Historic Landmarks

Massachusetts, Boston Guide (D): Historic Landmarks

Marblehead, a destination of distinction offering a wide array of landmarks with something to appeal to everyone. A virtual treasure chest of historic jewels. Historian? Many locations remain unchanged and date back nearly 4 centuries. Like exploring cemeteries? Some of the nation's first burial points are here. Have an artistic flare? Check out our many eclectic gates, monuments and statues. Marblehead, A Little Town with a Lot of History!
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Guide Name: Historic Landmarks
Guide Location: USA » Boston
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Destinations: 16
Sight(s) featured in this guide: Abbot Hall   Castle Rock Park   Chandler Hovey Park   Crocker Park   Devereux Beach   Fort Sewall   Lookout Court   Marblehead Light Tower   Market Square   Monument Square   Old Burial Hill   Old Powder House   Redd's Pond   Tucker's Wharf   Herresoff Castle   Fountain Park  
Author: Ana Steele
Author Bio: An avid traveler and adventurer, she enjoys such activities as jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and rappelling when ever possible. A life-long writer, she has been published over 180 times as an online research writer for hire. Ana has recently collaborated with m i keaton on the recently released original play entitled Anatomy of a Love Affair(c). More works coming soon.... remember the name... Ana Steele
Abbot Hall

1) Abbot Hall

Perhaps, the town's most prominent metaphorical diamond is Abbot Hall. Its majestic bell tower is a dominant visual and audible fixture throughout town. The looming clock tower tolls the passing of every hour for all to hear as it has for nearly two centuries. The clock is a Howard #2S and was installed in 1877. Weekly maintenance and the winding of the movements is performed by town workers. The clock tower is a local favorite and featured in many tales written about Marblehead. It is one...
Castle Rock Park

2) Castle Rock Park

Located on Marblehead Neck and once known as Great Head, it has long been referred to as Castle Rock because of the private castle that abuts the public walk way. A narrow rocky path leads you out to a craggy bluff and it becomes easy to see where Marblehead got its name. Castle Rock is a 1.2 acre public park and observation point that offers spectacular and uninterrupted views of the sweeping Atlantic Ocean. Once used as lookout against enemy ships and pirates as well as a watch for returning...
Chandler Hovey Park

3) Chandler Hovey Park

Chandler Hovey Park is often called Lighthouse Point because it is home to the Marblehead Light Tower. Located at the land's end of Marblehead Neck. The craggy headway gives sweeping and endless views of the Atlantic Ocean. The waters doted with a kaleidoscope of colorful sails during the summer months. It is easy to see why they call Marblehead the “Yachting Capital of the America.”

The park was donated to the town in 1948 by long time resident Chandler Hovey after he purchased the...
Crocker Park

4) Crocker Park

Offering perhaps some of the best views of Marblehead's Inner Harbor and Marblehead Neck, Crocker Park is nearly three acres of protected and public town owned land. Originally known as Bartoll's Head the name was changed in honor of Uriel Crocker after he donated much of the land to the town in 1885.

As with many other sights around town, there is a large plaque honoring Marblehead's service and contributions to the U.S. Navy.

Today the park is an ideal observation deck...
Devereux Beach

5) Devereux Beach

Located on Beach and Ocean Avenues on the causeway out to Marblehead Neck, Devereux Beach is a wonderful spot to picnic, stroll the rocky shore and or to swim. There is really no sand to speak of as it is a very rocky shore, but don't let that detract. The views alone are worth the trip. There are covered picnic areas, public restrooms, a children's playground area and a seasonal restaurant. Local schools hold annual carnivals here and it is one of the best spots in town from which to...
Fort Sewall

6) Fort Sewall

First established on Gale's Head as a defensive breastwork in 1644. It has been enlarged many times over the centuries including in 1742 when defending against attacks by the French, at the time of the Civil War, and then again in 1794 with the construction of barracks.

