Entertainment Spots for Kids

Entertainment Spots for Kids, Singapore, Singapore (D)

Singapore's Top Ten Most Fantastic Entertainment Spots for Kids - a quick guide for parents with kids in tow.
This guide will bring you through the essentials of each kids' hotspot so that you can pick out what's truly best for you and your family during your trip to Singapore.
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Sights Featured in This Article

Guide Name: Entertainment Spots for Kids
Guide Location: Singapore » Singapore
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Attractions: 10
Author: Arlyana Saliman
Author Bio: Travelling beyond Singapore has taken a comfortable backseat for this writer of late, and now she finds so much wonder just by exploring the island-city she calls home. She longs to share her experience with fellow travellers in discovering the jewels in this part of Asia and hopes that this guide can be a useful tool for visitors to Singapore, from all walks of life.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • S.E.A. Aquarium
  • Port of Lost Wonder
  • Underwater World Singapore
  • Singapore Zoological Gardens
  • Night Safari
  • River Safari
  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Singapore Science Centre
  • Wild Wild Wet
Universal Studios Singapore

1) Universal Studios Singapore

Admission fee: $74 (1-day Adult); $54 (1-day Child aged 4 to 12); 2-day pass available at $118 and $88. Top on the list is Universal Studios Singapore, on Sentosa Island, specifically the Resorts World Sentosa which is smacked right near the land entrance of the island. Basics first: the place is well-sheltered, accessible for wheelchairs and prams, has lots of seating areas and numerous dining areas for a family feast. Seven zones – Hollywood; New York; Sci-Fi City; Ancient City; Lost World; Far, Far, Away and Madagascar – bring your favorite blockbusters and characters to life, with thrilling rides for adrenaline-seekers, milder amusement rides for people of all ages and entertaining shows for the entire family. Load up your cameras and go dizzy with the appearances of your favorite characters as they woo you away at their photography sessions. Catch the Hollywood Dreams Parade ™ on weekends and selected holidays and you’ll be dazzled by your favorite characters that are oh-so-real like Shrek, Transformers, The Mummy and lots more. If you’re there on a Saturday, top your day off with the brilliant fireworks display in the evening. Extra tips: Buy your tickets online in advance and start off your day early, it’s packed almost the whole year round. You’ll hate to queue for the rides by the end of the day but this place truly deserves your whole day.
S.E.A. Aquarium

2) S.E.A. Aquarium

Admission fees: $38 (Adult); $28 (Child aged 4 to 12) Be captivated by the charm of marine life, a realm that not many of us can easily ‘dive’ into. Located within the Resorts World Sentosa and within walking distance from the Universal Studios Singapore (Spot No.1), this is a great spot if you are travelling with babies or very young children, or when you have to stay indoors. Explore life under the sea at your own time and pace, as the ‘live’ exhibits of over more than 800 species of marine animals, spread over 10 zones and 49 amazing habitats, show off their beauty. And when you thought that you are done with all the marveling at the wonders of our blue planet, the Open Ocean Habitat awaits you, a large yet cozy sitting-down area where you can witness a whole lot more. Here’s where you can rest your tired feet, munch a meal from the nearby snacks bar and just chill out while the little ones play catch with the schools of fish on the other side of the panel. Again, the S.E.A Aquarium is another major hit for both locals and tourists alike, so an early warning about a possible crowd. However this place would probably eat up only about several hours of your time, unless you intend to hang around at the Open Ocean Habitat till closing time… go on, no one’s stopping you anyway.
Port of Lost Wonder

3) Port of Lost Wonder

Admission Fees (payable only for children 12 years and below): $10 (weekday), $15 (weekend & holidays) Head down to the hippest beach on Sentosa Island, the Palawan Beach. Land ahoy! Here’s a special highlight just for young kids - Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) – a nice little enclosed sanctuary on its own, perfect if you have, say tots or preschoolers, demanding to have their own kind of exclusive fun. It’s basically a water play area centered around, you guess it, a pirate ship, suited for kids aged 3 to 10. The entire place is not too large enough to lose sight of your kids, but cozy and safe enough to ensure that they can roam and play around on their own so that parents can relax a little (and gain a suntan). There’s a dedicated area just for tiny tots at the Hatch Patch, while organized activities will keep the older ones occupied to the brim. A restaurant is available to serve you your meals, which is open till beyond the pirate ship’s closing time, so both kids and adults can have their fun till both batteries run out. Located near the Beach Car Park, you can also get around to other attraction sites in Sentosa or head on to mainland very easily via their free bus, train or tram service.
Underwater World Singapore

