Best Shopping Venues

Best Shopping Venues, Madrid, Spain (D)

From charming family-owned shops to large department stores found only in Spain, there’s no shortage of shopping in the country’s capital city. Scour the markets and antique shop for a unique find, browse handcrafted ceramics, linen and jewelry, or take a step back in time to historic “tiendas” offering books, clothing, fans and more. After discovering Madrid’s fabulous shopping scene you’ll be left wishing you left more space in your suitcase.
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Best Shopping Venues
Guide Location: Spain » Madrid
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Attractions: 25
Author: Lauren Salisbury
Author Bio: Lauren Salisbury is a freelance writer based in Madrid, Spain. Past publications include NBC News and the Walt Disney Company.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • The Rastro
  • Mercado de San Miguel
  • ABC Serrano
  • El Corte Inglés
  • La Violeta
  • La Librería de San Ginés
  • Casa de Diego
  • Casa Yustas
  • Real Madrid Store
  • Joyeria Suarez
  • La Central
  • Velas de la Ballena
  • Cuesta de Moyano Book Stalls
  • El flamenco vive
  • Antigua casa talavera
  • Lladró
  • Isolée
  • Loewe
  • Borca
  • Carrera y Carrera
  • Joyeria Aldao
  • Papelería Salazar
  • Antígua Casa Crespo
  • Capas Seseña
  • Nuevas Galerias
The Rastro

1) The Rastro

Uncover the surprises and bargains at this sprawling open aired flea market, one of the largest in Europe. Whether you’re in search of books and souvenirs or clothing and accessories you’ll find it here, along with antiques and off the wall items at 3500 stalls. Follow the trail of Madrileños down the quaint, old streets of the Embajadores neighborhood, and end your shopping in true Spanish fashion with churros and coffee at one of the cafes in the neighborhood.
Mercado de San Miguel

2) Mercado de San Miguel

The people of Madrid have been shopping at the site of Mercado de San Miguel since medieval times, when the plaza was an open-air market with stalls selling crafts. Today this indoor market is popular as ever with Madrileños and tourists alike, offering local food, drinks and handmade goods. For authentic and gourmet Spanish culinary delights to take home, head here. While your shopping be sure to try some tapas and a glass of wine and admire the iron clad architecture that dates back to the early twentieth century.
ABC Serrano

3) ABC Serrano

One of the largest shopping malls in the center of Madrid, ABC Serrano contains more than 80 boutique clothing, electronic and home good shops, many of which are of Spanish origin. The three floor shopping complex is located in a historic newspaper building that retains much of its twentieth century charm.
El Corte Inglés

4) El Corte Inglés

Europe’s largest department store chain is the Spanish created El Corte Inglés, headquartered in Madrid. There are several of these department stores located throughout the city, but the most central is located near Puerta del Sol. Split into three buildings, El Corte Inglés offers the widest variety of merchandise in Madrid. True, the department store is quite similar to other popular chains through out the world, but who says it can’t be fun to bring home familiar items with a slight Spanish twist.
La Violeta

5) La Violeta

This small confectionary has been selling its signature Carmelos de la violeta at this central location since 1915. According to legend, King Alfonso XIII gave these small purple candies, baked with the essence of violet, to his lovers. Sold in transparent boxes, this typical Spanish pastry is a great souvenir to take home to friends.
La Librería de San Ginés

6) La Librería de San Ginés

This historic bookshop, dating back to the mid 19th century, specializes in antique and second-hand books. Considered the oldest bookshop in Spain, with quaint wooden shelves, bargain prices and books piling out onto street tables, this shop is a book collector’s dreams. Stop on by and soak up the history.
Casa de Diego

7) Casa de Diego

In many Spanish towns, mild temperatures mean a lack of air conditioning, prompting many Spaniards to use traditional hand fans to this day. Casa de Diego has been selling fans along with umbrellas, walking sticks, sunshades and shawls since 1858. Walk in to browse the classical merchandise and take a step back in time.
Casa Yustas

8) Casa Yustas

With foundations dating back to 1894, Casa Yustas has long been a landmark in the busy and energetic Plaza Mayor. The shop is not only historical in origin, but also offers historical gifts, including second-hand medallions and medals from the Spanish army and navy. The shop also offers a prominent display of flags and other merchandise that reflect the cultural diversities found in Spain.
Real Madrid Store

9) Real Madrid Store

Real Madrid is not only the most popular professional football team in Madrid, but also in Spain, and team merchandise is the perfect souvenir for any sports fan. While the largest official Real Madrid Store is in the team’s stadium, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the most central official store is located near Puerta del Sol. Score a goal with merchandise ranging from jerseys and hoodies to bumper stickers and key chains.
Joyeria Suarez

10) Joyeria Suarez

In 1943, the Suarez family opened a small jewelry shop in Northern Spain. Today Joyeria Suarez is a leader in the Spanish luxury jewelry market. With a large store on Calle de Serrano, a high end shopping street and district in the upscale Salamanca neighborhood, visit Joyeria Suarez for Spanish designed jewelry collections.
La Central

