Lucerne's Towers Walking Tour (Self Guided), Lucerne

Lucerne is famous for its large number of spectacular medieval towers. Located around the Musegg Wall area, the towers rise high over the city, giving great panoramic views of Lucerne, the Reuss River and the surrounding mountain scenery. There are a total of nine towers, including one featuring the oldest clock in the city. Take our tour through this fascinating set of towers and get a wonderful feeling of stepping back in time.
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Lucerne's Towers Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Lucerne's Towers Walking Tour
Guide Location: Switzerland » Lucerne (See other walking tours in Lucerne)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.0 Km or 0.6 Miles
Author: doris
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Nölli Tower
  • Little Man Tower (Männliturm)
  • Luegisland Tower
  • Heu Tower (Heuturm)
  • Zyt Tower
  • Schirmer Tower
  • Pulver Tower
  • Allenwinden Tower
  • Dächli Tower
Nölli Tower

1) Nölli Tower

The Nölli Tower is a cylindrical stone tower situated on the banks of the Reuss River. Built in 1513, it is the head department of the Safran Guild - the guild's meetings and its archives are held in the tower. At 28 meters tall, the tower offers amazing views of the city.
Little Man Tower (Männliturm)

2) Little Man Tower (Männliturm)

The 33 meter tower got its name from the little iron man that stands on its top. This merry figure holding a flag is known to everybody in the country. The second tower along the ascending rocky ridge, it's definitely worth a visit.
Luegisland Tower

3) Luegisland Tower

The Luegisland Tower is more than 700 years old. Its height of 52.6 meters makes it the tallest of the nine towers. It was built even before the Musegg wall as a watchtower for the protection of the city. Its name means “Look toward the land”, and it is also known as Countryside Viewpoint Tower. Look out for the weathercock which stands atop its high, peaked roof.
Heu Tower (Heuturm)

4) Heu Tower (Heuturm)

This tower is named after the hay that was once stored there, but it also contained gunpowder. In 1701 hundredweights of the explosive blew up due to lightning. The tower was destroyed, and many locals were killed by flying stones. The rebuilt version of the tower is 44 meters tall.
Zyt Tower

5) Zyt Tower (must see)

One of the Nine Towers of Lucerne, the Zyt Tower offers a great up-close view of the Old Town. Some of its old walls date back to 1386. The tower also features the oldest clock in the city, built by Hans Luter in 1535 and still working. The big clock, which is around 3 to 4 meters tall, has the privilege of chiming the hours one minute before all the other clocks in town.

Why You Should Visit:
If you only climb one of the Lucerne's Nine Towers, this is the one to do.

Be there on the hour to watch the inner clock workings as the bells chime.
The attraction is free, and you get to see a number of ancient clocks and mechanisms that are still are active.
Schirmer Tower

6) Schirmer Tower

Located in front of the Musegg Wall, this tower functions as a gateway from city to country. It is made of refined stones with wonderful round arches around its top. 27.5 meters in height, it's crowned with a low, pyramid shaped roof. Visitors can enter the tower and get a wonderful view over the city and the river from its uppermost reaches.
Pulver Tower

7) Pulver Tower

This is one of the oldest of the nine towers of the Musegg Wall. Maintained by the Wey Guild, it is used today as a meeting place. It stands 27.5 meters tall, and once held gunpowder stored by city inhabitants as a precaution. Another tower, the Heu Tower, also held gunpowder but this was destroyed in an explosion in 1701.
Allenwinden Tower

8) Allenwinden Tower

A former tallest building of the town, the Allenwinden Tower has been overtaken by newer buildings. Nonetheless, this bowl tower is one of the best-known tourist attractions in Lucerne. Officially named after the man responsible for the city coffers, it is also known as the Holdermeyer Tower.
Dächli Tower

9) Dächli Tower

The Dächli Tower - also called the Chutzen Tower - is the last of the nine brother-towers of the Mussegg Wall. The tower's main highlight is its pyramid-shaped roof, which is pyramid shaped and considered to be older than the other tower roofs. Its roof is considered to be older than the other. From atop the tower you can enjoy a charming view of the city, the lake bay and the Reuss River.

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