New York, New York Guide (A): 3T:TudorCity/TurtleBay/Tram

This tour takes you through four small neighborhoods in midtown Manhattan. Starting at Tudor City then past the UN and stop at a public park and over to Turtle Bay. On to Sutton Place, a hidden and exclusive street. Admire Queensborough Bridge which towers over the neighborhood and finally on to the new shiny red tram that takes you over to Roosevelt Island.
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Walk Route

Guide Name: 3T:TudorCity/TurtleBay/Tram
Guide Location: USA » New York
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2.0 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.4 km
Sight(s) featured in this guide: Church of the Covenant   Tudor City   The United Nations   Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza   Turtle Bay   Beekman Place   Sutton Place   Queensborough Bridge   Tram to Roosevelt Island  
Author: Monica Goslin
Author Bio: Monica Goslin graduated from Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland with a degree in Visual Communications and a minor in Literature. Ms.Goslin has traveled extensively in Europe, taking countless photographs in hopes of capturing a sense of place. Monica also has an on-line store, The Monica Store, selling her photographs as cards, posters, books, and a travel blog with stories, travel tips, and photos.
Author Website: http://www.themonicastore.com
Church of the Covenant

1) Church of the Covenant

The Church of the Covenant is located on 42nd street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, just before the south staircase to Tudor City. The Church of the Covenant is a Victorian Gothic structure built of brick with a slate and stone roof and was completed in 1871. This is the first stop on the tour as it is on the way to Tudor City and incorporated into the neighborhood. J. Cleveland Cady, a church member and architect, was very influential within the church and designed reversible pews to better...
Tudor City

2) Tudor City

Tudor City is a collection of twelve buildings sitting slightly elevated above the surrounding area, giving it quiet a fancy aura. The parameters of Tudor City are 40th to 43rd Street between 2nd and 1st Avenues. Before the 1920’s the area was a low income neighborhood dominated by tenements and slaughter houses (located on the East River where the UN is currently located). What you see today can be attributed to Fred French, a real estate developer who wanted to make residential apartment...
The United Nations

3) The United Nations

The United Nations headquarters complex is just beyond Tudor City and a great way to reach it is by the curving staircase that leads down from 43rd Street to First Avenue. This tour is focusing on the architectural elements of the UN Headquarters, which consists of four main buildings. The location of the UN Headquarters, being New York City, was decided in 1946 after choosing between various locations including Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco. At the time, 1st Avenue was the location of...
Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza

4) Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza

Right across from the United Nations Headquarters is the Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza which is a lovely tree lined park with benches and fountains. The park was completed in 1999. Many buildings in the two-block radius bare the name of Dag Hammarskjold, the second Secretary General. You will see the Holocaust Memorial and the adjacent Wallenberg Memorial in center of 1st Avenue, before the park. On the east side of the park notice the Trump World Tower, a residential skyscraper that was the tallest...
Turtle Bay

5) Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, running from 41st to 53rd streets and from Lexington Avenue over to First Avenue. Originally a farm in the 17th century, the land was given to two Englishmen as a grant of forty acres from the Dutch governor in 1639 and named Turtle Bay Farm. There is debate over the origins of the name, either having to do with turtles in the creek or the Dutch word “deutal” for bent blade, used to describe the shape of the bay and in the end having the...
Beekman Place

6) Beekman Place

Beekman Place is a few blocks, still in Turtle Bay, but with its own name and distinction. Beekman Place was originally part of the James Beekman’s property and colonial mansion, named Mount Pleasant, built in 1763 (the mansion was torn down in 1874). The townhouses along these blocks were remodeled in the 1920’s and distinctive families have lived here, including the Rockefellers. Beekman Tower Hotel on East 49th street has Art Deco architecture and the rooftop lounge offers great views of...
Sutton Place

7) Sutton Place

This is one of the prettiest, quiet, and exclusive streets in the city of New York (at least I think so). From East 53rd to 59th street you will find wider sidewalks, trees, small waterfront parks, elegant apartment buildings, and a charming row of townhouses. Of the apartment buildings, make sure to notice the stunning view of the river by just walking past the entrance to One Sutton Place South with its triple-arch driveway (fancy huh!). The row of townhouse between 57th and 58th street are...
Queensborough Bridge

8) Queensborough Bridge

The Queensborough Bridge borders Sutton Place and you get a great view of the bridge from the small park at the end of East 58th street off of Sutton Place.

The bridge has provided more then just a passageway for traffic but also space for the tennis courts on York Avenue under the bridge and the Food Emporium supermarket on First Avenue under the bridge. The supermarket is probably one of the prettiest in the city with high ceilings and arches. The space for the “Bridgemarket” used to be...
Tram to Roosevelt Island

9) Tram to Roosevelt Island

The tram to Roosevelt Island has recently been renovated with new cars. The tram ride is just four minutes long but offers great panoramic views of the city and the East River as well as the Queensborough Bridge. At the highest point of the tram ride, you will be 250 feet above the East River (if afraid of heights, don’t look down at his point of the ride). The cost of a ride is the same as a metro ride (currently $2.25 one way. As of January 2011) and the tram runs every fifteen minutes. As...

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