Not packed in a bus. Not herded with a group. Self guided walk is the SAFEST way to sightsee while observing SOCIAL DISTANCING!

Self-Guided Walking Tours to Explore Frankfurt, Germany

Follow these 17 expert-designed self-guided walking tours to explore Frankfurt, Germany on foot at your own pace. You can also create your own self-guided walk to visit the city attractions which interest you the most.

How it works: Download the app "GPSmyCity: Walks in 1K+ Cities" from iTunes App Store or Google Play to your mobile phone or tablet. Each walk comes with a detailed tour map as well as photos and background information for the featured attractions. The app's navigation functions guide you from one attraction to the next. The app works offline, so no data plan is needed when traveling abroad.

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Old Town Walk

Sightseeing Walk: Old Town Walk

West Innenstadt Sights

Sightseeing Walk: West Innenstadt Sights

Museum Embankment Walk

Sightseeing Walk: Museum Embankment Walk

Shopping Streets

Sightseeing Walk: Shopping Streets

Frankfurt's Parks

Sightseeing Walk: Frankfurt's Parks

North - East Leisure Tour

Sightseeing Walk: North - East Leisure Tour

Downtown Churches of Frankfurt

Sightseeing Walk: Downtown Churches of Frankfurt

East Innenstadt Sights

Sightseeing Walk: East Innenstadt Sights

Skyscrapers in Frankfurt

Sightseeing Walk: Skyscrapers in Frankfurt

Fun for Children in Frankfurt

Sightseeing Walk: Fun for Children in Frankfurt

Souvenir Shops, Innenstadt

Sightseeing Walk: Souvenir Shops, Innenstadt

Bahnhofsviertel Sights

Sightseeing Walk: Bahnhofsviertel Sights

Old Sachsenhausen

Discovery Walk: Old Sachsenhausen

Bornheim Walk

Discovery Walk: Bornheim Walk

Ostend Walk

Discovery Walk: Ostend Walk

Bockenheim Walk

Discovery Walk: Bockenheim Walk

Innenstadt Shopping Walk

Discovery Walk: Innenstadt Shopping Walk

Frankfurt Basic

Article (A): Frankfurt Basic

Frankfurt Art Museums

Article (A): Frankfurt Art Museums

Useful Travel Guides for Planning Your Trip

Frankfurt's Best Authentic Restaurants

Frankfurt's Best Authentic Restaurants

Frankfurt is a dynamic and popular city located right in the center of western Europe. More than 10,000 people move to Frankfurt every year; over the past decades, it has become a highly international city -- about half of all children born here had non-German parents. Being the main hub for the...
15 Distinctively German Things to Buy in Frankfurt

15 Distinctively German Things to Buy in Frankfurt

Home to the European currency (ECB) and namesake sausages, Frankfurt is undoubtedly one of, if not "the", most known destination in Germany. For this there are quite a few reasons. Listed here are some of the things behind those reasons, which now can be picked up as...