11) La Central

Entry is free to the gift shop at the Reina Sofia, Madrid’s leading modern art museum. This shop not only offers an array of art related gifts, it also has a large selection of books on Spain’s history and culture in English, and creative nick knacks that give traditional souvenirs a creative twist.
Velas de la Ballena

12) Velas de la Ballena

The unique, handcrafted selection at Velas de la Ballena is a candle lover’s dream. Located on Calle Fuencarral, one of the most popular shopping streets in Madrid, this cozy shop offers solid candles, wax lanterns and aromatherapy products in a variety of shapes, colors and scents. Customer service is always at a high here, and don’t be surprised if the shop keeper gives you sweet, Spanish compliments as you make a purchase.
Cuesta de Moyano Book Stalls

13) Cuesta de Moyano Book Stalls

In the capital there is a literary festival everyday with the Cuesta de Moyano bookstalls. Since 1925, more than 30 wooden bookstalls have lined this street near Atocha, offering book lovers a charming scene and picturesque scene to browse second-hand titles in Spanish and other languages. While no river is in view, the Cuesta de Moyano is comparable to the bookstalls along the Seine in Paris.
El flamenco vive

14) El flamenco vive

Flamenco is alive and well at el Flamenco Vive, a specialty shop that contains an eclectic collection of Flamenco books, CDs, DVDs and other products. A mixture of guitar playing, singling and dancing, Flamenco is a popular Spanish folk art that originates from the South of the Country. While many shops offer Flamenco gifts, this shop offers authenticity others lack.
Antigua casa talavera

15) Antigua casa talavera

The charming town of Talavera, roughly 80 minutes South West of the city of Madrid has been producing yellow and green ceramics for more than a century. There’s no need to leave the city center to find this classic pottery however, as Antigua Casa Talavera sells a large collection of glassware, tableware and tiles.

16) Lladró

For Spain’s finest handcrafted porcelain, a visit to Lladró is a must. While the porcelain originates from Valencia and not Madrid, Lladró is one of the most recognized Spanish brands for upscale Spanish goods. Top artists at the company’s headquarters in Talavera handcraft each piece. Roughly 80 minutes South West of Madrid, this is known as the City of Porcelain.

17) Isolée

A department store with a hipster twist, Isolée offers plenty of goods for fashion and lifestyle, from clothing to fine wine to CDs. With a large selection of both Spanish and international products and a young, urban crowd, Isolée just may be the definition of “guay,” Spanish for super cool.

18) Loewe

Of all the unique merchandise offered, Spain is perhaps most famous for its leather goods, and Loewe, established in 1846, is the top of the line. The flagship store offers the widest selection of handbags, wallets, belts and other accessories. Located in the upscale Salamanca neighborhood, Loewe is right at home in Madrid’s most prestigious shopping district.

19) Borca

Borca features authentic, hand embroidered linens, ranging from bed sheets and table clothes, to the highly traditional mantillas, or classic fringed shawls. These garments were a part of formal dress for women in Spain long ago and worn with combs. Cloaks and bridal veils are also offered for sale. All merchandise is made with fine fabrics and lace.
Carrera y Carrera

20) Carrera y Carrera

Of the several luxurious Spanish jewelry brands, perhaps none is as high end as Carrera y Carrera, which is said to rival both Tiffany and Cartier. Pieces are bold and contemporary and a visit to the flagship store in Salamanca, Madrid’s finest shopping district, is worth it for the window-shopping alone.
Joyeria Aldao

21) Joyeria Aldao

One of Madrid’s most historic jewelry stores, Joyeria Aldao has been a staple of the city since its founding in 1911. Most of the brand’s jewelry and silverware are made at a workshop onsite, and the wood paneled interior is reminiscent of the past century’s finest luxury architecture. Watches are also sold here.
Papelería Salazar

22) Papelería Salazar

For gifts with a touch of class, visit Papelería Salazar. Madrid’s oldest stationary shop has been offering high end paper products, note cards, books and pens since 1905. The interior of this classy establishment reflects vintage charm, but many designs are surprisingly modern. Just breathing in the smell of all this paper will make you want to send more mail the old fashioned way.
Antígua Casa Crespo

23) Antígua Casa Crespo

This sandal-shop has been selling footwear to the people of Madrid since 1836. Handcrafted shoes, called espadrilles, are made from esparto grass, found in Spain’s countryside and manufactured onsite. These flat shoes are made for both men and women and are best used in the summer months due to the light material used.
Capas Seseña

24) Capas Seseña

Capas Seseña is a unique boutique that specializes in traditional Spanish capes, worn in the winter months in lieu of a coat. Founded in 1901, this shop is the only in the world that sells only capes. Capes are made on the premises and have been bought by celebrities ranging from King Juan Carlos of Spain to Nicolas Cage.
Nuevas Galerias

25) Nuevas Galerias

Textiles and ceramics. Books and relics. here’s no telling what one will find at Nuevas Galerias Madrileñas, a collection of 60 antique shops offering vintage treasures from Spain and the rest of Europe. Joined together by a courtyard, these shops are located in the Embajadores neighborhood, one of the more traditional neighborhoods in Madrid.

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