4) Underwater World Singapore

Admission Fees: $29.90 (Adult); $20.60 (Child) The Underwater World could be your alternative to the S.E.A. Aquarium, if the Siloso Beach is where you and your family are heading to while at Sentosa for some sand and sea. Being an ‘older’ and more established spot, the tickets are slightly cheaper here, but is nonetheless a fun place that your kids will love, with a less maddening crowd. Located just within a stone’s throw from the Shangri-La’s Sentosa Resort & Spa, it’s also less-hassling as it’s just next to the Bus Stop. Try out the Fish Reflexology topped with foot massage therapy, while the young ones check out the hands-on pool. Look out for the feeding sessions and then marvel at the endless beauty of the underwater world down below. The dolphin show at the Dolphin Lagoon awaits you at the end of your trip so if you and your family have a soft spot for dolphins, this is one place you can’t miss. And, if you had always wanted to swim with these adorable and intelligent animals, you could sign up for their one-hour educational and hands-on Swim with the Dolphins program. Although it comes with a pretty hefty price-tag, it’ll be a memorable experience for dolphin-lovers. An extra tip on tourist attractions on Sentosa Island: There are ticket packages available for certain spots, you could check out the Sentosa website for offers, or enquire at any ticketing counter.
Singapore Zoological Gardens

5) Singapore Zoological Gardens

Admission Fees: $22 (Adults); $14 (Child aged 3 to 12) An all-time favorite for animal-lovers, the Singapore Zoo is located very near two other similarly-themed sites (Spot nos. 6 and 7). Spread out with more than ten zones of animal wildlife to explore, witness wildlife in action at the animal shows and during their feeding sessions and get a much closer encounter during the animal photography sessions. If you plan to be at the zoo very early in the morning, how about having breakfast with an entire of family of orang utans? (Advance booking with additional fee is required for this.) The little ones will definitely be thrilled at the Kidzworld – here’s where you can find a pretty large water-play area, open for kids and parents, so it’ll be best to bring extra clothing. Most kids find it tempting to stick on at this zone as there are also farm animals to befriend with, an eatery and a playground so it’s best that the kids save their energy for this part of the trip. The zoo is an open-air one with several shelters, so be prepared for any changes in the weather and keep yourselves and the little ones hydrated as quite a lot of walking is required. You can opt to explore the zoo on a guided tram ride (additional fee required), while macho daddies can pull the juniors all around the zoo in a wagon (fits two small-sized kids) with a rental fee, available at the zoo entrance. The zoo trip can easily take up the whole day, so be prepared that the zoo closes at 6pm.
Night Safari

6) Night Safari

Admission Fee: $35 (Adult); $23 (Child aged 3 to 12) [Tickets are inclusive of one round of tram ride] The Night Safari is a safari park for nocturnal animals, less than a minute’s walk away from the Zoo and the River Safari (Spot nos. 5 and 7). Take the guided tram tour in a 40-minute expedition to learn about these animals, as you go on a whirlwind world tour through the seven geographical sections. Here’s where you sharpen your listening skills, heighten your sense of smell and really look out for the animals that are waiting up for you to show off their nocturnal activities. For the more adventurous ones, there are walking trails available so you can take your own time and see even more, as the creatures of the night cautiously creep in the dark. There are a couple of animal shows but do check out the timing, as well as dining places for you to fill your growling tummies. The Night Safari will be ideal for older kids, unless your little ones are 'baby owls'. Hoot hoot….
River Safari

