The Capitol District Tour in Honolulu, Honolulu

The Capitol District represents a historic area in downtown Honolulu. This civic center includes the biggest majority of governmental buildings at federal, state and city levels. The district is situated among Richards Street, Ward Avenue, Vineyard Boulevard and Nimitz Highway. Some of the largest buildings in the city are located here. Take this walking tour and enjoy the treasures of historic Honolulu.
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The Capitol District Tour in Honolulu Map

Guide Name: The Capitol District Tour in Honolulu
Guide Location: USA » Honolulu (See other walking tours in Honolulu)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.4 km
Author: helenp
Iolani Palace

1) Iolani Palace (must see)

Iolani Palace has the distinction of being the United States' only royal palace to be used as an official residence by an actual monarch. It is located in downtown Honolulu, and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Before the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown in 1893, Iolani Palace was a royal residence. It was used by both King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. When the Palace was no longer in use by the queen, it was used as a capitol building for the State of Hawaii until...   view more
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Aliiolani Hale

2) Aliiolani Hale

Aliiolani Hale is one of the former governmental buildings of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It sits directly across from the second Iolani Palace, in an area originally called Pohukaina.

Aliiolani Hale was designed as a follow up to the original Iolani Palace. When King Kamehameha V visited Europe, he was inspired by the palaces he viewed, and wanted to create a grand, modern government building for his kingdom. The original palace of the Hawaiian royal family, the first Iolani Palace, was a single...   view more
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Kawaiahao Church

3) Kawaiahao Church

Kawaiahao Church is known as Hawaii's Westminster Abbey. It was, at one point, the national church of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the personal chapel for the Hawaiian royal family. It is Hawaii's oldest standing Christian religious building, even though the current building is not the original structure. Four smaller, thatched churches stood on the site of the current Kawaiahao Church, which is built of coral rock.

The name “Kawaiahao” comes from a Hawaiian phrase meaning “the...   view more
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Honolulu Hale

4) Honolulu Hale (must see)

Honolulu Hale is the official seat of government for the city and county of Honolulu. Originally, Honolulu was overseen by a Board of Supervisors. During the existence of the County of O'ahu, the Board met in city halls all around Honolulu. When this system was discontinued in 1907, Joseph J. Fern was created the Mayor of the City & County of Honolulu. He envisioned a central building for government administrative activities, but passed away before the building he imagined could be...   view more
Mission Houses Museum

5) Mission Houses Museum (must see)

The Mission Houses Museum collects and exhibits documents and artifacts relating to Hawaiian history between 1820 and 1863- the “missionary” period. Today, the museum has over three thousand Hawaiian, Pacific, and Western artifacts, and its archival materials number over twelve thousand.

The Houses themselves are interesting for the way they demonstrate how New England missionaries progressively adapted to their environment. The Oldest Frame House was built from materials shipped down...   view more
Hawaii State Library

6) Hawaii State Library

The Hawaii State Library is located adjacent to Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu. This serves as the base for the Hawaii State Public Library System, which is the only statewide library system in the entire United States.

The building that houses the Hawaii State Library was designed by Henry D. Whitfield, Andrew Carnegie's brother-in-law, and funded by Carnegie himself. Construction began in 1911, and the building was finished in 1913. Before the library was built, the Honolulu...   view more
Hawaii State Capitol

7) Hawaii State Capitol

The Hawaii State Capitol is Hawaii's official capitol building, and is located in downtown Honolulu. It was created to replace the former capitol building, Iolani Palace, and was commissioned by the second Governor of Hawaii, John A. Burns.

The building is designed to evoke Hawaii and its natural features. The building is surrounded by a large reflecting pool, which is intended to represent the Pacific Ocean. Both legislative chambers are conical, to represent the volcanoes responsible...   view more
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Washington Place

8) Washington Place

Washington Place is located in the Hawaii Capital District in Honolulu, and was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2007. It was originally built in the 1840's by the father-in-law of Hawaii's last reigning monarch, Queen Liliuokalani, and was the site of her arrest during the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

John Dominis was a wealthy trader who commissioned Washington Place for himself and his family. Tragically, he was lost at sea in 1846, before the house was...   view more
Central Fire Station

9) Central Fire Station

Honolulu's Central Fire Station, a two-story structure, was built in Spanish Mission Revival or, as it's more commonly known, the Mediterranean Revival style. In 1934 it was renovated and some Art Deco decorations were added. It is the largest fire station and the oldest one of the seven fire stations located on Oahu. Locals believe that this building is...   view more

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Diamond Head Volcano Tour

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Honolulu's Architecture Self-Guided Tour

Honolulu's Architecture Self-Guided Tour

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Business District Self-Guided Tour in Honolulu

Business District Self-Guided Tour in Honolulu

The Central Business District is situated in Honolulu's downtown, between Bishop Street and Fort Street Mall. This area holds most of the subsidiaries of local companies. Also, it's Honolulu's skyscraper district. You can see popular sites, such as Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew and First Hawaiian Center. We invite you to take this self-guided tour and admire the Business District of Honolulu.

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Pearl Harbor Tour

Pearl Harbor Tour

Pearl Harbor, a US deep-water naval base in Honolulu, made history in 1941 when came under attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service prompting the United States' entering World War II. Since 1964, Pearl Harbor has been declared a National Historic Landmark, featuring a number of military objects and installations turned-monuments. This self-guided tour invites you to pay tribute to the fallen heroes and to learn more about those days at Pearl Harbor.

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Kai Self-guided Tour

Kai Self-guided Tour

The Hawaiian Kai region is especially attractive for two reasons: Koko Head Park and Hanauma Bay. Today, the entire area has been developed, but without harming the picturesque landscape. Here, you can rent a boat, take diving lessons, or simply take a walk. The self-guided tour through Kai is a perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital city, so we encourage you to take it.

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