stairs
  • Rector's Palace
  • St Dominic Street
  • Gate of Ploče
  • Minceta Tower
  • Dubrovnik West Harbour and Pier
  • Fort Lovrijenac
  • Gradac Park
Pile Gate

1) Pile Gate (must see)

"Kill them, kill them all!" King Joffrey is under attack by an angry mob when he returns to Red Keep. But wait. There is no King Joffrey and there is no Red Keep. This is actually season two, episode 6 of the TV series, "Game of Thrones." The "Red Keep" is Pile Gate, the main entrance to the old walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The name Pile is derived from the Greek word "pylaj", meaning "gate." Most walking tours of the Old City start at the 15th-century Pile Gate. It is a good starting point for a walk on the city walls as well. The gate is located on the western side of the walls. It leads directly to Stradun Street, the main promenade of Dubrovnik.

Pile Gate is actually made up of two gates. The inner gate was built in 1460. The outer gate dates from 1537. The Pile Gate complex is defended by the Cylindrical Fort Bokar and the formidable moat that ran around the outside of the inner wall. The moat today is dry. It is a ribbon of landscaped parkland between the two walls.

A stone bridge with Gothic arches at each end, designed by architect Paskoje Milicevic in 1471, connects to a wooden drawbridge inserted over the moat. At night, the drawbridge would be raised to block the gateway. A Romanesque statue of the patron Saint Blaise is above the gateway arch. He holds a model of the city in one hand.

The entire Old City is enclosed in a veritable curtain of stone. The walls are 6,373 feet long and as much as 82 feet high in some places. The landside wall is supported by 10 circular bastions and a casemate fortress. The two main entrances to the city are The Pile Gate in the west and the Polce Gate in the east.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
The Pile Gate has been featured in a number of episodes of Game of Thrones Seasons 2 and 3, most notably in Season 2, Episode 6 ‘The Old Gods and the New’. In a scene where King Joffrey returns to Red Keep after Marcella is sent away to Dorne, he gets attacked by the angry mob gathered at the entrance and screams ‘Kill them, kill them all’. The Gate also shows in Season 3, Episode 10 ‘Mhysa’ when Jamie Lannister returns to King’s Landing.
Fort Bokar

2) Fort Bokar

Fort Bokar, also known as Zvjezdan, was conceived as a defensive asset for the Pile Gate of Dubrovnik. Along with Minceta Tower, it is one of the main defense points of the western land approaches to the city. It was designed by Italian architect Michelozzo di Bartolomeo. The fort was started in 1461 and upgraded in 1570.

It is a two-story casemate-type fort. Its shape is cylindrical and it projects its volume almost entirely from the medieval stone walls. Part of the fort stands on arched supports on the jagged, detached rock. The sea washes beneath the fort as it has for more than 500 years.

These days, the fort is open all year round. It is well known as the venue for performances of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Every year between July 10th and August 25th the Renaissance-Baroque city provides at least 70 open-air venues for programs of classical music, opera, drama, and ballet. Fort Bokar is one of these venues.

The fortress has been featured in seasons two and three of Game of Thrones. The Fortress is a half-hour walk from the Old City center. An auto ride from the same place lasts about five minutes.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
Fort Bokar frequently appears throughout all seasons of Game of Thrones when they show people walk past the city walls of King's Landing. One of the most memorable scenes is in Season 2, Episode 8, where Tyrion and Lord Varys are looking out at sea discussing the defense strategies for King's Landing with the Red Keep visible in the background.
Dubrovnik Ethnographic Museum (Rupe)

3) Dubrovnik Ethnographic Museum (Rupe)

The Ethnographic Museum of Dubrovnik is housed in a 16th century building, originally designed as a granary. The Republic of Dubrovnik used to keep here their national grain supply, so its importance is hard to overestimate. Interestingly enough, the building was one of the few in the city to have survived the great earthquake of 1667 practically unscathed.

Today, the museum collection illustrates what life was like for the common folk of the region in the old days. Among the exhibits are pieces of ancient clothing, including ceremonial costumes worn during festivities, the old Rector’s robes and other garments. There is some beautiful artwork featuring local wildlife, too. A good portion of the display is dedicated to the agrarian theme: local farm tools and appliances, various pieces of equipment used with farm animals, etc. Also, since this is a former grain mill, you will find here plenty of information on how the culture went about saving the grain to survive long winters, and more.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
In the Game of Thrones series, this old granary appears as Littlefinger’s brothel in King’s Landing, featured in Season 4, Episode 1 ‘Two Swords’, where Tyrion meets Oberyn Martell who is in King’s Landing to seek vengeance for the death of his sister and her children.

Why You Should Visit:
Beautifully displayed collection, small enough to explore in ~90 min max; all captions are in English. Knowledgeable and friendly staff are willing to answer questions.