A key player and stand out during the Revolutionary War, Fort Sewall is credited with defending the U.S.S. Constitution (Old Ironside) against attack from four British Frigates. Old Ironside made a visit to Marblehead in...
Lookout Court

7) Lookout Court

A rarely found vista on your typical tourist directory, Lookout Court also known as Prospect Alley is located in Marblehead's Historic Old Town, off of Tucker Street and not far from Abbot Hall. This foot path has been in use since the Colonial days when fisherman first used it to for flacking (fish drying). They would carry the catch to the crest of the hill and lay out the fish to dry in the sun. It is strictly a walking path. This public alley leads to stone steps between private homes...
Marblehead Light Tower

8) Marblehead Light Tower

There are so many historic gems in town and the Marblehead Light Tower is another sparkling jewel. A guiding light to sailors for a century and a half, the station was first manned in 1835 when a simple light was placed atop a 20-foot mast. As the town grew, a new light was placed atop a 100 foot mast next to the original post, that remained in place until the structure was replaced with the present day tower in 1896.

The Marblehead Light with its exoskeleton type structure is very rare and...
Market Square

9) Market Square

Located in Old Town Marblehead, (some times called the Historic District) Market Square, is where time has seemed to come to a stand still as far as architecture is concerned. You will notice the gas fired lamp posts that light the way and the total lack of neon (none is allowed in all of town, nor will there ever be a fast food drive thru in town). The bells of nearby Abbot Hall still toll the passing of each hour, as it has for nearly two centuries. Designated a National Historic Sight, the...
Monument Square

10) Monument Square

A town settled in the earlier 1600s by a select few families led by John Peach Sr., after they fled Salem, Massachusetts to escape strict religious orders and Puritan ways (sound a bit familiar?). Marbleheaders have always been independent thinkers and great Patriots as evident throughout history. The oft disputed birth place of the American Navy. (A centuries old battle still brews with nearby Beverly.) The Hannah was the very first nautical vessel commissioned. It was built and manned by...
Old Burial Hill

11) Old Burial Hill

Undoubtedly one of the oldest and most picturesque burial points in all of New England if not the nation. Located on the site of the town's first meeting house, Old Burial Hill was first established in 1638.

Offering not only awe inspiring views of the harbor, Old Town Marblehead and the open sea, it is also the home to nearly 600 unmarked graves believed to be the final resting place of local Revolutionary soldiers who gave their lives for this nation's freedom and independence...
Old Powder House

12) Old Powder House

Another rare gem in Marblehead's vast treasure chest of historic jewels, and a must see for the history buff in all of us, is the unique circular structure of the Old Powder House. Located on Green Street, it is one of only three per-Revolutionary powder houses that remain intact in the entire nation. Its brick construction and uncommon spherical design make it a popular photo stop for tourist and locals alike. Originally built to warehouse ammunition and muskets in 1755. It served as a...
Redd's Pond

13) Redd's Pond

Named after the infamous Marblehead resident Wilmont Redd. She was affectionately known to the town folks as “Mammy” Redd. Poor “Mammy” was arrested during the witch hysteria and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 for “detestable acts of Witchcraft and Sorcery wickedly, maliciously and feloniously used, practiced and exercised at the Towne of Salem.” She was found guilty as charged and condemned to “ hang by the neck till dead.” Her sentence was carried out on Gallows Hill in Salem,...
Tucker's Wharf

14) Tucker's Wharf

If the heart of Old Town is Market Square than the pulse is surely Tucker's Wharf. Also, know as The Landing and most famously as the location of Blackler's Saltbox. The boat that carried George Washington across the Delaware was built here by and manned by a descendent of Blackler's. Washington made two visits to town to thank him and other locals for their service in the Revolutionary War.

Undoubtedly, this landing has played and continues to play a vital role in Marblehead....
Herresoff Castle

15) Herresoff Castle

Built by local Marblehead artist Waldo Ballard from a description taken from a book and from studying castles across Northern Europe. He and his wife used their travels to gather design elements of various medieval architectural types that they later incorporated into their plans. It is based on Viking Erik the Red's castle. The castle was purchased by the famed yacht designer L. Francis Herresoff in 1945. Today it is a private residence and working B&B from April to November.(The...
Fountain Park

16) Fountain Park

Fountain Park

Once known as Baily's Head and home to a Revolutionary War fort and used once again during the War of 1812 when it was referred to as Fort Washington. Today it is known as Fountain Park, and is located directly across from Old Burial Hill on Orne Street in Old Town Marblehead. The land was donated to the inhabitants of Marblehead by James J.H. Gregory in 1888. It is a wonderful overlook that offers majestic views on all...

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