7) River Safari

Admission Fees: $35 (Adult); $16 (Child aged 3 to 12) The River Safari is the latest attraction in the Mandai area, smacked right between the Zoo and the Night Safari (Spot nos. 5 and 6). It’s inspired by the world’s great rivers and has one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater fauna. Kids and adults alike will love the comfortably easy stroll through the exhibits, a truly educational experience for you and the young ones as you travel across the globe showcasing exhibits like the Congo River, the Mekong River, the Yangtze River, among others. As you 'emerge' from the 'dissected' rivers, you'll adore the Giant Panda Forest and the Squirrel Monkey Forest, while the Amazon River Quest will set you off for an exciting water adventure. There's a spot with an idyllic setting for pictures and a small picnic break, complete with balmy breeze where the little ones will love the freedom to roam around safely too. Worth every cent to spend the whole day here! As in the Zoo and the Night Safari, the River Safari also has strollers for infants and toddlers, with a rental fee, while visitors with special needs can request for wheelchairs available free-of-charge, at the park entrance. Almost all pathways here are sheltered, with ramps, so no worries at all bout rainy weather or kids on prams.
Jurong Bird Park

8) Jurong Bird Park

Admission Fees: $20 (Adult); $13 (Child aged 3 to 12) If you and the kids get so easily smitten by birds, don’t give the Jurong Bird Park a miss! Here’s where you can see our pretty feathered friends at home in the park. You’ll be amazed as you walk into must-see exhibits like the Waterfall Aviary which features a 13-storey high man-made waterfall with over 600 birds flying all over you, and the Lory Loft where friendly lories greet you the moment you step in and cheekily perch on irresistible visitors. Catch the bird shows and the bird feeding times, and for a leisurely bird eye’s view of the park do hop on to the guided tram ride, with a little extra fee. Similar to the Zoo’s kid’s zone albeit on a smaller scale, there’s a dedicated area just for kids to go ‘wild’ at the Birdz of Play, with a wet and dry playground area. For avian expert wannabes, there’s the Breeding & Research Centre for curious minds to learn about where birds ‘come from’, the conservation efforts by the park and lots more. Like the zoo, the Bird Park has strollers and wagons (both come with a rental fee) and wheelchairs available free-of-charge for special needs visitors. Be prepared to spend a whole day here and get your camera rolling the minute you step in! SAVE MORE by purchasing the PARK HOPPER special tickets for Spots 5, 6, 7 and 8 – you can enquire these at the counter or purchase online.
Singapore Science Centre

9) Singapore Science Centre

Admission Fees: $12 (Adult); $8 (Child aged 3 to 12) Science? Entertaining? Well, it can definitely be, at the Singapore Science Centre! Invoke the interest of your young minds and have fun learning Science as a family with the interactive exhibits. Varying themes ranging from microbes to robotics will keep the little ones so busy that you may miss the daily Science demonstrations and shows, so keep a look out for these along the way. The outdoor Waterworks exhibit is a definite hit for kids too – a wet zone for the young ones to play and discover more about our most precious resource, so be prepared with an extra change of clothes for them. The Science Centre is connected via a linkway to the Omni-Theatre where you can watch OmniMax movies (do check out updates on website for show timings and prices). Next to it is the Snow City, enjoyable for kids who ‘long’ to play with snow. Although pretty small with just a large inclined slope for sliding and a playing corner, it should satisfy the curiosity of ‘tropical’ kids who have always wished for snow. Ticket packages are available if you would like to cover more than just the Science Centre itself, so do check out at the counter before buying the tickets. But be forewarned that the Science Centre will be so attention-grabbing that you wish you could come back another day! (For a most satisfying day at the Science Centre, check out the Gallery Map on the website to plan your itinerary well.)
Wild Wild Wet

10) Wild Wild Wet

Admission Fees: $19 (Adult); $14 (Child aged 3 to 11) This wet water theme park is for the whole family looking for some cool adventurous fun. With more than eight rides of varying degree of excitement, you can find something for everyone. It’s the perfect place for thrill-seeking teenagers and older kids, while the younger ones will find endless fun at the Professor’s Playground which is just 0.3 metres deep. Proper swimming attire is required for all, including swim diapers for the little ones. You can request for a baby water carrier so that your infant can join along in the water with you, perfect for a dip at the Tsunami, a sea-like swimming pool. Qualified and certified lifeguards man the whole area very well but do supervise your young kids amidst all the excitement. In fact, the fun doesn’t stop here as the Wild Wild Wet is located at Downtown East, a wholesome family entertainment complex, which includes a variety of restaurants, an indoor playground for young kids, a cinema, a bowling alley and lots more. Step out of Wild Wild Wet and you’ll find more excitement for the whole family on dry land.

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