The ticket office will offer the 'Museums of Dubrovnik' pass – good for 9 museums / 7 days (this is helpful as not all museums are open everyday). This the only way you can gain access inside.
Jesuit Stairs

4) Jesuit Stairs

Designed by Roman architect Pietro Passalacqua, the Jesuit Stairs is yet another fine example of Baroque architecture in Dubrovnik. Bearing a striking resemblance to the well known Spanish Steps in Rome, this grand staircase was built in 1738. If you walk up the stairs, you will end up in Uz Jezuite Street where the church of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuit College (Collegium Ragusinum) are located. Stemming from the Baroque style planning – typical for this part of the Old Town, the staircase accentuates the prominent position of the Jesuit College and the church.

At the bottom of the stairs, in Gundulic Square, there is a market selling fresh produce from the neighboring villages, and if you happen to be here when the tower clock strikes noon, you may be surprised by a somewhat bizarre, if not say frightening (reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds), flocking of pigeons gathering here to eat the grain offered to them each day at the same hour.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
The Jesuit Staircase provided backdrop for one of the most memorable scenes in the Game of Thrones series, doubling as the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing from where Cercei must start upon her infamous Walk of Shame (or Atonement) in Season 5, Episode 10 ‘Mother’s Mercy’ in order to return home. Overall, her walk passes through four locations within the Old Town including, apart from the Jesuit Staircase – Od Margarite Street, St. Dominic Street and Ploče Gate.
Rector's Palace

5) Rector's Palace (must see)

Initially, the 13th-century Rector's Palace was built as living quarters for the Rector to stay in for the duration of his one-month term. During this time he was allowed to leave only for official functions. Spouses and family had to stay elsewhere. He was the daily keeper of the keys to the city gates.

In addition to being the Rector's residence pro tem, the palace also served as the headquarters of the Republic Major and Minor Councils, the main arsenal, and the city prison. There was access to the courtroom and the Great Council Palace. It was all business, no place for family.

Located just south of Luza Square, the palace, like the city, has been ravaged many times by wars, earthquakes, fires, and sieges. Its style is Gothic, with reconstructions involving Renaissance and Baroque influences. The palace got its current form, including the atrium and front portico, after the explosion of 1463.

The western facade entrance features a portico with carved columns and capitals. The loggia has marble benches for public seating. The interior atrium and courtyard have rows of Corinthian columns and a Baroque staircase leading to the mezzanine gallery.

Below the staircase is a small 15th-century fountain and a statue by sculptor Piero Paolo Giacometti erected in 1638. The statue honors Miho Pracat, a wealthy citizen who left his entire estate to the Republic. The atrium has splendid acoustics. It is frequently the venue for concerts held at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Today, the Rector's Palace is home to the Museum of Dubrovnik. The exhibitions show artifacts from the city's history, furniture, portraits, seals, crests, and coins. The keys to the city gates are still here, together with archives of Republic Council meetings. The old pharmacy and its 15th-century House of Christ ("Domus Christi") artifacts are here.

The Rector's Palace is managed and operated by the Museum of Dubrovnik since 1872.
St Dominic Street

6) St Dominic Street

Highlighted by the Dominican monastery – hence the name, St. Dominic Street connects Ploče Gate with Stradun. Perhaps somewhat unimpressive at a glance, this narrow street has been nonetheless one of the most recognizable in Dubrovnik as of lately. It gained fame after being used in several of the Game of Thrones episodes, providing location for most of the market scenes in King's Landing and the ones featuring the City Watch.

It was also the location where the killing of one of King Robert’s bastard sons by the Gold Cloaks took place. Another notable appearance was in Season 2, Episode 5 ‘The Ghost Of Harrenhal’ where Tyrion and Bronn witnessed a protest speech against the Lannisters – Cersei and King Joffrey, described as ‘fruit of the incest’, delivered from the steps of the Monastery. In Season 5, Episode 10 ‘Mother’s Mercy’, Cersei Lannister took a naked walk through this street, as a sign of penance.
Gate of Ploče

7) Gate of Ploče

The Gate of Ploče, positioned on the eastern side of Dubrovnik's land walls, is one of the city's significant entrances. This Romanesque-style gate consists of an inner and outer section and is safeguarded by the freestanding Revelin Fortress. The two are connected by a wooden drawbridge and a twin-spanned stone bridge that stretches across a protective ditch.

The construction of the Outer Gate of Ploče was overseen by architect Mihajlo Hranjac in 1628. The two bridges leading to the Revelin Fortress were built in the 15th century by Paskoje Miličević, who also designed the bridges at the Pile Gate. The similarities in design between these bridges are a testament to Miličević's skill and craftsmanship.

Just as it is at the Gate of Pile, a statue of Saint Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, presides over the Gate of Ploče. This adds a touch of historical and cultural significance to the entrance.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
The Gate of Ploče has also gained fame among fans of the popular television series Game of Thrones. It made appearances in Season 2, Episode 5 ('The Ghost of Harrenhal') and Season 5, Episode 10 ('Mother's Mercy'). Notably, it is where Cersei Lannister enters the Red Keep through the Ploče Gate in Season 5 after her Walk of Shame, marking a dramatic moment in the series.
Minceta Tower

8) Minceta Tower (must see)

Constructed in 1463, the Minčeta Tower was built during a time when the threat of a Turkish invasion loomed large. Designed by local architect Nicifor Ranjina, with the assistance of Italian engineers sent by Pope Pius II, it initially served as a formidable four-sided fortress. This architectural gem earned its name from the Menčetić family, the original landowners on which the tower was erected.

The tower is not only historically significant but also an architectural marvel. It stands tall as the most prominent point in Dubrovnik's defense system from the land. In the mid-15th century, it underwent renovations by Italian architect and sculptor Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Michelozzi. He transformed it into a new round tower, incorporating cutting-edge warfare techniques and connecting it to a modern system of low scarp walls. The tower's full six-meter thick walls boasted protected gun ports, and further enhancements were made by Giorgio da Sebenico of Zadar. The result was the iconic high narrow round tower that we see today, complete with battlements.

Minčeta Tower stands as a symbol of the city's indomitable spirit and was completed in 1464. It continues to be a symbol of Dubrovnik's resilience and strength. In modern times, the tower serves as a museum, allowing visitors to explore its historical and architectural significance. Beneath it, in Gornji ugao (Upper Tower), a 16th-century cannon foundry was discovered after extensive excavation.

From its vantage point atop the city walls, Minčeta Tower provides visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the city of Dubrovnik. It's a place where history comes alive and where one can stand in awe of both the city's past and its present.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
The Minčeta Tower found its way into popular culture through the television series Game of Thrones. In Season 2, Episode 10, the tower was featured as the House of the Undying in Qarth, where Daenerys Targaryen had her dragons stolen. The tower's unique architecture and seemingly doorless exterior made it an ideal location for the show's magical and enigmatic scenes.
Dubrovnik West Harbour and Pier

9) Dubrovnik West Harbour and Pier

Originally the most important point of entry in Dubrovnik, West Harbor offers the shortest path to the Pile Gate. It's no wonder that this place was also chosen to be one of the key filming locations for the Game of Thrones series.

The picturesque harbour doubled as Blackwater Bay with its stone pier being where Sansa and Shae watched the ships in Season 3, Episode 1 ‘Valar Dohaeris’ when Littlefinger arrived to talk to Sansa and offer her a way out. This little bay also provided setting for the epic battle of Blackwater Bay, and was used for a number of other scenes too, including the most iconic one from Season 2 in which the Gold Cloaks received order to kill all of King Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate children.
Fort Lovrijenac

10) Fort Lovrijenac (must see)

Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress, also dubbed "Dubrovnik's Gibraltar", is a fortress and theater outside the western wall of the city, soaring 37 metres (121 ft) above sea level. Famous for its plays and importance in resisting Venetian rule, it overshadows the two entrances to the city, from the sea and by land.

Chronologists date the fort's origin to either 1018 or 1038. Early in the 11th century, the Venetians attempted to build a fortification on the same spot where Fort Lovrijenac currently stands. If succeeded, they would have kept Dubrovnik under their power, but the people of the city beat them to it. When the Venetian ships arrived filled with construction materials for the fort, they were told to return to Venice.

The Chronicles of Ragusa reveal how the fort was built within just three months and from then on was constantly reconstructed. The first record of its existence, however, appeared only in 1301 when the council voted on the Fort Commander.

Nowadays, Lovrijenac is famous for hosting the Croatian leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
Fort Lovrijenac also gained fame as the recognizable Red Keep double in King’s Landing, frequently appearing in Season 2 and Season 3 of Game of Thrones. In particular, it was the location for King Joffrey’s naming ceremony in Season 2, Episode 1 ‘The North Remembers’ where a celebrating tournament was held.

Later in the same episode, the Red Keep is where Cersei confronts Littlefinger and he tells her ‘Knowledge is power’ to which she exclaims: ‘Power is power’. It is also the destination where King Joffrey is headed after being attacked at Pile Gate and where Tyrion slaps him across the face.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Gradac Park

11) Gradac Park

Gradac is the largest and most famous park in Dubrovnik, located on the top of the cliffs above the Danača beach in the Pile-Kono district, just a short walk from the Old Town. The park was established in 1898 as a vast (1.7 ha) tranquil zone for people to come and enjoy beautiful nature in a close proximity to the urban setting. Overgrown with pine forest and dotted with numerous wooden benches set in the shade, this is a popular recreation space much loved by locals and tourists alike.

At the entrance there is a small pond with some goldfish slowly swimming around. From here one can also enjoy an excellent view over the Lovrijenac Fortress, the Pile and the roofs of the Old Town, while the other areas in the park afford a similarly picturesque view of the monastery, Danče beach and the open sea.

*** Game of Thrones Tour ***
Gradac Park made appearance in Season 4 Episode 2 ‘The Lion and the Rose’ in the scene of the Purple Wedding feast in which King Joffrey met his end from poisoning. The Park also featured in the same season Episode 3 ‘Breaker of the Chains’ when Sansa flees from King’s Landing.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.

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